‘Confessions’ to go to the Oscars?

If it does, it will make my day!

The film ‘Confessions’ by Tetsuya Nakashima is being submitted as Japan’s official selection for the Oscars. I previously wrote up a review for the film and I loved it. It was a great summer movie to freak out over (and I mean in the goosebumps-OHMIGOSH-kind of way).

It doesn’t mean it’s going to be nominated for an Oscar just yet. It has to compete with all the other countries’ submissions and get a spot in one of the coveted five available for the Best Foreign Film category. If it gets nominated, and if ‘Into the Fire’ is there too (which I’m betting is a sure shoo-in. If not, I’m going to go in an angry tirade on this blog), I honestly don’t know which I would root for: the suspenseful revenge film or the action film that hits all the right patriotic chords?

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Confessions – a Review

This was the longest 1 hour and 40 minutes of my life.

“Confessions,” directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, is a brilliant film in every single scope imaginable. It’s a thriller, a drama, a horror, even maybe ironic comedy all in one. It toyed with my mind and made my heart beat fast after I left the theater. It made me flash through my family memories as though I were personally suffering.

The film was released in the beginning of June, just three weeks ago, and now it makes its appearance during the 9th New York Asian Film Festival. It was a big hit in Japan, and I’m positive it will earn rave reviews from this festival.

Anyways – on to the review! And I will try my best not spoil it! Promise!

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The Bad Guy Interviews – Girls Have Their Say

Han Ga In and Oh Yeon Su were interviewed by 10asia, and though neither are as funny as Kim Nam Gil, Han did mention that she wished her character was more intense.

Han mentioned how she wished her character’s intentions could come out more clearly and more forcefully – even if it means she’ll be hated by audiences. I kind of have the same wish though, as I’m actually more irritated by her free and easy ways as she tries to please everyone. I don’t even know why she’s chasing after Hong Tae Sung – I don’t believe her when she does. Then again, I’ve only seen up until episode 3 so far (it’s not as compelling as I had hoped).

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My Darling is a Foreigner – A Review

I finally saw this film – even though it’s been out in Japan for a while now, and I’m sure with some sleuthing can be found online. But I got to see it in a cushioned seat in a small theater – so take that! 😀

There’s nothing to hate about this film, and there’s nothing to particularly love about this film. I got exactly what I was expecting: more than an hour’s worth of laughs and giggles, and a touch of melodrama.

There were certain scenes that I loved and stuck with me, but they’re not based on the scenario. Instead, they were based on the techniques the first-time director Kazuaki Ue employed. I have to say, I heard plenty of laughs, and plenty of yawns, in the theater. But it was all good fun and enjoyable.

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