Salty Studio: A Webtoon Review


I checked out Salty Studio (author: omyo) on Line Webtoon because it sounded like something that would be turned into a drama very soon. Which also made me think that I would enjoy it because I am really enjoying Cheese in the Trap. It has all the elements of a Korean drama – a guy with a dream forced to live with a girl who can help pay his rent but also inspire him to follow his dream. And there are colorful side characters as well. But Salty Studio ended abruptly, and has left me feeling empty and wanting more.

Warning – some spoilers for the review! 

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Cheese in the Trap: Thoughts on the Webtoon


I don’t know how I ended up discovering the webtoon on Naver, but I did and started reading it just last week. It has a slow start, but is somehow so very addicting. I can see why it’s being turned into a drama – there are so many aspects to it that make it play out like a regular rom-com. But it does have a slice-of-life aspect that I hope is retained in the drama.

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Thirteen Reasons Why – A Review

If you haven’t read “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, you should go read it now. I stayed up all night because I could not put it down. I actually read a review about the book, found out it was going to be on paperback on June 14, and just a couple days later went and bought it. That’s how much the review stayed with me.

I occasionally write these book reviews even though they have nothing to do with the way my blog is set up, but I write them because I really care. I’ve read other books (most of them by Malcolm Gladwell this year) but I’ve never felt compelled to write about them. The last fiction I’ve read was “The Book Thief” and I give a nod to javabeans for being the one who finally convinced me to read it. “Thirteen Reasons Why” is just one more book that I have to write something about.

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Harry Potter vs. Twilight vs. Hunger Games

This isn’t really related to anything Asian. Except perhaps Cho Chang in “Harry Potter.”

Anyways – I’m writing this because I have finally finished reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy, and it’s being touted as the next “Harry Potter” – sort of. It did get a lot of attention over who would play the lead character Katniss Everdeen.

To figure out the furor around this book, I wanted to find out how it compared to two previous series – Harry Potter and Twilight. I couldn’t find any review satisfying enough, so I decided to make my own. Hence, I spent the last two nights sleeping at 2:30 am trying to finish reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

I could add “His Dark Materials” series into this post too – but I think it would make it insanely long. Unless you want to know what I think of it.

So on to the reviews – from most recent to oldest.

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