‘Shinya Shokudō’ Gets a Korean Remake


SBS has recently confirmed that it’ll be airing the remake to a popular Japanese drama Shinya Shokudō. The drama centers around a small restaurant that only opens after midnight and attracts an eclectic group of patrons.

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Jung Woo Sung Escapes to Japan

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If this weren’t the perfect timing…

Jung Woo Sung was announced to star in a Fuji TV drama called “Good Life” with Takashi Sorimachi about a month ago, but then suddenly, he became enveloped in a maelstrom of chaos when he became “the third wheel” to the Lee Jia and Seo Taiji scandal.

Now he’s in Japan, just a few hundred miles from all the controversy and “totally focused” on his career. Isn’t he lucky to have something to escape to? I mean, now, he can simply go off and act, wait for the media frenzy to die down a bit, and come back with a new drama to promote.

He’ll be there for two weeks.

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Dramabeans’ Contest on your K-Drama Obsession

I did not take part in this contest, but it sure was entertaining to see the extent of people’s obsessions with dramas!

Congratulations to all the honorable mentions and winner of the contest!

I decided to look back into my past and see how I first got started with Korean dramas. Honestly, I never took much interest in them. A family relative had first suggested it, but we (meaning the family I live under the same roof with) all laughed at him and said how cheesy he was. He sent a couple over, and we were HOOKED. After that, we wanted his entire collection. Then he became too slow for us and so we started buying our own DVD’s and watching them online. To this day, we know more about Korean entertainment than he does.

I knew I had written an essay about Korean dramas – in fact, I used it as my college entrance essay. You might think, “What?! Such a topic for such a serious matter?” It was for college after all, and I was trying to get into one. But as luck would have it – the college accepted me! I guess I was quirky enough for my quirky, wonderful, school. 🙂

And then! I found out I had written ANOTHER essay on Korean dramas, and I had filed it away under a folder for a JOB APPLICATION. Goodness – I must have been crazy/crazier than I thought. I don’t even remember when or how I used it…

So anyways! If you’re interested – the following is my college entrance essay. I’ll put up the other essay if there’s enough interest…

And by the way – it’s not very academic at all. As I reread it, I realized just how different I am now compared to my high school self; I also think my writing style has stayed relatively the same as my high school style – so that’s something to work on! Just to put it into context, the prompt for the college essay was I could write about anything that changed my life and would make me a good fit for my school, which advocates individualized study (where you can study whatever you want).

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Itazura na Kiss Gets the Korean Treatment

Group 8 – the production company that brought us Goong and Boys Over Flowers – will be producing a new manga-based television series – Itazura na Kiss. It is also known as It Started with a Kiss in Taiwan, which starred Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. The story follows a young high school girl who falls in love with her senior in high school and admits her love to him. He is too cool for her though, and rejects her. So fate intervenes and causes an earthquake that destroys her house, forcing her and her family to live with him.

If you’ve seen the Taiwanese series, or heard about it, then you know what happens. I never watched it out of refusal to see something that everyone and their dog has already seen. (I’m weird like that, but the same philosophy applies to Boys Over Flowers and High School Musical.) Japan already has its anime version of the manga, which is unfinished due to the author’s death but continues to be published with her husband’s permission.

The drama will appear in the fall and is finishing up casting. Shooting will begin in July. So – WHO ARE THE LEADS!?!?!?!?!?

source: asiae

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: A Review

I finally finished Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge! (That took a while…)

In general, it was fun and ridiculous, but the last two episodes were particularly heartbreaking. Let’s just say, I cried in the ninth episode (I RARELY cry by the way, and if you do, it’s almost always because the lead male actor is crying) and felt incredibly sad and incredibly happy within a span of five seconds in the last episode.

I like the manga, but I REALLY like the ending of this drama.

*Spoilers Abound – since I will discuss parts of episodes 9 and 10!*

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Inoue Mao Gets Married…Sort Of

What do you do when you are in a library and falling asleep as you try to study for a midterm that’s taking place tomorrow?

Why, read up on Asian entertainment news, of course!

Japanese actress, and recent graduate of Meiji University, Inoue Mao modeled a wedding gown at the 10th Tokyo Girls Collection at Yokohama Arena. She was escorted down the runway with co-star Jonathan Sherr, who was in a tuxedo. The wedding dress she wore was supposedly very similar to the one that she would be wearing in her upcoming movie My Darling is a Foreigner, which will be released in theaters in April 10. The film is based on a manga detailing the author’s own relationship with a foreigner.

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: Another J-Dorama

As I continue my quest to cover a whole bunch of Asian dramas that I am watching right now…

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is based on a manga starring Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN and Oomasa Aya. Four beautiful boys live in a mansion together, and are allowed to live rent free if they can turn the landlady’s niece into a true lady. Sounds easy – until they realize that the niece is a Goth-type of girl who hates anything girly.
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Hello world!


My first post in my first wordpress blog – woot woot! And I have to admit I like the cheesy title that it gives for your first post.

I just wanted a space where I could discuss Asian entertainment at my pace, whatever I want when I want. But of course, most will be about Korean dramas – my vice!!  And so, to start off this new decade, I have one resolution: to watch  more dramas this year. And then another resolution would be to learn Korean – heh!