Train to Busan: A Review


Like zombies? Check. Like action flicks? Check. Like Gong Yoo? Check check check. You must now watch Train to Busan. Now. This is the real summer disaster/action flick that you need to see before autumn rolls around. For once, I’m not going to spoil anything about this film because I want you to watch it.

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A Werewolf Boy: A Review


This was long overdue. Like, three years overdue. But I finally watched it, and BOY do I not regret watching it. A Werewolf Boy was that heartwarming movie that everyone really needs to see at least once. It made me laugh like crazy and then cry buckets. People weren’t kidding when they said to have a box of tissues around.

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Son Ye Jin – Park Hae Il Sign on for ‘Princess Deokhye’


More casting news! Just so much coming out from Korea today. Son Ye Jin (Shark, Personal Taste) and Park Hae Il (“War of the Arrows,” a gazillion other movies but no dramas) have signed on for the historical film Princess Deokhye, a biography of the last Crown Princess of Korea.

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Lee Min Ho Chooses Another Film for Comeback


Looks like Lee Min Ho isn’t returning to the small screen anytime soon. The actor, who’s pretty much got free rein to forever do commercials and movies if he’d like, is choosing a big-budget pan-Asian film called ‘Bounty Hunters’. Directed by Shin Tae Ra (or Terra Shin), who previously did ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ with Kang Ji Hwan, ‘Bounty Hunters’ will take place in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other major Asian cities. With a blockbuster-sized budget, this film can do anything.

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‘Memories of Murder’ Gets Drama Remake


Looks like the unsolved Hwaseong murder cases is getting another look, one year later. First it was Bong Joon Ho’s classic film Memories of Murder (2003), which focused on two detectives trying to find the serial murderer. Then last Gapdong, starring Yoon Sang Hyun and Sung Dong Il, was also based on the Hwaseong murder cases but gave it a different spin, pitting the son of the main suspect and the main detective on the case against each other. And now finally, master of crime dramas Kim Eun Hee is taking a whack at it by remaking Memories of Murder.

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Kim Myung Min to star in Bae Yong Joon-Produced Film?


Kim Myung Min is on a roll. Just days after it was announced he would be starring in “Pandora” with Kim Nam Gil, he’s now considering a role in another film that will be produced by Contents K, which is part of Bae Yong Joon‘s entertainment company Key East.

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Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min to star in ‘Pandora’


Disaster blockbuster flick is coming our way! Director Park Jung Woo of ‘Deranged’ will begin filming a new disaster flick that boasts a star-studded cast: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min, Jung Jin Young, Na Moon Hee, Moon Jung Hee, and Kim Dae Myung (Misaeng). Kim Myung Min plays the President of Korea (woo!) who declares a state of emergency as a disaster is about to strike, and Kim Nam Gil plays Jae Hyuk, a man who struggles to save his family while trying to prevent a disaster from coming.

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