Jang Geun Suk and Song Joong Ki Cuddle

Jang Geun Suk! How could you betray me like that?!

He tweeted the photo of him sharing a blanket with Song Joong Ki. He said that he prefers girls more but is wondering why on earth Joong Ki-hyung is next to him. Lies! You totally know why he’s next to you!

I really needed the headline to tell me that it was Song Joong Ki though. Otherwise I would have assumed it was Gong Yoo, because they kinda look alike in this shot. But if it were Gong Yoo, someone is definitely going to get a beating from me!

source: star news


Jung Gyu Woon at JIMFF, Park Shi Hoo at Beach

Jung Gyu Woon tweeted a photo of him with his beloved co-ambassador Lee Yoon Ji on the last day of the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival. The both of them are PR Ambassadors for the festival, which started on August 11 and ran til the 15th. He tweeted that he hopes to come back next year – if it’s not raining again!

They’re a cute couple. Maybe they should star in a drama together…

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Park Shi Hoo Becomes a Floating Swordsman

More pictures from Park Shi Hoo‘s twitter account!

This time, these photos are more artistic, featuring him backlit by a bright white light and floating in the air. It’s eerily beautiful – reminds me of Joseon X Files too. I think these photos are more for a photoshoot or teaser though, but still – slick. I don’t even see the wires…

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Park Shi Hoo Shows Off On a Horse

Rely on Park Shi Hoo – or his manager – to post up pics behind the scenes of The Princess’ Man. The corresponding tweet describes how he’s having fun riding on horseback around the neighborhood.

There is also a shot of him with Moon Chae Won – or at least it looks like her from a side profile.

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