Choi Kwon and Sun Ah – Stealing the Producer Spotlight


After watching the Producer Special episode again today, I think it is safe to say that Choi Kwon and Kim Sun Ah (no, not that one) managed to steal the spotlight from their better known cast mates. I’ve been curious about them, and while I may have seen them before (Choi in King 2 Hearts and Sun Ah in Answer Me 1997), I didn’t really remember them. There were other people in those shows that stole my heart.

However, it’s now safe to say that if I see them again, I’ll forever remember their roles in Producer. The two managed to make very small roles into very special ones, and the rest of the drama would not have been the same without them.

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An Interview with Kim Ha Neul

Kim Ha Neul has always been an “It Star” – especially since she’s been in the industry for 13 years. However I feel like she’s in demand more than ever, and I’m sure her turn in “2 Days 1 Night” helped transform her image. To me, she does seem more approachable, and a lot more friendly than I thought she would be.

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An Interview with Eunjung

Yay! An interview with my fave T-ARA/actress/idol singer! Eunjung, the former leader of T-ARA, won me over with her performance in Coffee House, and the one scene that I did watch of Dream High just so happened to be when she finally decides to go forward about the rape (?). (Forgive me if facts are wrong; I just flipped the channel and tada! Dream High was on TV. And then I watched for a few minutes before finally feeling too lost to follow.)
Anyways! Eunjung is appearing in the film thriller “White,” where she plays idol leader Eun Ju for a fictional group called “Pink Dolls.” (OK, so it’s already making fun of her position in T-ARA, as well as the girl groups APink and 5Dolls?) Each member mysteriously dies off until Eun Ju is left standing, and she gets to be the solo debut artist.


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An Interview with Lee Yo Won

Lee Yo Won is a serious actress. She’d rather be talked to about her work than about her personal life. The actress married in 2003 to professional golfer Park Jin Woo, and they have a 7-year old daughter together. She also spent 9 years studying part-time at Dankuk University before finally graduating in 2008. Imagining her personal life with all the work she’s done since then… Amazing huh?

So here is an excerpted interview of Lee Yo Won, and how she viewed her role on 49 Days.

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An Interview With Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook is leaving us all soon for the military. *tear* So it’s about due time that he gets another interview with asiae. In his last interviews, he was talking about Bad Guy (which was only a year ago, but feels like ages ago). This time, the focus is around his musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” where he plays the transgender rock singer. He’s certainly a gifted actor – he just needs the right roles to let him shine. It’ll be sad to see him gone from the public eye for two years, but perhaps it’s a “certainty” for his immediate future to focus on, and he’ll be back in no time knowing a bit more on where he wants to go, and who he wants to be.

Below is an excerpt of the interviews.

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An Interview with Jung Il Woo

Because no one can get enough of 49 Days or Jung Il Woo‘s career-making turn as the lovable Scheduler.

He talks extensively about his character and how much he enjoyed acting alongside Lee Yo Won. (No kidding – like their chemistry wasn’t palpable.) But he also gives some of us hope; he’s planning on taking on a new project in the next couple of months, so… we might see him in the small screen again?! Just as long he doesn’t pick another Take Care of the Young Lady, I think he’s good.

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49 Days Cast in InStyle

The cast of 49 Days gathered for a small shoot for InStyle Korea, complete with captions (roughly translated). First up, Lee Yo Won!

“What style to wear today for the shoot as I look at the script?” says 49 Days actress Lee Yo Won (playing Song Yi Kyung).

When another soul possessed my body I was thrown into chaos. What did I say? That’s my role in the drama. One body, two souls – I have to constantly change my hairstyle and clothing but it’s fun. Although, having another soul enter your body is really scary.

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Interview with Gong Hyo Jin

It’s just been confirmed that Gong Hyo Jin will star alongside Cha Seung Won in the Hong Sisters’ The Discovery of Affection, due out later this year. Is it just me, or is this one of their oldest casts ever? Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, the following is an interview by asiae in regards to her recently published book about the environment. She’s very honest about herself and her work, particularly the fact that she’s writing about environmental issues…and yet bought a fur coat. (I kinda wanna read that chapter.) It doesn’t look like she’s making a very researched statement in her book, but rather a more opinionated book based on her insights. (Honestly, I’d expect a more well-researched, literate book out of Lee Young Ae, what with her doctorate degree and what not.)

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