A Writer’s Break



I’m still here… I am just taking a break from Korean dramas. Yes, that’s such a thing! There’s been a lot of things going on – namely a trip to London to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I and II. (Best thing everrrrrr!)

I have watched Jealousy Incarnate, parts of Cinderella and the Four Knights, and an episode of The K2. But really, I think what I’m waiting for is Goblin with Gong Yoo.

Maybe that’s all I need to get back on the writing horse. Or at least, back into the world of Korean dramas.


Ebook: Oh My Ghostess Recaps!


It’s been three weeks and I’m still missing Oh My Ghostess! If you are too – then guess what? The ebook is here!

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Salty Studio: A Webtoon Review


I checked out Salty Studio (author: omyo) on Line Webtoon because it sounded like something that would be turned into a drama very soon. Which also made me think that I would enjoy it because I am really enjoying Cheese in the Trap. It has all the elements of a Korean drama – a guy with a dream forced to live with a girl who can help pay his rent but also inspire him to follow his dream. And there are colorful side characters as well. But Salty Studio ended abruptly, and has left me feeling empty and wanting more.

Warning – some spoilers for the review! 

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Cheese in the Trap: Thoughts on the Webtoon


I don’t know how I ended up discovering the webtoon on Naver, but I did and started reading it just last week. It has a slow start, but is somehow so very addicting. I can see why it’s being turned into a drama – there are so many aspects to it that make it play out like a regular rom-com. But it does have a slice-of-life aspect that I hope is retained in the drama.

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Top 7 Best Looking Villains

Top Villain Benedict Cumberbatch

Isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch so strikingly good-looking? I decided to look back and think about all those dapper looking men whose eyes have looked deep in my soul and charmed my pants off – except they’re evil as heck and should not be touched with a ten-foot pole. Note that these guys aren’t your average “second male lead who’s sole evil is stealing the main girl from the main guy.” No, these guys have crimes under their belt.

Warning – Spoilers abound! Mainly because not every villain in every K-drama is obvious from the get go. Sometimes it’s a twist, which makes it even more gut-wrenching when the actor just happens to be oh so hot. Or pretty darn good looking.

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Ebook: I Need Romance 2012 Recaps!


And here it is! The ebook for I Need Romance 2012. Starring Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Ji Suk, and Lee Jin Wook, this was an interesting take on romance because it’s all about timing. For the main couple, they would have been perfect for each other if they were at the same emotional level at the same time, and that’s the only reason why they kept breaking up.

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