ATHENA MV – “I Love You” By Taeyeon

Tae Yeon of SNSD sings on the OST for ATHENA with her solo ballad “I Love You.” The MV consists of scenes from the drama focusing on the triangle between Su Ae, Jung Woo Sung, and Cha Seung Won. I like that there’s a love triangle between the enemies – rather than the weak one between Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, and Jung Joon Ho because in that one, the “enemies” were also friends. Su Ae gets a good beating around being the woman caught between men and loyalties, but the most badass part that I loved? When she’s wearing her sparkly dress, pulls it up and reveals a gun, leans out from the wall sideways and BAM BAM! Shoots the enemies dead.

Hells yeah.

The ballad seems to be a version that Park Hyo Shin sang, as both have the same title, and I think the lyrics are the same… anyways it can be seen here and you can judge for yourself.

ATHENA Press Conference

Can I just say how beeyouuutiful this cast is? Oh I’m not biased at all!

The cast of ATHENA held their press conference today/yesterday-Korea-time, and the drama will premiere on December 12. Lee Jia stated that she did not use her stunt double as much as possible, wanting to “immerse herself” into the role and also experience shooting in a foreign country. (She’s cooler than Park Chae Rin in Secret Garden).

Choi Si Won said his bit – stating that he’s not worried about comparisons to T.O.P. for his work in IRIS. I doubt there’s much to compare, save for the fact that both are singer/rapper-turned-actors. After all, Si Won’s role is completely different to that of T.O.P.’s and they both have different acting strengths. If they play up the comedy for Si Won’s character, I will highly approve.

But on to the photos! AND the new trailer below!

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ATHENA Preview


Cheesy action with major bravado bragging between Cha Seung Won and Jung Woo Sung. As long as these two become excellent adversaries (instead of something like Kim Seung Woo and Lee Byung Hun where they eventually worked together and cooperated for most of the series rather than fight each other), this will be good.

Besides, Su Ae is really rocking out.

source: allkpop

Kim So Yeon Cameos in ATHENA

Ah! Ahhhh! AHHHHH!

ATHENA cameos x (Kim So Yeon + Kim Seung Woo) = AWESOMENESS!!!!

She will join the cast for the New Zealand shoot, which will be right after the Hawaii one that features Hollywood screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart as the head of ATHENA organization. She will factor in on a plot twist and will look very different from how she did in IRIS. Well duh – she grew out her hair for one.

If I ever get to recap this drama, I will be a certified Kim So Yeon-addict.

And I’m still waitin’ on that Queen of Reversals cameo!

source: dramabeans, allkpop

News Bits: 10/30/10 Edition

It’s nearly the end of October! I feel like just a few posts ago I was like, “It’s the start of October!” Weird…

Anyways – I think this news bits edition will focus on singers-turned-idol-actors. To start, Eric Mun of ShinHwa is now out of the army! He is one of the ones who entered late in age, since an accident in 2006 led him to enter the army in 2008. He will begin filming the new drama Poseidon. Say hi!

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Sean Richard Joins ATHENA

OMFG! How HOT is this guy?

Honestly, I had been looking for photos of him ever since I heard about him in Jejoongwon earlier in the year, but I could never find one of him outside of his costume. (Maybe I’m just bad with Google.) But now that he’s joined the cast of ATHENA as part of Cha Seung Won’s crew, he is looking every inch the baddie agent.

He looks different in every single photo…

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News Bits: 9/17/10 Edition

While Yoon Sang Hyun has gone to Japan for a fan meeting on Tuesday to celebrate his birthday with fans, Cha Seung Won had to return from filming in Japan due to health reasons. There is no word as to what illness Cha has, but the script and filming schedule has been modified to account for his emergency return to Korea.

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Choi Si Won and ATHENA Update

Is there another idol star who’s going to be very successful as an actor too?

We all know that Choi Si Won’s got some acting chops (hell, he did pretty well in Oh My Lady even if the role was a bit meta). But now, ATHENA costar Kim Min Jong has praised the young man’s acting skills, saying:

“He’s doing so well that he’s an actor whose future I look forward to more than his present…He reminds me of my own past, when I see him doing well at sports and music, as well as having a good determination for acting.”

Now that’s one heck of a compliment – and not too dissimilar from what Kim Seung Woo said about T.O.P in regards to his acting in “Into the Fire.” Even though they costarred together in IRIS, they didn’t have scenes together. ATHENA is pretty high profile enough, and it’s said to be a hit as well.

It is very possible that it will be more popular than IRIS, because of its storyline and more complicated relationships. Here’s a more detailed account of the show:

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