News Bits: 6/2/11 Edition

There is a lot of dating announcements… because spring has just passed and we’re hurtling into summer!!

First up, Song Chang Ui (of the upcoming Heartstrings) is dating singer Lisa. The two of them met on the musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata” (which also starred B2st’s Yoseob for those of you who care), and it evolved into an off-stage romance.

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News Bits: 1/5/11 Edition

Secret Garden will be holding a concert featuring songs from the OST next weekend. Baek Ji Young, 4Men, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Hyun Bin will all appear at the concert (yes – Hyun Bin’s got a song to sing). The OST has proved popular, selling thousands of copies. Footage from the concert will also be used in the Sunday night finale. Kinda like what You’re Beautiful did…which makes me wonder if Oska will make a love proclamation to Seul at the end of the night. Or maybe to Joo Won…

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News Bits: 5/30/10 Edition

Kim Ji Hoon! He debuted in the play “University of Laughs” recently, and stars as a writer whose personality differs greatly from his previous role in Wish Upon a Star. His character is supposedly quite cowardly as he tries to get his script through the censors. In an interview, he noted that in a play he doesn’t have to worry so much about facial expressions since there are no close-ups, but he does have to make sure that his body doesn’t stand up too straight or else he exudes too much confidence. One downside about plays is that he has to memorize every line (there are no re-dos, and the entire script is ready before hand, unlike dramas were scripts come out in pages every week). But he also promised to give a different performance to audiences every night, because he’ll continually make the role more personal.

But he’s just too cute! (When he looks happy.)

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