HeartandSeoul – Minimalist designs for your everyday K-drama addict



I am breaking my mini sabbatical of not writing to post about heartandseoul – a shop that’s minimalist in design for everyday Korean drama fans. At this Etsy-like store for independent artists, Elisabeth Baum has created several designs with the most common Korean phrases you’d hear in a K-drama. She then adds her quirky designs to everyday objects – from mugs to pillow cases, clocks to even clothing! Take a look at some of her stuff!

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A Writer’s Break



I’m still here… I am just taking a break from Korean dramas. Yes, that’s such a thing! There’s been a lot of things going on – namely a trip to London to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I and II. (Best thing everrrrrr!)

I have watched Jealousy Incarnate, parts of Cinderella and the Four Knights, and an episode of The K2. But really, I think what I’m waiting for is Goblin with Gong Yoo.

Maybe that’s all I need to get back on the writing horse. Or at least, back into the world of Korean dramas.

UPDATED: KCON LA 2016 – See You There!


Update: Now including my panel schedule!

And yet another year where I get to go to KCON! I feel so especially lucky and grateful for this as I was hoping I’d get to go but never really sure.

This past weekend was KCON NY – and if you happened to be there I’m sure it was a blast. But I couldn’t go as I had prior obligations that same weekend. (Wedding in Vermont – equally as fun, but definitely no K-pop at the reception.) I was pretty sad I missed out, but I’m looking forward to KCON LA – after all, that’s like the home base for KCON and sure to be the biggest party of all!

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Cheese in the Trap: A Horror Movie?


Ever wonder how creepy Park Hae Jin is when he looks over at Kim Go Eun? I mean, there’s something really unsettling about him that also makes him the perfect Jung. After all, you don’t know whether you can trust him or not. A friend of mine thought that just from his looks Cheese in the Trap looked more like a horror movie than anything else. So she recut another trailer… just for the heck of it.

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Salty Studio: A Webtoon Review


I checked out Salty Studio (author: omyo) on Line Webtoon because it sounded like something that would be turned into a drama very soon. Which also made me think that I would enjoy it because I am really enjoying Cheese in the Trap. It has all the elements of a Korean drama – a guy with a dream forced to live with a girl who can help pay his rent but also inspire him to follow his dream. And there are colorful side characters as well. But Salty Studio ended abruptly, and has left me feeling empty and wanting more.

Warning – some spoilers for the review! 

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Predicting the End of ‘Oh My Ghostess’


Alright, this post is ONLY for people who have watched all 14 episodes of Oh My Ghostess, or at least know everything that happened. Why? Because SPOILERS! In this post I’m going to set up some predictions and polls on what could happen at the end of this series. I really really enjoy this drama and I don’t want it to end.

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Cheese in the Trap: Thoughts on the Webtoon


I don’t know how I ended up discovering the webtoon on Naver, but I did and started reading it just last week. It has a slow start, but is somehow so very addicting. I can see why it’s being turned into a drama – there are so many aspects to it that make it play out like a regular rom-com. But it does have a slice-of-life aspect that I hope is retained in the drama.

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KCON LA 2015 – The Photo Album


KCON was an amazing experience! I had loads of fun participating in panels with my fellow ladies, checking out the screening room, getting freebies (of course), and meeting Daniel Henney!! It was a lot of work and little play, so I really enjoyed being able to walk around the whole convention on Sunday, which was my free day. Sadly I missed the two concerts – Saturday’s because I was busy meeting Daniel Henney and my stomach ruled my heart, and Sunday’s because I had to fly back to New York in a red-eye. But all in all, I really enjoyed KCON this year – more than last year’s. It helped so much that it was indoors this year, and it really made it feel like I was going to a convention, just like Comic Con.

Only bigger things ahead for CJ now!

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