A Year in Review: KDrama Watching in 2010

I debated for a while on whether I should write up this post. I mean, come on – every other Kdrama blogging site is doing one. Or, the ones I read do. I also admittedly have skimmed through a lot. Yes. Skim.

I have to say that 2010 was a big year for me in terms of dramas. I have never worked so closely with dramas before, and recapping is a pure joy. As I was compiling the list, I realized that I saw more dramas than I ever have in my entire life. Some were not to completion, and some were fleeting. But I included them in the list because I get to explain why I didn’t continue a certain drama. I also realized that I watched a LOT of SBS dramas. I also saw a lot of dramas that were not made or released in 2010, but more like catching up.

So here goes, a review of dramas I saw that came out in 2010 – the good, the meh, and the bad.

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Live Update: The Last 6 Episodes of Coffee House

I’m going to try something a little different this time.

I’ve read all the spoilers and the recaps, and I know exactly what will happen from episodes 13-18 in Coffee House. But I still feel like I ought to watch it, as descriptions can never do justice to the actual show.

So I’m watching Episode 13 right now, and I will update this post continually as I watch the rest of the series. Granted, it might take me a while.

I haven’t forgotten! I am live-updating Episode 15 now! Make that: Episode 16. Marching on with Episode 17! The Last Stretch! Last Page coming on up!

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Official Photos from ‘Coffee House’

Lunch time!

SBS released some official photos of the drama, most of them coming from the last couple of episodes. The drama, which finishes up next week with 18 episodes, has provided quite an emotional turmoil, going back and forth and misleading audiences with little hints of Kang Ji Hwan‘s character going between Eun Jung or Park Shi Yeon‘s characters. Though I think it will definitely end with a particular pairing, I don’t really care. I just want more fun and happy moments.

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News Bits: 7/1/10 Edition

And – it’s July!

I’m super excited for ATHENA – in case you haven’t noticed – and so Choi Si Won recently posted up a photo of him on the set of the new drama. He’s looking cool, but I am so tempted to tease and say that he’s just posing as a cool agent. I have this weird feeling that Jung Woo Sung is going to appear behind him and slap him on the head, and say “Aigoo… get off my motorbike you wannabe!” 😀

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News Bits: 6/29/10 Edition

So all those rumors were for something. Kim Hyun Joong’s contract with DSP Entertainment was already ending, so it was about time that he either sign on with a new agency or renew his contract. His meeting with Bae Yong Joon‘s company was dismissed as a personal meeting, but it turns out it’s actually true – Kim did sign on with Bae’s company. (Judging the logo on the photo, Bae’s company KEYEAST has already staked their claim on Kim.) However, that still doesn’t mean the end of SS501, as it is still possible for them to continue as a quartet or gain some fresh blood. Kim is leaving the group though, and is likely to pursue an acting career.

After all – one must wonder – after an idol singer outgrows the group, what is to be left of his career? Naturally, he might enter the acting route, or take a role behind the scenes. Kim is only anticipating that with this sort of move, jumpstarting a (possibly) long acting career.

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News Bits: 6/24/10 Edition

Sandara Park landed in L.A. to shoot a new music video with Tae Yang for his upcoming solo album. The music video is for his first single “I Need a Girl” (no – not desperate at all, dude). Sandara appeared before in his music video for “Wedding Dress.” The two of them must be really good friends… (Edit: it turned out to be a rumor that Sandara appeared in “Wedding Dress”)

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Can Dramas Be Described as ‘Realistic’?

Yes - think. Think hard.

Disclaimer: This is not a rant – just a discussion topic! I am also working off of my knowledge about Korea, and not any hard facts! So if you want to disprove any of my statements, feel free to.

More often than not, I have been watching a lot of dramas where one would discuss how “realistic” it is. Forums would be filled up with discussions of what would most likely happen because it would be “realistic.” But I ask: can you even use that adjective when discussing a drama? Be it Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese?

I admit I have been guilty of it many times. I would say: “Oh, so and so must end up together because it’s more realistic!” or “Wow, their relationship is so realistic!” or my favorite: “I can totally identify with her – she’s so realistic!” But at the root of the matter is the simple fact that all of these shows are dramas. They are fictionalized accounts of every day life. Every country does it – even the grand ol’ U.S. with it’s money making machine called Hollywood. There is always a bit of exaggeration in every drama. This is not really a new concept, and I am aware that what I am watching is not “real.”

However, the dramas are sensational enough that many outsiders would believe that what they see is a true reflection of that society. It is also sensational enough that we get a whole bunch of remakes done because the original is not “realistic” enough or pertains to another culture. So – what makes these dramas realistic? And why do people think they are realistic?

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Eun Jung Gets a Makeover

Turns out – Eun Jung won’t be the only T-ARA member on the drama Coffee House for long. Hyo Min will guest as a stylist for Eun Jung’s character Seung Yeon in episode 8, and she will give Eun Jung’s messy character a new transformation. From the looks of it, Eun Jung’s hairstyle is now similar to the one Park Shin Hye sported in You’re Beautiful.

I can only cheer! I love Eun Jung’s funny character, but she really needed that makeover. I’ve also declared my loyalties towards a Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Yeon pairing for the drama. Though I’ve always enjoyed the drama just for viewing pleasure and storyline, a little part of me was always unsettled by the fact that I didn’t know which pairing to root for.

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An Interview with the Cast of Coffee House

I don’t know if you can tell or not, but Coffee House is clearly my new drama obsession. But don’t spoil episodes 5 and 6 for me just yet! I have yet to watch it – thanks to a busy schedule.

But enough rambling – here’s the interview with asiae that featured Jung Woong In, Kang Ji Hwan, Park Shi Yeon, Ham Eun Jung, and the director Pyo Min Soo. Turns out, Kang and Director Pyo are more similar to Jin Soo than we could imagine… And Park and Ham are probably closer than they seem on screen…

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News Bits: 5/31/10 Edition

It’s the end of May! And a new week for Coffee House!

The above is a behind-the-scenes photo of the cast “working out” together. I’m not too sure if it’s for an upcoming episode or just the cast fooling around – either way, it’s pretty hilarious and danggg Kang Ji Hwan is fit!

In an interview that came along with the picture, the reporter asked Kang about his pairing with Park Shi Yeon, and he said though he was unsure whether they really would end up together or not, he thinks that “it’s nice to have a soulmate like Eun Young (Park’s character).” Well now – we kind of all know what that means.

But thankfully I like this drama too much to care about the love pairings now.

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