Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 17 Recap


FINALLY we’re getting somewhere! Of course, it happens in the last fifteen minutes of the show, but I’ll take it! I actually felt my heart race again for Joon Young, which had disappeared for quite a while. I like it when he is cool – without having to act cool.

Joon Young’s memory loss is a bit of a problem. He thought he was invincible, and didn’t heed his doctor’s warnings about this side effect to his cancer. When he sees Jung Eun at his front door, he’s momentarily confused and stares at her blankly, as if he doesn’t remember who she is. But he gets flashes of his memory come back and he remembers how he’s seducing her for revenge purposes. So, we’re good. He invites her into his house and promises to make ramen for her, all the while locking eyes with No Eul and closing the door on her face.

Back in the Choi household, Hyun Joon, Eun Soo, and Ji Tae sit awkwardly at the dinner table with Assemblyman Yoon as he samples a fresh fish dish that must have cost an arm and a leg to prepare. He then toasts: “To the end of our relationship between the families.” It’s become too obvious to everyone in the know that Jung Eun was stood up by Ji Tae, even if it was suppressed by the media. Almost jovially, he informs Hyun Joon that he will not appoint him as Secretary-General to handle the finances of the assembly. He then tells Eun Soo that he will not guarantee the national construction project will be awarded to KJ Construction. (Even more reason to get her out of the company.) And then to Ji Tae, Assemblyman Yoon asks who he chose over his own daughter out of “curiosity.” Yeah, because he’s not a vindictive bastard at all.

Eun Soo fires back that she’d like to know who Jung Eun chose over her own son. Hyun Joon doesn’t want her to escalate the issue, but she will not back down. She hands the assemblyman her phone, which has pictures of Jung Eun entering Joon Young’s house. She’s already got someone following her ex-daughter-in-law!

Almost immediately after this, a man rings Joon Young’s doorbell. He’s been sent to fetch Joon Young on behalf of Assemblyman Yoon. Joon Young is willing, but Jung Eun is afraid that her father will roast him alive because that’s the kind of man he is. She offers to go first to meet with her father and sort this out herself, saying that she loves Joon Young. You’ve known this man for two days! How can you be in love?! Then again, she’s never known real love anyways. Joon Young accepts her offer, smiling that he’s got her so well in his grasp.

Young Ok is closing up the restaurant, and Jung Sik comes by to give her a new hat he bought because he likes her. (She still doesn’t know what to do with him about that though, which is kind of cute.) She spies No Eul sitting right outside the restaurant against the wall, her head buried in her knees. She doesn’t know what to do, but just wants to be left alone. Young Ok takes pity on her and offers to bring her back home so she can cook her a meal. “Can I have ramen?” No Eul asks. “Because Joon Young is making another girl ramen.”

This is news to Young Ok, that her son has another woman so quickly. No Eul describes the new woman as smart, sexy, and rich – basically everything that she isn’t. She takes a swig of soju, thinking that it was water, and cries out in embarrassment. She can’t get drunk again! Bad things happen when she does! Young Ok kindly offers to drink together anyways. She’d love to see how “bad” No Eul gets when drunk.

Back at home, Joon Young takes out his camera and records a message, unsure if he’s going to lose his memory again at another point. He introduces his mother, and then says his father doesn’t exist. But then, he thinks about it and decides to tell the truth – that his father is Choi Hyun Joon, who doesn’t know he exists, and was behind No Eul’s father’s hit-and-run accident. He’s got nothing left to lose, and he might as well record what he does still remember now.

Just then his mother calls, and Joon Young is so happy to actually get a call from her. He giddily hurries over when she asks him for help about a broken chair, offering to fix any other broken furniture in the house. Aw… But really, his mom called him over because No Eul is sleeping in his room. After one drink of soju, she just passed out. Young Ok doesn’t understand why her son has chosen another woman; could it be that he’s looking down on No Eul because she’s poorer? Joon Young gets ready to leave, but Young Ok asks him to stay for a bit and watch No Eul as she needs to take care of some things at the restaurant. No Eul’s not going to wake up since she’s completely passed out, but in case she does Young Ok doesn’t want her to wake up with no one around.

So Young Ok successfully gave the both of them some alone time!

Joon Young sits in his room and watches No Eul sleep. She winces and rolls off the bed, and Joon Young quickly slides right next to the bed and catches her before she falls. Ooooh, smooth! But now No Eul is sleeping very comfortably on top of him. Joon Young then gets a text that Young Ok is going to the sauna with some friends so she may not return home anymore. Heh. He puts a pillow under his head, and then falls asleep embracing No Eul.

