10 Asian and Hollywood Celebrity Look Alikes


Have you ever felt like you’re watching an Asian drama and see a Hollywood lookalike standing right before you? Or even vice versa while in a theater watching a Hollywood movie, and you see your favorite Korean actor on the big screen? Here are a few actors who seem to have a Hollywood counterpart, and it’s kind of hard to explain until you get a good look at them or even see them in action!

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News Bits: 12/16/10 Edition

It has been announced that DBSK will participate on the ATHENA OST. Interesting – I thought they broke up and had too many issues to get back together and make a song. It is said that the group will reunite in January, so I’m clearly wrong. Their song will be a fast, upbeat insert song, which I’m looking forward too since I think ATHENA has enough ballads. Like the latest one from Brown Eyed Soul – the MV for “Put It Back” is the video above.

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News Bits: 8/17/10 Edition

Whoaaa aren’t Kim Nam Joo and Kim Seung Woo looking hot!?

Kim Nam Joo’s sequel-drama Queen of Tears has been retitled Queen of Reversals, which is more fitting because though she’s starring in this drama, it’s not a direct sequel to Queen of Housewives. This time, she’s going to be the daughter of a chaebol. (Reversal of life situation, most def.) It’s also probably because they couldn’t get the entire cast back on track, but the drama is trying to get Jung Joon Ho (IRIS, Last Scandal) and Park Ye Jin (Queen Seon Deok). Queen of Reversals will also be going up against ATHENA in time slot, which her husband will be starring in as well. Hm – totally different genre dramas in competing broadcasting stations. Wonder what will win? Before, the more melodramatic ones usually won ratings wise – IRIS vs. You’re Beautiful, Cinderella’s Sister vs. Personal Taste/Prosecutor Princess (although PT did quite well too, but it wasn’t first place).

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News Bits: 4/11/10 Edition

Shoo from SES has finally tied the knot! She got married to basketball player Im Hyo Sung. Celeb guests in attendance included her buddies Bada and Eugene, Park Kyung Lim, Fin.K.L’s Lee Jin and Sung Yuri. It’s about time – since Shoo is already five months pregnant! (That dress is done well – it’s big because of the ruffles, but it also hides the baby bump!!)

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MV Galore!

So I keep looking into a bunch of sites for news – and I keep seeing so many new releases for MV’s from various groups. I was going all crazy because I couldn’t keep track of who’s releasing what. So – for my benefit and yours, I’ve compiled a bunch all in this one post. And let me know if I’m missing any/requests. I’m keeping it to the MV’s of February/March.

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News Bits: 3/11/10 Edition

Matsumoto Jun is appearing in another 3-part TV special drama called Wagaya no Rekishi, which also stars actress Nagasawa Masami. The two actors share a kiss scene as they portray lovers kept apart by their family and by the impending typhoon Vera, which is the strongest typhoon ever to hit Japan. (It’s been a while since I’ve seen a MatsuJun drama – and not that I really mind him kissing another actress…except…he’s a really good kissing actor!!! =P)
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