News Bits: 8/23/11 Edition

Something’s up when media outlets are reporting on UEE’s killer legs that were showcased in a recent episode of Birdie Buddy. Guys – we get it. She’s got the legs in town. We know you have nothing better to do but ogle at her legs. Stop writing about it.

*does some more squats*

Oh and Birdie Buddy got one of its highest ratings so far – 1.23% on AGB. Which is high by the way for a cable channel.

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News Bits: 6/27/11 Edition

Can I take a moment to say I just saw “Tangled” (the Disney movie) and it was AWESOMEEEEEE. It makes me love Zachary Levi even more – and helps alleviate the “Chuck”-withdrawal. Sigh* It makes me all wish I were a princess again, and that some guy out there will fall in love with me just for who I am. Plus, it’d be great if I had awesome hair to use as rope/whip/anything I need it to be.

*Slap cheeks* – back to reality.

Above is Gummy’s new music video for her single “Love Recipe.” The song is soulful with a nice beat, although her chorus part reminds me of Janet Jackson‘s “Doesn’t Really Matter” (the chorus part too). It’s not the same at all, but similar enough in beats to make me think of it. It features Gummy with a dog, and it’s almost like a love song to her dog – except at the end of it, the dog leaves her, and she steps on a puddle of water or pee. Kinda like a man – she loved him, he left, and she was left with his shit.

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News Bits: 5/30/11 Edition

Daesung from Big Bang was involved in a car accident! He was apparently speeding down a highway (though definitely not intoxicated) and hit a taxi that had stopped in the middle of the road. The taxi had been trying to avoid a fallen motorcyclist, and the driver had stopped to check the motorcyclist’s condition. That’s when Daesung’s car hit him. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether it was due to a previous accident, an accident with the taxi driver, or an accident caused by Daesung. That conclusion will have to wait for the autopsy.

Either way, the lovable member of Big Bang is in trouble for speeding.

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News Bits: 4/7/11 Edition

Jang Nara is quite shy about wearing a miniskirt – then again, she’s supposed to be a 30+ year old dressing like a 20-something. I find it adorable – although if my mother were dressing like that, I would wince and disown all relation with her.

Costar Daniel Choi was also in a bit of a scuffle with Jang’s blind date – as seen in the photos below. Call it a travesty or whatever, but with Choi’s hairstyle, I keep thinking I’m looking at Jung Gyu Woon, even though I’m clearly wrong. Sigh* – maybe it’s just my brain wishing I were looking at Jung…

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An Interview with Big Bang

I am sooooo addicted to Big Bang’s latest singles – especially “What is Right” because it has enough of a funky and happy vibe to it that makes it catchy. After reading their interview, I now want to go back and listen to that and “Tonight” with a more analytical ear.

And so what follows is an excerpt of their interview with asiae.

Their parody of Secret Garden included!

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News Bits: 3/8/11 Edition

Ahhh – what to say first? So many things are making me happy right now! I just finished watching Sign episode 17 and OHMYGAWD – can I please have Jung Gyu Woon for myself? I didn’t claim him did I? Well, I have Park Shi Hoo…and I guess Uhm Tae Woong… and Cha Seung Won… but I can easily drop the last two for Jung Gyu Woon!!! He is the awesomest man ever.

But! I digress – the above photo comes from Uhm Ji Won‘s Twitter account, and it’s the script of the last episode of Sign, which airs this week. *Sob!

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News Bits: 2/28/11 Edition

It’s the end of February!

And great Scott! Chris Columbus (the director of Harry Potter and Home Alone, not the explorer) announced that he will bought the rights to Cha Tae Hyun’s comedy film “Hello Ghost.” The movie just came out last year, and now it’s going to be remade for American audiences. Great. Just great. Wow. I’m sooo frickin’ happy.

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