News Bits: 5/27/10 Edition

Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna are bringing a smile to my face with their peppy World Cup song “Smile Boy.” This is Kim Yuna’s second collaboration in honor of the hugest soccer/football event of 2010 (the first being with Big Bang), and the following is their CF.

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News Bits: 5/26/10 Edition

Barbie Hsu, from Meteor Garden fame and otherwise known as Da S, will be returning to TV with the drama Summer’s Desire. In the drama, she portrays a young high school graduate who becomes a celebrity personal assistant. She’s a little too old to play “high school graduate” (she’s 33), but she does look kinda young. It sounds like she won’t be a high school graduate for long anyways, since the synopsis states that she eventually becomes a star in her own right.

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T.O.P. Incognito

T.O.P. has admitted during a film showcase for “Into the Fire” that he and the rest of Big Bang would sometimes visit amusement parks with masks on. It was their way of releasing some stress and having fun without getting caught by fans.

I’m sure that now this tactic is out of the bag, he may no longer be able to use it.

In regards to the film, everyone continued giving him accolades – the director noted that he was impressed with how T.O.P. sobbed so hard during a scene where a fellow soldier cries. According to Kwon Sang Woo, he is also the best drinker, because he won’t let any of them go to sleep; all T.O.P. wanted was to hear more and more stories from these veteran actors. That’s the best tactic, buddy! Learn from your sunbaes!

Here are other photos from the showcase event.

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News Bits: 5/21/10 Edition

Upcoming drama Baker King Kim Tak Goo has confirmed this casting tidbit: Park Shin Hye will NOT be participating in the drama. (It makes sense since she’s still filming the film “Cyrano Agency” and the 30-episode drama starts on June 10 after Cinderella’s Sister.) Instead, Eugene will be stepping in. Her character is called Shin Yoo Kyung, and she will play Yoon Si Yoon‘s first love (despite the age gap) who betrayed him for her own gains – by marrying his brother. Her character is also quite villainous.

Here’s a look at how her character will be in the drama:

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The 2010 World Cup – South Korea Style

The World Cup is quickly approaching and I count myself as one of those crazy excited. South Korea is as well – and that also means a barrage of music videos from pop stars as they show off their support for the South Korean team. What I love about “sports-themed” songs is that they’re usually so catchy!

I will continually update as I see more.

There are MV’s from Super Junior (who’s song also works as a teaser trailer for the film “Dreams Come True” about North-South Korean soldiers playing soccer), After School, KARA, and T-ARA.

KARA’s MV was also recently banned by the KBS network because they said that they could not “promote a song with a commercial or business motive.” There are speculations that perhaps KBS did this because SBS has exclusive rights in televising the event (clearly KBS and MBC are not happy about that). In addition, the girls’ song “We’re With You” is the background music for the SBS World Cup campaign.

Big Bang and Kim Yuna‘s “Shouting Project” videos can be seen here.

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News Bits: 5/17/10 Edition

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has finally cast the “Girlfriend”. Aaaaaaaaand…. it’s Shin Se Kyung. Who’s surprised? Really?

I can’t say I’m disappointed since I expected it. But I wished it were different too. Then again – I don’t have any other suggestions off the top of my head. Was it too much to ask for Park Shin Hye?? Or Moon Chae Won??

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Big Bang and Kim Yuna’s New Collaboration

Big Bang and Kim Yuna are working together for the Hyundai Shouting Project. They will be filming an MV together and sing a song (wow – a figure skater singing!). But FIRST! They have to bring a new dance to you, because all hit songs must have a dance sequence that will take over the nation (cough*Wonder Girls*cough*SNSD*cough).

Hence, Big Bang and Kim Yuna bring you…*drumroll* the shouting dance!

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News Bits: 5/11/10 Edition

C.N. Blue released their new single!!! It’s super mellow and evokes Jason Mraz, but it’s amazingly upbeat and simple. I like it better than their now-overplayed “I’m a Loner.” This one is called “Love Light” and was written by Jung Yong Hwa. I think he raps in it too.

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News Bits: 5/9/10 Edition

Kim Yuna can now enjoy her popularity a little more…

With the biggest skating competition out of the way, she can now step into the spotlight… with a CF alongside Big Bang. There have been clips and photos of her practicing with Big Bang for a dance sequence in the CF, which is promoting Hyundai’s ‘Shouting Project’. The clip seems to be more of a tease about the upcoming project, and the photos a ‘behind the scenes’ look. Either way – TOP is too cute…

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News Bits: 5/2/10 Edition

Jang Dong Gun is sure to take up the news reels today… but speaking of him, Daesung from Big Bang revealed on Haha Mong Show that he had hoped he would look like Jang Dong Gun after plastic surgery. Daesung was in an accident last summer that required him to get corrective cosmetic surgery. Buuuuuuuuut even with pictures, Daesung was disappointed with how his eyes, nose and mouth came out. Haha – dream on dude, no one can beat Jang Dong Gun =D

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