Cha Seung Won Models for Fila

Cha Seung Won pops his best “Blue Steel” look as he models for the 2011 Fall/Winter Fila Collection. The line that he wears is described as a “comfortable yet stylish” look, mixing outdoorsy outfits with normal every day wear. The female model next to him? Meh – who cares? It’s Cha Seung Won!

Although with this photo shoot, all I can pay attention to is how old he looks. He may look “intense” but all I can see is “exhaustion.”

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News Bits: 7/7/11 Edition

Cha Seung Won recently won two awards in Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Hosted by Suzy and Song Joong Ki, the awards show gave ukelele trophies to stars chosen by the fans in many categories. For Cha, he won both Hot Drama Actor and Hot Male Body (with a 6-pack). No doubt this is because of his burst of fame from Greatest Love. His costar Gong Hyo Jin also won Hot Drama Actress and Hot Style Icon.

Other winners included KARA (Hot Hallyu Star), Suzy (Hot New Star), B2ST (Hot Performance Star), Honey Lee (Hot Female Body), Yoo Ah In (Hot 20’s Voice), and Goo Hara (Hot Campus Girl). The full list can be seen here.

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Do Celebs Have It Easy?

Greatest Love Poster 2

It’s easy to think that being a “celebrity” means you get everything you want – the fame, the money, the beauty, the name. Nowadays it is even easier to get your “15 minutes of fame” just by having a sex scandal or inheriting a fortune. (Maybe I should amend that to “15 seconds of fame” considering how fast Twitter and Facebook can be.)

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Greatest Love: Episode 5-6 Overall Thoughts

The return of the studded jacket!!

Hm. I will say that it is interesting to see the main male lead become so forward and go after the girl, while the heroine plays hard to get. It’s not the first drama where that has happened (Athena, Dal Ja’s Spring, Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, Secret Garden, etc), but it doesn’t usually happen in a Hong Sisters drama. Usually the girl gets “caught” first by the love snare, and then the guy can’t help but think about her.

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Thoughts on Greatest Love and the Hong Sisters

It’s taken me absolutely forever to get to episode 4. Aside from the fact that I literally had no time, the episodes feel like they take forever even if they’re only an hour long. I am less amused by the Hong Sisters than I was before. After a while, their gimmicks are all the same, and the story line doesn’t feel as fresh as it used to.

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News Bits: 5/30/11 Edition

Daesung from Big Bang was involved in a car accident! He was apparently speeding down a highway (though definitely not intoxicated) and hit a taxi that had stopped in the middle of the road. The taxi had been trying to avoid a fallen motorcyclist, and the driver had stopped to check the motorcyclist’s condition. That’s when Daesung’s car hit him. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether it was due to a previous accident, an accident with the taxi driver, or an accident caused by Daesung. That conclusion will have to wait for the autopsy.

Either way, the lovable member of Big Bang is in trouble for speeding.

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