An Interview with Lee Yo Won

Lee Yo Won is a serious actress. She’d rather be talked to about her work than about her personal life. The actress married in 2003 to professional golfer Park Jin Woo, and they have a 7-year old daughter together. She also spent 9 years studying part-time at Dankuk University before finally graduating in 2008. Imagining her personal life with all the work she’s done since then… Amazing huh?

So here is an excerpted interview of Lee Yo Won, and how she viewed her role on 49 Days.

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Drama Round Up: Week 2


And drama roll call!

49 Days – Thank the gods it’s done! One less drama off my plate! Am happy enough with ending, but not going to analyze too much. If I think too hard about this drama, it’ll suck out the fun for me.

Best Love – I’ve stopped. Yup, it’s official. Cha Seung Won – I truly love you, but this drama has become my My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Redux. It’s fun, but I’ll wait until it’s done. Or wait until my mom hops on this bandwagon with me, because if she watches, I’m forced to watch it or else she’ll speed way ahead and spoil everything for me.

Lie To Me – I finished episode 2? That’s progress, right? It’s not bad, but it’s not pulling me to the screen. I watch when I have time.

Manny – Started it! Skimming it! Liking it! But that’s because I’m skimming it. Interesting that the kids are always having problems, and Kim Yi Han (Suh Ji Suk) is able to teach them lessons while still being fun. He’s the awesomest husband material ever. Don’t like his relationship with sister Janice though. (Only in ep 8 by the way.)

Romance Town – hands down THE drama I’m watching every week.

SO! Conclusion is, after Romance Town, will catch up on Lie to Me and work through Manny when I get a chance. (Skimming, still.)

Drama Round Up – Week 1


I’m only doing this because there’s been so many dramas to keep track of, and I’m REALLY going to try harder this year to follow them. Last year, it was Cinderella’s Sister vs. Personal Taste vs. Prosecutor Princess. (We all know which I love…). This year, I’ll do a better job of it!

49 DaysI LOVE where this story is going! Could I love Jung Il Woo even more? And the story is ramping up nicely. I can’t believe that it’s going to end next week – I feel like there’s so much more left to do! But that’s the nice thing about this writer – she made me feel that way in Shining Inheritance and Prosecutor Princess.

Best Love – I will watch it – but I think I’ll watch it during the weekends. This is because 1) it airs on a Wednesday-Thursday schedule, and 2) I like that it’s zany, but it’s fun to read the recaps – and when I read the recaps, I have less interest in watching the actual episode. But I do enjoy Cha Seung Won – and I must pay my respect to Secretary Kang Woo so…

Lie To MeYoon Eun Hye. ‘Nuff said. I can’t wait to get my hands on episode 2 – yes I’m slow, but I really can’t wait to watch it! She is so effortless in her role.

Romance Town – unexpected surprise. Also – it’s so odd – I don’t really know where the story is going, but we have a fake baby-daddy and a maid who becomes an instant millionaire? Seriously – the ways you can go with this drama!

News Bits: 5/2/11 Edition

Actress Woori

Looks like the media frenzy has done enough damage. Lee Jia dropped her lawsuit against Seo Taiji after realizing that it would be difficult to continue after all the pain she’s caused to the people around her. The media certainly made it worse on her than it could have been. Seo released a statement saying that they had married in 1997, separated in 2000, and divorced in 2006 despite efforts to mend their relationship. He had not expected this lawsuit at all. Papers were also released showing that the two had officially divorced in 2006 (rather than 2009, as Lee had claimed), and that she had waived her rights for spousal support from the singer.

OK – while she may have had a good reason for bringing up the lawsuit, can I just say how ridiculous it is that you created a media frenzy by claiming you divorced in 2009, and asking for money after you waived spousal support? Why lie?! Why go through all this chaos if you’re gonna lose this lawsuit anyways?

Did you really want to get revenge on Seo Taiji and just see if you could tarnish his image? (‘Cause that’s what her statement seemed to say to me.)

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More Behind the Scenes of 49 Days

Episodes 13 and 14 have premiered! While I’m not to sure which episodes these photos came from, it’s sweet to see Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won have a nice camaraderie off screen while being completely antagonistic on screen. Bae Soo Bin is completely endearing himself to me, and while I hate his roles (gosh darn it I wonder if he purposely picks roles where he won’t get the girl!!!), he’s so cool offscreen. I loved the Behind the Scenes clip that followed him around for a day.

In addition, there were photos of Nam Gyu Ri with her onscreen family, Choi Jung Woo and Yoo Ji In. What a sweet couple they make.

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News Bits: 4/25/11 Edition

Tang Wei and Hyun Bin. Let's forget the laughing lady in the middle.

Oh. My. God. It’s spring! SPRING!

That means romance is in the air! And also allergies.

Hyun Bin was granted a few days leave before he officially starts his marine-military duty. I have never heard of that/knew that they could do that. Anyways – it just so happened his leave coincided with Tang Wei’s visit to Korea. Tang Wei was his costar in the film Late Autumn,” and she had arrived as a guest for the final screening of the film in Seoul. Rumors started that Hyun Bin and Tang Wei were secretly dating, and that she visited to coincide with his leave. However, both sides’ managements have denied the matter. Apparently, Tang Wei’s visit was a surprise and planned last minute. Hyun Bin only had dinner with friends, including Jang Dong Gun, and planned to spend the rest of his break with family.

Good – because honestly, Hyun Bin-oppa, you need to stop hooking up with co-stars. Unless it’s Ha Ji Won – then I approve.

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Photos of Upcoming Episodes of 49 Days

This is how I like my cast in 49 Days – so in character, and then they break it, and we get a glimpse in their real personalities.

Plus – they’re all so purrrrrrty!

The above photo gave me a head spin, because Nam Gyu Ri is in the same frame as Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won! (Min Ho – you should not be looking at her!!!) The photos below suggest that Min Ho encountered the real Song Yi Kyung, adding to the confusion. Either that, or Ji Hyun made a big boo-boo.

There are also photos of when Yi Kyung and Yi Soo were in school, at a fair, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, it looks like Ji Hyun knew them as students!

How does the math work out? I thought they’re older than Ji Hyun…

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