UPDATED: KCON LA 2016 – See You There!


Update: Now including my panel schedule!

And yet another year where I get to go to KCON! I feel so especially lucky and grateful for this as I was hoping I’d get to go but never really sure.

This past weekend was KCON NY – and if you happened to be there I’m sure it was a blast. But I couldn’t go as I had prior obligations that same weekend. (Wedding in Vermont – equally as fun, but definitely no K-pop at the reception.) I was pretty sad I missed out, but I’m looking forward to KCON LA – after all, that’s like the home base for KCON and sure to be the biggest party of all!

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‘God of Noodles’ Fills Up Its Cast


Master: God of Noodles – yes, that is the title – has filled out its cast just over a month before it’s set to air on KBS after Descendants of the Sun. Based on the manhwa by Park In Kwon (who did Queen of Ambition and Daemul too), the drama follows a young man who seeks revenge by becoming a master of noodle-making. Seriously, I want to laugh because I want to think it’s a comedy. But it’s not.

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News Bits: 1/2/2016 Edition


Happy New Year all! Resolutions are made, and it’s time to really try to follow through. For about a week. Maybe.

In any case, looks like Producers 2 could be a thing. The show did quite well in Korea, even though I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. So it looks like PD Seo Soo Min, who worked with PD Pyo Min Soo after he replaced her other original partner Yoon Sung Han, is thinking of a sequel. Nothing has been formally decided though; it sounds like wishful thinking to me. But Producers definitely helped break a mold in the types of dramas that are on television and perhaps give greater attention to the variety space. [link]
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News Bits: 11/19/2015 Edition


I’m all out of sorts schedule wise, so I’m sorry for being a little late with this! Without further ado… Goodbye Siwon and Changmin! You’re off to the army after your stints in drama-land (She Was Pretty and The Scholar Who Walks at Night), and we’ll see you in a year! (Okay, more than a year, but we’ll be okay!) [link]

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