Yoo Yun Suk Confirms Hong Sisters drama


Looks like we have our leading male! Just about a week after Kim Woo Bin bowed out of the drama, Yoo Yun Suk (Answer Me 1994) has taken  his place. And he will star opposite Kang Sora, who’s been long associated with the project but never fully confirmed until recently.

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Some more additional updates! Because the drama world changes every week. If you missed part 1, you can see it here. I’m simply following up on some of the dramas since there were a few changes here and there. Mostly confirmations, some changes in casts all together.

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CASTING UPDATE: Misfires and Hires


It’s like picking season in K-drama land these days because every other day is another person being offered a role or confirmed for something. It’s kind of hard to keep track, so here’s a guide on what’s going on for upcoming shows in 2015!

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Han Groo considers ‘The Scholar Walking at Night’


Yet another vampire-based drama is coming to life – this time on MBC – with The Scholar Walking at Night. Because, you know, human scholars wouldn’t be walking around at night. Han Groo (Marriage Not Dating) has been approached to star as the female lead of this historical fantasy.

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‘Producers’ Casts Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin Maybe


Casting rumors are just flying about! While we have Kim Soo Hyun in one corner debating on whether to take the lead role or not for Producers, we also have IU being thrown around as his female lead, Cha Tae Hyun confirmed to star, and Gong Hyo Jin perhaps to join the cast as well. This is really shaping up into a very interesting, solid cast.

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Casting Rumor: Kim Soo Hyun for ‘Producers’?


The elusive Kim Soo Hyun can’t seem to pick a project yet after his winning turn in My Love From Another Star. He’s yet again “looking favorably” at a role, this time in the drama Producers (프로듀사). The clinching factor is that Producers will be written by My Love screenwriter Park Ji Eun. So is a reunion of sorts in the making?!

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Yoo Ah In Out, Lee Jin Wook In


Yoo Ah In is no longer going to be in Doctor Frankenstein, as had previously been assumed. And he’s taking that May KBS time slot with him because now the production seems to have been pushed back in favor of another ‘monster-esque’ drama, Hello Monster. And that drama will star Lee Jin Wook.

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Sooyoung attends NY Fashion Week–in miniskirt


If no one is aware of New York weather right now, it is freaking cold. It’s in the low teens to single digits in Fahrenheit, and the worst part is when the wind comes and bites through your clothes to make your skin prickle. My hands without gloves will stiffen up in just one minute exposed to the cold air.

So how in the world does Sooyoung manage to walk around New York in a miniskirt!?

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