Hi! I’m kaedejun and a longtime fan of all Asian dramas. I used that passion towards my college degree and towards this blog. I’m a sometimes-recapper, and a sometimes-blogger for DramaFever. I am a whiz at fixing TVs (according to my grandparents) but I am clueless about social media (Twitter? Tweeter? Twit?).

Quick explanation of my name – as this seems to come up every so often: kaede is a Japanese name that I came across and liked, and jun comes from Jun Matsumoto, my crush for the longest time when I was still hung up on J-dramas.

My first drama ever was Hotelier when I was still a lowly sophomore in high school, and from then on, I never looked back. It ruined my junior year – honest to God, I failed physics and I truly blame Kdramas for ruining my study habits.

But you know how even though you just try to quit, you can’t ever really do it permanently? This is my addiction.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi kaedejun, I m a kdrama fan! just finish watching Prosecutor Princess. Really like ur updated news, will be visiting ur webby very frequent. Looking forward to watch coffee house, cos i like Kang Ji hwan alot (since Hong ki dong). I din see any news about personal preferences? This is cute drama also…thanks take care

  2. Just wanted to say keep it up with the blog so i got another site to visit after dramabeans. and it’s great that you’re spreading your love for PP.

  3. Pig-Rabbit rules! Heh. And now that I’ve tumbled onto your site – another one for the addiction… Keep the stuff comin. 🙂 Partial to more Park Shi Hoo! Mawr!!

  4. Hi Kaedejun! =D I have stumbled onto your website when I searched for more TEN recaps. LOL so now it would seem that I have stalked you to your own site! I mean no harm! Honest! >.< Just wanted to show you that we out here love reading your recaps, so keep them coming please hehehe Thank you!

  5. I don’t know how to reach you to request you to translate this article..
    If you have time, pleasee….
    Thankss in advance..

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