Twenty Again: Episode 7 Recap


Nora just keeps getting stronger! Go Nora! A lot of perceptions people have of Nora are changing, and it’s for the better. She’s helping them rethink their own lives and how they treat others by simply being herself. It’s fitting as we reach the midway point of the series.

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Twenty Again: Episode 5 Recap


Oh so exciting! Nora continues to adjust to school life, but she now has Hyun Suk secretly helping her make friends and memories. It’s a matter of time now for her son and husband to bump into her on campus, especially since her new friends and activities will force her to stray off the planned path.

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Twenty Again: Episode 4 Recap


Hilarious episode where Hyun Suk develops a god complex and comes to the forefront of this episode. I really enjoyed seeing Lee Sang Yoon in a relatively comedic role, and how he and Choi Ji Woo are acting like high schoolers in a romantic comedy – but they’re clearly much older. It’s like both are reliving their twenties to make up for lost time.

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Twenty Again: Episode 3 Recap


Alrighty – I’m sold with this series. It’s getting better with each episode so I only hope it gets stronger. Twenty Again is picking up the pace, bringing Nora closer to her past self while still reminding us that she is still not the normal twenty-something in school. But it’s not so painful to see her suffer under the students’ gaze.

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Twenty Again: Episode 2 Recap


A little stronger for a second episode, but I think it’s still finding itself. I think I can see what this drama is trying to be, but it’s not quite there yet. At least some questions are answered now. It’s still quite unfortunate to see how kids these days would treat older people who attend college for the first time. Makes you reflect just exactly how you treat people who are older than you.

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Twenty Again: Episode 1 Recap


This was quite a confusing and also odd episode for the start of Twenty Again. Whimsical and amusing, but forcefully so. It doesn’t have the same charm as Oh My Ghostess that’s for sure, but it’s certainly an intriguing concept and I would like to see it play out.

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News Bits: 8/29/11 Edition

One more romance for the rumor mill: Lee Byung Hoon and Kim Min Hee (Love Marriage). Both their agencies denied any romance between the two. These rumors came up due to a very sizzling photo shoot for a children’s charity in Vogue magazine. The spread’s concept was “Love Actually.”

Really? Aren’t they actors that pretend they’re in love anyways?

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News Bits: 8/16/11 Edition

Why hello Han Ye Seul! Hope L.A. weather is working for ya!

Funny ’cause… her mom arrived in Seoul. I just want to say – her case has been shockingly addicting for the Korean entertainment world, and as far as I know, unprecedented. I want to stop reporting about her, but I can’t. It’s like crack. I just want to know what happens next!

Although, it looks like they’re just going to kill her off.

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