Athena: A Review

Oh Athena.

I wanted the last recap to be up and ready before I posted this, hence the lateness of this review. My rating is already up though (6/10), and I will explain why I gave it such a high/low rating, however way you want to look at it.

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Behind The Scenes of ATHENA Episode 19

OK – spoilerific photo spamazz. I know what happens in episode 19 (thanks to these photos) DESPITE not having seen it yet – and I warn you all – if you dare put up any spoilery comments about what happens or what else happens from episode 18 on, I will hunt you down, and shoot you dead with a sniper gun before you can even say “Yoon Hye In!”

Nevertheless, I don’t dare deprive the world of such fun behind-the-scenes photos. After all – Lee Ji Ah is a very, very lucky girl. (She gets hugged not by one hottie – but two!)

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News Bits: 2/14/11 Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day. Boo. And don’t say I’m being a bitter single – I’m pretty sure I’ll roll my eyes and squirm just as uncomfortably if I weren’t single.

Just like how I would squirm at the prospect of IRIS 2. Jung Tae Won from Taewon Entertainment announced that the drama will air in the winter of 2011, but before that they’re going to do a Korean version of ‘Troy’.

Jung: We have another project planned before the broadcast of ‘Iris 2′, which a lot of people have been showing interest in. I want to try a new blockbuster style that hasn’t been done up until now.

Kaedejun the Reporter: Really?! Will you be paying the medical fees of all the girls who get a heart attack or faint from the shock of hot Korean men dressed up in togas and minimal gladiator armor?

Jung: Viewers can consider it the Korean version of ‘Troy,’ as the drama is centered around maritime warfare.

Kaedejun the Reporter: Boooooooo. Are you trying to be Poseidon? *dumps microphone and stomps away from interview*

Anyways – getting back on track, the script for the Korean ‘Troy’ isn’t done yet and so it hasn’t even been casted yet. But of course I’m sure we’ll see four Hallyu stars, at least one idol star, at least two relative unknowns but you’ve seen in every drama as a supporting role, and at least Kim Gab Soo. Maybe.

Jung also did not confirm whether the cast of IRIS will return, since it depends on the script, but he is planning to do a sequel for Athena. Expect our questions to not be answered. (More details here.)

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Why I Like ATHENA More Than IRIS…

So far.

I definitely do enjoy Athena better than Iris, but I am starting to understand the appeal of Iris. I think it helps that as I’m watching Athena, my mom is watching Iris, and therefore I’m kinda reliving the series through her.

But I still stand by my original dislike opinion for the predecessor (save for Kim! So! Yeon!). My thoughts on Athena might change within the last five episodes or so, and those last five episodes may make me start hating on it or absolutely loving it.

Until then, the opinions I form are based on the 15 episodes of Athena that I have seen so far. That also means, spoilers are bound to pop up.

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Photos of Kim So Yeon’s Athena Cameo


Anyways – you can just read this non-spoilery tidbit if that suits you just fine – Kim So Yeon will appear in episode 17 of ATHENA, which for me means one thing:


Ya’ll know that I’m one-half of the duo called “Kim So Yeon Recappers” so I mean, the cameo appearances was bound to happen – and it couldn’t come any sooner! Heck, I just realized I’m recapping/summarizing Queen of Reversals, where Ma Hye Ri made a script cameo. So as we all know, her character Sun Hwa has started a completely new life in New Zealand, and there were mentions of the country in at least three episodes preceding it. She reunites/joins forces with Kim Ki Soo (Kim Min Jong) to protect her family.

I am telling you – you do NOT want to read on unless you want to be spoiled – I spare no visuals.

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Jung Woo Sung in Accident

Maaaaaaaaan. And I was really getting into the groove with ATHENA.

UPDATE: The January 25th broadcast has been canceled. Instead, a side story called “Soo Ae’s Secret” will air instead.

At first, when I heard that, I thought – “What?! We’re gonna know the backstory of Hye In? We’re gonna know all about her true loyalties and everything? Cool!” Then I realized that if it were so, the show would have been called “Hye In’s Secret.” So now I’m bummed.

It’s probably a show about 1) her secret behind such beautiful skin/body/features, or 2) her background and family story, or 3) her home and secret favorite haunts in the neighborhood. Blah.

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