Vampire Detective: Episode 6 Recap


A very interesting episode that focuses on Goo Hyung’s background. Quite fun, but I swear drama – you REALLY need to stop making the culprit so obvious. Oh and just in case we’re counting, this is yet another episode where practically no vampirism appears.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 5 Recap


This episode had nothing to do with vampirism. Which is kind of disappointing since we’re halfway through the series. That being said, this episode also had a better standalone crime case than the previous episodes. So… that’s something, right?

Sorry for the overdue post. I usually put this up on Tuesday but I have a hard time concentrating on writing about a drama that has nothing to do with its premise anymore.

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What I’ve Been Watching: Anime


So… I haven’t really been writing much other than Vampire Detective. It’s pretty much the only Korean drama I’m caught up on week after week. I’m woefully behind on other shows, and it’s mainly because I’ve been on a bit of an anime binge lately. I have not watched so much anime since probably high school, and I must admit there’s a bit of a nostalgia factor for me here. (Oh the days when I wanted to learn Japanese!)

So what anime have I been watching? Well.. here goes…

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Vampire Detective: Episode 4 Recap


Well, with this episode we’re finally getting somewhere when it comes to the overarching plot line. It’s a bit of a tenuous link to the case of the week, but I don’t particularly hate it. Not when we finally meet Lee Chung Ah in this episode!

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Vampire Detective: Episode 3 Recap


A little better than last week’s case, but that’s not saying much. This week San and company must figure out the puzzle of a dead gangster boss to see where his inheritance goes. It’s a bit obvious what the solution is, even though the show tries to make the path to the conclusion an interesting one. One thing I have to appreciate after seeing these past couple of episodes is that the writer is working very hard to tie in each case to the over-arching plot. San is just so lucky to get the right cases at the right time here.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 2 Recap


In this episode, San learns more about his powers while helping a reporter resolve her past. It’s not your typical case, as the client doesn’t really help the investigators very much with their investigation. In fact, I was a bit puzzled by it and it took me a couple of watches to really understand what was going on. However, it’s a very good episode in introducing us to San’s powers. He’s just as new to them as we are.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 1 Recap


It is taking a lot of me to not type out Vampire Prosecutor 3 right now. Actually – more like every time I type out this title. But it’s a good thing because Vampire Prosecutor is what made me check this drama out. (No, not Lee Joon.) And I think that if Yeon Jung Hoon is not to continue with the vampire franchise, then I think Lee Joon most definitely is a worthy successor to pick up the fangs.

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Please Come Back, Mister: Episode 2 Recap


Woo boy, I’m behind. But we’re getting to the good stuff now, and I’m only 70% talking about all of the shirtless Rain scenes. The first episode of Please Come Back, Mister teased us with a quick introduction to the main cast, and we’re about to dig a little deeper into their characters. Without further ado, I give you…

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Signal: A Review


This is by far the best drama I have seen since the beginning of 2016, and this review is a bit overdue. It’s better than Cheese in the Trap. But this drama is not for the faint of heart. This is really a gritty crime drama, and the best drama Kim Eun Hee has ever written. I’m so proud of her I have to dab tears from my eyes. And yes, this review will have spoilers because it’s a bit unavoidable…

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Please Come Back, Mister: Episode 1 Recap


[Please help me welcome my friend spicytuna, who has graciously jumped in to cover Please Come Back Mister. A self-professed lover of Rain, and also an admirer of Kim Soo Ro, spicytuna will give her commentary in the coming weeks on this hilarious and entertaining drama.] 

Let me start off by stating just how excited I am for this drama.

Seriously. Kim Soo Ro, who I fell for in A Gentleman’s Dignity (ugh such a doofy manly man), and Rain, the love of my life? The k-pop star I’ve literally been in love with since I was 12? The reason I paid my own money to see Ninja Assassin three times in the theater??


And let’s not even get started on Honey Lee, casually one of the most beautiful women in the world and with the sexiest voice to boot.

Okay, let’s get started!

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