Hong Sisters’ New Drama: ‘Jeju-do Gatsby’


Oh boy. So, is he the Great Jeju-do Gatsby? What could this title possibly mean? Is the fact that it’s based on Jeju-do a reference to the fact that “The Great Gatsby” takes place in West Egg on Long Island? And that he could see across the bay to his lover’s home? Why must this title refer to another book!?

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Hong Jong Hyun and a Title Change


The original title, Girl Who Sees Smells, is just too long and awkward to seriously call a drama. I mean, there have been worse and equally awkward titles, but this one is just… whaaa? It’s a good thing this drama is getting a title change. And, it might try to get Hong Jong Hyun as part of the cast.

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‘Memories of Murder’ Gets Drama Remake


Looks like the unsolved Hwaseong murder cases is getting another look, one year later. First it was Bong Joon Ho’s classic film Memories of Murder (2003), which focused on two detectives trying to find the serial murderer. Then last Gapdong, starring Yoon Sang Hyun and Sung Dong Il, was also based on the Hwaseong murder cases but gave it a different spin, pitting the son of the main suspect and the main detective on the case against each other. And now finally, master of crime dramas Kim Eun Hee is taking a whack at it by remaking Memories of Murder.

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Kim Jung Eun Makes Drama Comeback


Hair style really makes a difference on how one looks.

Kim Jung Eun is set to make her drama comeback in 2015 with the MBC drama Make a Woman Cry. Her last drama was Oohlala Couple in 2012, and she does seem to have been keeping a low profile since then. It would be quite awesome to see Kim Jung Eun as a detective this time around.

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Lee Byung Hun Featured in ‘Terminator 5’ Super Bowl Ad


Lee Byung Hun is pretty (in)famous for those who know about his crazy, somewhat salacious personal life. In the States, he’s nothing but the token bad guy in blockbuster action movies. Not that that is a bad thing, as he is getting so much recognition and doing so well in Hollywood compared to some of his contemporaries. In any case, his new film Terminator Genisys (and no, I’m not misspelling it) is hopefully going to catapult him into greater stardom because it’s putting out a 30-second trailer on Super Bowl.

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Jung Gyu Woon Joins ‘Real Men’


And a real man he is! Looks like Birth of a Beauty star, and my favorite boy-toy, Jung Gyu Woon is going to take part in the reality show Real Men. He’s already part of another variety show called Eco Village, where celebrities build houses for those in need. Guess he just needs another place to show off those muscles!

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‘Blood’ Releases Teasers and Stills


With Blood gearing up for a premiere on February 16, it’s no wonder there’s a bunch of stills and teasers released already for its main characters, played by Gu Hye Sun, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Ji Jin Hee. The teasers have a flair that is very reminiscent of Vampire Prosecutor, and if it follows a similar tone then I’m all down for it. I don’t mind copycats – as long as they do it well.

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