She Was Pretty: A Review


This was quite the enjoyable, mindless drama that one needs every so often. It helps that it had a winning cast and great chemistry between the main four leads. The writing was nothing spectacular, except for a few nuggets of witticisms, and had seriously devolved by the end of the series. But it didn’t take away from the series being fun. Spoilers ahead.

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News Bits: 11/19/2015 Edition


I’m all out of sorts schedule wise, so I’m sorry for being a little late with this! Without further ado… Goodbye Siwon and Changmin! You’re off to the army after your stints in drama-land (She Was Pretty and The Scholar Who Walks at Night), and we’ll see you in a year! (Okay, more than a year, but we’ll be okay!) [link]

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Sunday Roundup: Cheer Up, She Was Pretty – 10/25/2015


8 episodes in one week – it was a lot and I attempted to squeeze in a few more episodes of LAST but ended up just marathoning 8 more episodes of Orphan Black, of which I’m catching up on the second season. So much TV, so little time! So here’s a roundup on the last few episodes of K-dramas that I managed to watch in the past week without much intention to recap.

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News Bits: 4/7/11 Edition

Jang Nara is quite shy about wearing a miniskirt – then again, she’s supposed to be a 30+ year old dressing like a 20-something. I find it adorable – although if my mother were dressing like that, I would wince and disown all relation with her.

Costar Daniel Choi was also in a bit of a scuffle with Jang’s blind date – as seen in the photos below. Call it a travesty or whatever, but with Choi’s hairstyle, I keep thinking I’m looking at Jung Gyu Woon, even though I’m clearly wrong. Sigh* – maybe it’s just my brain wishing I were looking at Jung…

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