Year End Review of 2016: The Best, the Worst, and the Hopeful


This year, just like my K-drama viewing habits, I’m going to keep this list short. I will admit I haven’t seen a lot of Korean dramas (particularly Descendants of the Sun, but I have the OST committed to memory. Thanks Mom.), but I think I saw a few that were definitely, truly worth it for me. I’m picky as always. I wish I were a student again though – then I’d watch everything and anything just to procrastinate on homework.

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Dear My Friends: First Impressions


There’s a line in Dear My Friends where they say that no one is interested in the stories of the old people. And that’s probably true. But this drama is highlighting it and telling you – old people have many stories to tell. Old people have just as much drama as young people do in K-dramas. And thanks to No Hee Kyung for really highlighting that and giving these veteran actors and actresses their time to shine.

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News Bits: 10/22/2015 Edition


Alright – it’s back to the news bits! I’m taking a temporary break from full on recapping until Neighborhood’s Hero comes around, so in the meantime I’m going to catch up on some dramas and browse the news every week!

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