My Queen: First Impressions

OHMYGAWD! I think I found my Taiwanese drama fix! I know it’s SOOOOOOO belated, and people left and right have been telling me to watch this, but I’ve finally tuned in to My Queen. Ethan Ruan, I LOVE YOU! And it also stars Cheryl Yang, whom I saw playing the uber-meanie in the Chinese version of All About Eve. She’s a bit more lovable here, thankfully. It also helps that her character is referred to as a “Female Voldemort.” Mwahaha.

But again, why must the previews for the next episodes reveal so much!?

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Sunny Happiness: First Impressions

I think I now know why I’ve seen so little Taiwanese dramas. Or that I’d start them but never finish them. I think I can only count one that had the right mix of good quality and fan fervor (based on what I’ve seen, not in general). But the rest… let’s just say it feels like once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

With that said, I approached Sunny Happiness with much caution, and threw it in the wind for the hopes of seeing Mike He in all his glory again.

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Fated To Love You Spin-Off In The Works

Taiwanese dramas have been going down in popularity. Not that I know for sure, but I can certainly say that my interest in them has decreased ever since I watched a few episodes of some series and couldn’t bother to continue. So…they’ve gone down in popularity for me.

However, an article noted that Taiwanese dramas in general get ratings in the low-single digits, like 2’s and 4’s. The last drama to make Taiwanese drama history was Fated to Love You, getting ratings in the mid-teens. So to remake that little television magic, a spin-off/sequel was discussed to bring back together the cast and crew of Fated. Unfortunately, due to schedule conflicts, Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En won’t be coming back.

Instead, they’ll be replaced with Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang.

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Easy Fortune Happy Life: Episodes 1-5

I am watching this Taiwanese drama for two reasons:

1) I have to watch it eventually for my Chinese class (yep – I’m watching a drama for my Chinese class)

2) It’s Chen Qiao En. Chen Qiao En!

The premise is rather simple – and since it’s a Taiwanese drama, the plot moves along really quickly. Xie Fu An (Chen Qiao En, Fated to Love You) and her younger brother Pi Dan live in Fu Man mountains with their elderly grandmother, who is an expert in traditional Chinese medicines. She has taught her granddaughter Fu An everything there is to know about her trade.

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Hello world!


My first post in my first wordpress blog – woot woot! And I have to admit I like the cheesy title that it gives for your first post.

I just wanted a space where I could discuss Asian entertainment at my pace, whatever I want when I want. But of course, most will be about Korean dramas – my vice!!  And so, to start off this new decade, I have one resolution: to watch  more dramas this year. And then another resolution would be to learn Korean – heh!