Wanted: Series Review


This series started out so strong. I feel that the drama was afflicted by some production and scheduling troubles (delaying the last two episodes for Olympics did not help its momentum probably), but more so by the revelation of the “big bad.” I dragged my heels in watching the following episodes after I saw episode 12, so now that I’m super behind I’m going to just talk about the series overall and what I thought of the last few episodes. (Yes, there are spoilers.)

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Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 20 Recap (Final)


Well. It’s now over. Fair warning before you click through: the ending matches the tone of the entire series, and even though so many things happen, it doesn’t really push forward very much. The beauty is in the introspection and the growth of the characters. And we get plenty of that in this episode.

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Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 19 Recap


Okay seriously, this isn’t an amazing episode that’s breaking any sorts of K-drama barriers. It’s also not a fast-paced, “holy crap we’re hurtling to the end and it’s wrapping up really quick” kind of episode. Instead, it’s an episode that keeps wringing my heart because freaking Jin Kyung and Yoo Oh Sung are fantastic actors who convey the pain and shock of seeing their son mentally deteriorate before their very eyes. And their performance affects Kim Woo Bin’s performance, making him even more outstanding than he’s been in the last five or six episodes. What the heck, Show.

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Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 18 Recap


Okay, we’re getting somewhere again. We’re wrapping up the story without rushing things too much. The only thing that’s a bit accelerated is Hyun Joon’s revenge on Joon Young, but everything else I think is right on track. If only all the events in this episode happened last week though, that would have been nice.

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