Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 7 Recap


Looking back, this episode doesn’t really break new grounds, but somehow the actors really drive this episode forward. Kudos to them, seriously.

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Wanted: Episodes 9-10 Recap


When I said I wanted the stakes raised, I didn’t expect it to include a whole new element and twist to the show. We are no closer to finding out who the real kidnapper is, and now the show is giving us a new element to play with: the kidnapper’s very own “Wanted” fan club. I’m doing a double header today because I couldn’t sit down and write a recap for each episode. I needed to know what happened first. (So, also sorry for the lateness on this!)

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Wanted: Episode 8 Recap


This episode was a doozy. It’s really amping up plot wise, but somehow the directing and editing is all over the place. I think the writer knows what he wants, but isn’t very good at communicating how it needs to be executed. And then the director and the editor are not very good in making a seamless episode that isn’t confusing timeline wise. A simple fade in and fade out would go a long way…

Complaints on the editing aside, this episode was a lot more exciting than I thought it’d be. Regardless of the show’s cancellation, the kidnapper’s still sending missions.

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Wanted: Episode 7 Recap


The plot thickens… At first it really seemed like the mastermind behind the kidnapping wanted to expose normal people’s wrongdoings. But now, things have intensified to the point where the mastermind has a bigger goal, and a real grudge against Hye In and her former husband.

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Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 3 Recap


This drama is a bit of a slow burn. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it has a simple story that requires a lot of buildup. We alternate between the past and the present, with every action in the present being defined by something in the past. So yes, more flashbacks. But don’t worry, present No Eul is okay.

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