Radiolab Covers K-poparazzi

I never thought that this would happen – my favorite podcast covering K-pop. For K-pop fans who have followed the scene faithfully since the early 200s (or even before), the subjects covered in this podcast should come as no surprise: Shin Se Kyung and her romance with Jong Hyun, or the Ailee scandal, or the Black Ocean incident for SNSD. But it is so interesting to listen to it come together in a cohesive manner, with a hopeful conclusion regarding the state of Korean press.

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BIGBANG’s ‘MADE’ 2015 Concert Tour


I attended the MADE tour concert in New Jersey yesterday, waiting in line with some friends starting at around 1pm all the way until the show began at 8pm. It was a long wait for oppa, but it was well worth it! Pictures below!

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Lee Hyori to Make Comeback

Now THAT’S a comeback I’d like to see!

After plagiarism scandals that hounded her since her release of her last album “H-Logic,” Lee Hyori has done much to rehabilitate her image by volunteering and helping out at animal shelters. She’s kept a relatively low profile, waiting for all the negative press to die down. It’s not entirely her fault, as she simply had bad luck with a songwriter who liked to copy instead of create.

But now she’ll be releasing her new album as early as August to September of this year. It was originally planned for June, but was pushed back. An official was quoted saying, “Collecting songs for the album and preparation for her comeback will be done in June.” That’s not very inspiring or comforting, as it makes me wonder whether they had done any work at all in the earlier half of this year, and if the album will be so rushed that it’s bound to encounter some problems again.

Lee Hyori – just make a good, scandal-free album, please?

source: asianfanatics

C.N. Blue’s Comeback

CN Blue recently held a press conference in regards to their comeback album “First Step”. Their new title track is “Intuition” and the members said that they all took part in the writing, composing, and arranging of most of the songs on the album.

Kang Min Hyuk also took the opportunity to formally announce his role in Festival alongside Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, which I had speculated with less of a confirmation before. Honestly, it’s as though You’re Beautiful got a sequel, because I’m sure Jung will take over Jang Geun Suk‘s role, and Kang can be ‘Shinwoo’ if he wants to. The other thing was that Jung Yong Hwa and bandmate Lee Jong Hyun dyed their hair black again, and Jung Yong Hwa lost a lot of weight.

AGAIN! It’s like he’s now Jang Geun Suk! They both lost weight and their characters had pitch black hair! Jung Yong Hwa said he dieted for CN Blue’s comeback, but I personally think it’s for the drama.

Who knows? Maybe it’s because they think Park Shin Hye goes for skinny guys.

sources: asiae, allkpop

An Interview with Big Bang

I am sooooo addicted to Big Bang’s latest singles – especially “What is Right” because it has enough of a funky and happy vibe to it that makes it catchy. After reading their interview, I now want to go back and listen to that and “Tonight” with a more analytical ear.

And so what follows is an excerpt of their interview with asiae.

Their parody of Secret Garden included!

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Filipino Friday!

Guess what I’m doing on a Friday night? The TV is tuned in to the Filipino Channel of all things, and after laughing at the ridiculous Filipino dramas while eating dinner, the gossip news came on and it was all about Maria Aragon, the Lady Gaga-cover sensation on Youtube who is younger than Charice Pempengco and probably the next Charice.

I mean, she’s appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show already. Next stop is for Oprah to lay her hands on the girl and the next thing we know, she’s crediting Oprah for discovering her.

(P.S. I just realized three posts in a row feature videos.)

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Wilber Pan and Nichkhun’s MV

I was half-right about the roles. Wilber Pan is the DJ while Nichkhun is the main guy who becomes interested in the girl. However, based on the song it seems that Pan is interested in the girl too but he lets his buddy hit on her. The two of them get into a fight outside a cafe (where they have bubble tea!) and the girl comes by with napkins to help them clean up.

Pan starts texting her too, and the two friends realize they’re kinda going for the same girl. And she’s kinda playing them by forcing the two of them to fight over her. So what do they choose to do?

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BoA on Paradise Ranch

No worries – she’s not cameoing in the drama and appearing in a completely tangential story line. She’s going to be participating in the OST for the drama, singing “My Only One.” This will be her first OST song after four years, and her first drama OST song. In the past, she only did songs for movie OSTs.

I’m curious to hear it, though I hope it doesn’t get overused to highlight every dramatic/emotional moment. That would just kill my love for her music.

source: soompi