10 Asian and Hollywood Celebrity Look Alikes


Have you ever felt like you’re watching an Asian drama and see a Hollywood lookalike standing right before you? Or even vice versa while in a theater watching a Hollywood movie, and you see your favorite Korean actor on the big screen? Here are a few actors who seem to have a Hollywood counterpart, and it’s kind of hard to explain until you get a good look at them or even see them in action!

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UPDATED: See You at KCON 2015!


I’m so excited to be going to KCON 2015 – this time as a panelist! Last year I was just a starry-eyed attendee, but this year I actually get to participate!

KCON will be held on July 31-August 2 – three days! There will be two locations this year: Staples Center for the 2-night concert on Saturday and Sunday, and LA Convention Center for the actual convention. YAY IT’S INDOORS!

I’m most excited for the concert to see Shinhwa, so I really can’t wait to go. I also hope to see some of you there and say hi! For more details on KCON, you can visit their website here.


I finally got my panel listings, so if you happen to stop by, come visit me here!

  1. The Rise of the Acting Idol
  2. Women in K-Drama
  3. Ultimate K-Drama Showdown: Originals vs. K-Drama Adaptations

I’ll be live tweeting the event @kaede_jun, so follow me there and hope to see you there!


The Time That They Were (not) In Love?


With just over two weeks before the premiere of ​The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, SBS has found it the right time to change the title. The Korean title is “너를 사랑한 시간,” which Google translates to, “You loved hours.” A Korean translator says, “The Time I Loved You.” But SBS says the English title is “The Time We Were Not In Love.”

At least the one thing that’s consistent is ‘7000 Days’ is out of the equation.

I get that SBS probably wants to give a title that reflects the drama the most, but you’re telling us two very different things! Either they’ve been in love for a long time, or they never loved each other that entire time! What’s going on?! Pick something!

To those who’ve seen the original Taiwanese drama this is based off of, In Time With You, the two titles could make sense. But as someone who likes to rely on the English title telling me how to read and interpret the Korean title, this is confusing as heck.

Petty rant, over.


Top 7 Best Looking Villains

Top Villain Benedict Cumberbatch

Isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch so strikingly good-looking? I decided to look back and think about all those dapper looking men whose eyes have looked deep in my soul and charmed my pants off – except they’re evil as heck and should not be touched with a ten-foot pole. Note that these guys aren’t your average “second male lead who’s sole evil is stealing the main girl from the main guy.” No, these guys have crimes under their belt.

Warning – Spoilers abound! Mainly because not every villain in every K-drama is obvious from the get go. Sometimes it’s a twist, which makes it even more gut-wrenching when the actor just happens to be oh so hot. Or pretty darn good looking.

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WATCH: 5urprise Performs at 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!


I loved that there was a show-aspect to the awards ceremony so that it wasn’t just a cut and dry, boring presentation of awards. Last year, Magnetic North made an appearance and performed a couple of their hits for the awards show. This year, newbie K-pop group 5urprise performed two of their singles, “Hey U, Come On” and “From My Heart.” I never heard them sing before – or perhaps I heard their song but didn’t realize it was them – and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they did songs with a slower pop beat. Also, Kang Joon does not really look the same in real life from how he looks on TV. Or maybe it was just his hair.

They really are full of ‘5urprises’…

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The Winners of 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!


It’s really awesome that every winner of the DramaFever awards managed to send a message through video to their fans, and a lot more came in person to pick up the awards! George Hu and Arden Cho did a great job hosting, although I feel that Arden was more on point with the hosting duties than he was. That’s not to say that their jokes and overly-forced flirting was not amusing. Poor Arden, George Hu was just not up to doing the Pinocchio toast kiss!

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