News Bits: 10/22/2015 Edition


Alright – it’s back to the news bits! I’m taking a temporary break from full on recapping until Neighborhood’s Hero comes around, so in the meantime I’m going to catch up on some dramas and browse the news every week!

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Twenty Again: Episode 16 Recap (Final)


We’ve reached the end of this drama. I’m a bit disappointed by the slow end of this show coming from this writer, but I understand why it ended like this. Most of the loose threads were already resolved before the end of the series, so it’s time to give everyone a nice neat bow on their heads.

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Twenty Again: Episode 15 Recap


We’re at the penultimate episode! It covers almost all ranges of genres, from romantic comedy to revenge to melodrama. It definitely felt like it was trying to do a lot in one hour, and the editing towards the end quickens to the point that it actually became more distracting than the scene itself. But the production aside, I really liked seeing Nora grow even more in this episode, and I was really proud of her.

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Twenty Again: Episode 14 Recap


Okay, slightly better than the last episode. This episode at least had more cute moments in it, even though we had characters acting a little more out of character, for lack of a better word. They’re driven to desperation, but at the same time they need something to keep them going for the last two episodes.

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Twenty Again: Episode 13 Recap


Hmm. That’s pretty much my overall feeling towards this episode. It wasn’t bad, but I certainly felt the series slow down and dawdle a bit in this episode. After all, the truth is out so all you need is resolution, but how to stretch a swift resolution over the course of four more episodes? Why, just make the days feel a little longer. We get plenty of Woo Chul in this episode too, so if he’s the type of character that gets you exasperated or yawn… then this is going to be a difficult episode for you.

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Twenty Again: Episode 11 Recap


There’s only one thing that frustrated me in this episode: there weren’t enough cute scenes. We have most definitely reached the “drama” of the series where things are moving a little more slowly. Feelings are felt, truths are realized… draaamaaaa. 
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Twenty Again: Episode 9 Recap


We’re reaching the point where much conflict is to be had – especially coming from the love triangle forming between Hyun Suk, Woo Chul, and Nora. Whoever thought that Woo Chul wouldn’t back down without some kind of fight has another think coming – because this bastard is sure going to try to lay claim to everything near him, even if he no longer has the right to.

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Twenty Again: Episode 8 Recap


If I had to pinpoint my favorite part about this episode, it’s that our usual hip-hop boy Soon Nam wears a suit. It’s amazing to see everyone around Nora change, while highlighting just how stupid Woo Chul can be. That man is easily manipulated by the women in his life. It’s a bit pathetic, but not enough to make me feel any sympathy for him.

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