Secret Garden Frenzy Just Won’t Die

Gahhhh! It’s so crazy! Not that I’m complaining about the frenzy because I do love the series. I just don’t love it THAAAAAT much, and I DO want to try and move on. If I go through that funky phase that I did with You’re Beautiful, then it means that I wouldn’t be able to move on for another three months. And that’s just too long.

Aside from the special episode (which was awesome solely for Yoon Sang Hyun and finding out which scenes the actors were really sleeping in), the production team has announced that they will be holding two more special episodes on Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year falls on February 3rd this year, and the special episodes will air on February 4. It will be the “Secret Garden Special Edition,” which, if it’s another special like the Secret Garden Special, I’m gonna bust some karate chops on the team – I don’t care if Hyun Bin is going to the military, I will beat him down first.

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Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea – Recap

This thirty-minute drama or so is easy to watch, since all you have to do is go to its official site and watch it in Chinese, Korean, or English.

There’s not much substance in this light drama, except for its big name stars and pretty cinematography. (It’s sooooo pretty – almost Dr. Champ pretty.) I think I was kind of expecting more, especially since the drama was slammed for having such high production costs when other full-length dramas have to work on a smaller budget.

UPDATE: I found the MV! Yay! *puts it on repeat*

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‘Haru’ Trailer Comes Out

Haru is produced by the Korean National Tourism Organization to promote Korea for travel. It stars big name celebrities in one project, and most of them are famous in other Asian countries as well. You can check out the stills here and the trailer here.

The cinematography is so serene and beautiful that it’s funny how Park Shi Hoo and Han Chae Young‘s parts seem to conflict with it the most. You get to see Lee Da Hae and Kim Bum stare wistfully out the windows of a speeding train. (Is Kim Bum the quintessential young boy for every older Korean actress? Because though his pairing with Lee Da Hae is a little weird, it’s not inconceivable and they look good together.) Park Shi Hoo is the epitome of a perfect man (and no, that’s not my own bias talking), while Han Chae Young is the hot girl who runs better than you. Then the two of them go all “Kill Bill” on us. Big Bang is the only one that acts its age, while Yunho delivers the funniest and most random (for me) performance by running away from a rocket missile.

The trailer ends with the implication that what you’ve just seen is all part of a movie or a drama. (Yunho’s character is an actor, but since his back is turned to us, it can really mean anyone.) That would be funny and a little meta: Korea is promoting itself through its most famous media form, the Korean Drama.

sources: allkpop and seoulbeats

News Bits: 9/17/10 Edition

While Yoon Sang Hyun has gone to Japan for a fan meeting on Tuesday to celebrate his birthday with fans, Cha Seung Won had to return from filming in Japan due to health reasons. There is no word as to what illness Cha has, but the script and filming schedule has been modified to account for his emergency return to Korea.

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News Bits: 8/26/10 Edition

Ariel Lin revealed to the press that she’s dating someone. Now that’s something you don’t admit everyday. She won’t reveal his identity but only says that he is a “big help to her acting and singing career.” Money on the manager? Anyone?

She was actually attending a press conference for Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center, of which she is an ambassador.

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News Bits: 8/18/10 Edition

Park Hyo Shin is the first singer to sign on for the ATHENA OST, and a teaser trailer of his MV for the song “I Love You” has been released! I love the sound of the song, and mixed with scenes of Jung Woo Sung and Su Ae in Italy… wooh I’m (almost) completely convinced that Jung will find out about her treachery in the earlier episodes of the drama.

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News Bits: 7/31/10 Edition

It’s the end of July!

Prosecutor Princess also released it’s Director’s Cut DVD! It’s a pretty package with plenty of goodies (all thanks to fervent fans who insisted on getting a few more hours with their precious Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo). I didn’t get one, as I had blown all my money on a You’re Beautiful DVD set, but boy am I jealous… I would love some more Park Shi Hoo. The extras include behind the scenes, NG’s, cast and crew interviews, and other stuff – but it’s not subtitled. Only the drama is subtitled. (Time to brush up your Korean!) Unlike You’re Beautiful, it seems that you can still order this special edition DVD (whereas the former had to be ordered by a certain time period).

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News Bits: 5/30/10 Edition

Kim Ji Hoon! He debuted in the play “University of Laughs” recently, and stars as a writer whose personality differs greatly from his previous role in Wish Upon a Star. His character is supposedly quite cowardly as he tries to get his script through the censors. In an interview, he noted that in a play he doesn’t have to worry so much about facial expressions since there are no close-ups, but he does have to make sure that his body doesn’t stand up too straight or else he exudes too much confidence. One downside about plays is that he has to memorize every line (there are no re-dos, and the entire script is ready before hand, unlike dramas were scripts come out in pages every week). But he also promised to give a different performance to audiences every night, because he’ll continually make the role more personal.

But he’s just too cute! (When he looks happy.)

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