Year End Review of 2016: The Best, the Worst, and the Hopeful


This year, just like my K-drama viewing habits, I’m going to keep this list short. I will admit I haven’t seen a lot of Korean dramas (particularly Descendants of the Sun, but I have the OST committed to memory. Thanks Mom.), but I think I saw a few that were definitely, truly worth it for me. I’m picky as always. I wish I were a student again though – then I’d watch everything and anything just to procrastinate on homework.

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Goblin: Episodes 3-4 Thoughts


Episode 3 clocks in at 88 minutes while episode 4 clocks in at a more normal 60 minutes. I’m not sure whether this show is going to continually make longer episodes, but it’s fine with me considering that the pacing of the episodes is just right enough that you don’t realize time has passed. In episode 3, I really appreciated the music direction (loved it even) and also love the relationship being established between Kim Shin and everyone else. However, there were definitely some gaps that were thankfully cleared up by episode 4. And I felt that if I didn’t write these two episodes together I’d be more frustrated than usual.

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Goblin: Episode 2 Thoughts


This episode elicited a lot of laughs and giggles from me, which is great. Rarely do I get to enjoy a drama that makes me laugh out loud, rather than just in my head. This episode was about 77 minutes long, just shy of 80 and definitely not 90, but I could almost live with the longer episodes for the rest of the series. The time goes by quickly, and I think it helps that Gong Yoo has chemistry with everyone.

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Goblin: Episode 1 Thoughts


OOOOOOOOOH this show seems like it’ll be fun! With such a dramatic (but beautiful) beginning, we ended the 90-minute (!!) premiere with a more lighthearted tone that I was really hoping for. After all, how can you not have comedy when you have the “Protector of Souls” rooming with the “God of Death”? Hijinks are bound to ensue.

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A Writer’s Break



I’m still here… I am just taking a break from Korean dramas. Yes, that’s such a thing! There’s been a lot of things going on – namely a trip to London to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I and II. (Best thing everrrrrr!)

I have watched Jealousy Incarnate, parts of Cinderella and the Four Knights, and an episode of The K2. But really, I think what I’m waiting for is Goblin with Gong Yoo.

Maybe that’s all I need to get back on the writing horse. Or at least, back into the world of Korean dramas.