Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 41-46 Recap (Final)


I’m finishing this up finally! It’s a really enjoyable series because there was so much more to this drama than just watching our main couple go back and forth in a “will-they-or-won’t-they” relationship. Overall I think that the series progressed at a decent pace, slowing down with the whole Qian Kun Affair, but definitely advancing the growth of all the characters. It gets a bit overly dramatic towards the end, but at least it is very satisfying.

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 36-40 Recap


Alright, time to catch up and finish off this series! I have a new Chinese drama that I’m looking forward too called Tiger Mom, and before it premieres on DramaFever I want to finish recapping Divorce Lawyers so I can get a fresh start!

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 26-30 Recap


Once again, more things happen in this set of episodes. We have the fruition of one relationship (Luo Li and Hai Dong) while another one breaks down (Qian Kun and Mei Yu). These take up the focus of the episodes over any other divorce case that Luo Li and Hai Dong take on. After all, with their personal lives such a mess, how could anyone concentrate at work?

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 16-20 Recap


Wow this bunch of episodes had me really excited, especially with the turning point in episode 20. I love the slow burn of the romance, especially when Hai Dong and Luo Li start relying on each other more and more for the little things. It hurts me every time we visit Qian Kun and Mei Yu’s story because I feel like I’m watching a train wreck in slow motion. Yan Yan’s story is even more shocking, and I’m glad we get that in a smaller dose because it’s pretty intense.

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 11-15 Recap


And so it continues! Here are the weecap summaries of episodes 11-15! What I liked about these five episodes was that it concentrated more on the lawyers’ personal lives. We see bits of them at work, but for the most part they’re currently in between cases in these episodes. You can also watch up to episode 25 right on DramaFever.

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Divorce Lawyers: First Impressions


I rarely get to check out Chinese or Taiwanese dramas these days, because I have no time for them generally, but I have to say I’m really glad I watched this one. Divorce Lawyers turned out to be fun and engaging, even for a relatively slow start. After all, the drama is 46 episodes long. It’s got plenty of time to burn.

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