At some point he leaves and tucks No Eul in with a blanket on the floor. When she wakes up, she finds herself in Joon Young’s room and looks at the many law books on his bookshelf. Young Ok asks if she and Joon Young slept well, and No Eul is startled. “Joon Young was here?!” Young Ok notices all the books and tells her that Joon Young was so close – he had studied so hard and passed the first part of the bar exam. But suddenly he gave it all up. “He doesn’t take after his parents,” Young Ok adds. “He has some morals and a sense of honor, so don’t curse him out okay?”

Meanwhile, Joon Young wakes up to an unexpected visitor to his house: Choi Hyun Joon. He wants to know what exactly is Joon Young’s deal in seducing Jung Eun. Joon Young replies, “A fair society.” Oof. Hyun Joon tells Joon Young to just attack him if he wants to get revenge; there’s no need to get his whole family involved. But Joon Young won’t let his family go – being related to Hyun Joon is a sin in and of itself. He promises to be a thorn by Hyun Joon’s side for the rest of his life, so Hyun Joon better be prepared. He’s not afraid of Hyun Joon’s threats to destroy him either.

Great – so now we have this added conflict of father and son going at it.

In the middle of texting Joon Young, Assemblyman Yoon confiscates Jung Eun’s phone and slaps her for living recklessly. “No, I have been living recklessly and now I want to live a proper life!” Jung Eun replies. (Erm, no sweetie, I think you have that switched…) She claims that she loves Joon Young, and that’s when her father decides to ship her off to America. Because that totally solves all problems. What a dad.

Just then Ji Tae comes in to end the argument and asks for a moment with Jung Eun. He privately tells her to break it off with Joon Young because the celebrity is planning to use her for revenge against his parents. That makes her really angry, and she calls Joon Young to meet under a bridge. As she drives up to him, for a moment she has a thought to just drive right into him. Because that totally solves all problems, too. Thank God she brakes in time, as Joon Young just watches her unflinchingly.

Meanwhile Nari tries to dissuade Haru from hanging around No Jik, as she believes that Haru is a good-for-nothing poor girl. Haru shows her a picture of her family, proving that she is very rich and would be perfect for No Jik. But that’s when Nari pales. She yells for No Jik to break up with Haru immediately. I wish she could have just said to No Jik, “Haru is Choi Hyun Joon’s daughter!” That might have helped resolve the confusion the two kids have over why people are telling them to break up. She is the enemy’s daughter! Instead, it just makes No Jik hug and comfort Haru and promise to never break up.

Ugh. See, if people gave their reasons, it wouldn’t cause this unnecessary drama.

Back at the bridge, Joon Young doesn’t deny what she’s learned from Ji Tae. He admits to having approached her with an objective in mind, but doesn’t really tell her what it is exactly. He advises her to just run away from him, to get away before it’s too late. But then she gets a call from Eun Soo, asking if she’s done with her conversation with Joon Young. Jung Eun realizes that she’s being tailed, and she refuses to go back to Eun Soo or Ji Tae. Eun Soo replies, “You know that accident 10 years ago? There was a CCTV that captured everything. I was going to destroy it but decided not to.” Wow, Eun Soo is resorting to this low of a threat now. If Jung Eun doesn’t return to her, she will release it, even if Hyun Joon is hurt in the process. At the end of it, Jung Eun and her father will be hurt most, as they can spin Hyun Joon’s involvement as a man who was forced to bend to the wills of more powerful men.

So Jung Eun asks what Joon Young’s plan was going to involve. He admits he would have married her, to completely take her away from Hyun Joon and his family. Even if he didn’t love her, feelings can change. (And he’d only have to live with her for a month probably.) So Jung Eun decides to join in on his plan. They might have a similar enemy and can succeed if they work together.

That evening No Eul is summoned to Joon Young’s house to film a segment for the documentary. He had only wanted her to do it, taking PD Yoon’s place that evening. What No Eul didn’t realize until she got there was that she’ll be filming Joon Young’s proposal dinner on the mini pier in his backyard. She asks who he’s going to marry, and he replies, “No Eul. [pause] You’re not going to get rid of your frown? It’ll be Yoon Jung Eun.”

No Eul’s heart breaks, as she wasn’t prepared to hear that answer no matter how much she steeled herself up for it. She goes inside the house to get a glass of water, only to drop it and let it shatter. When she returns, Jung Eun has arrived after shaking off her tail. Time to start filming the dinner.

Ji Tae goes to the restaurant he and No Eul used to frequent, drinking and feeling horrible about his life. But then worse news hits: there’s a rumor-filled, hurtful article out about a “Mr. A,” and it’s pretty clear that it’s about Joon Young doing illegal drugs. Even Jung Sik and his family hear of it, and they don’t know what to do. Jung Sik doesn’t want them to mention a peep of it to Young Ok, but it’s too late – she’s overheard them. Ji Tae confronts his mother about it, but Eun Soo actually did not leak the article. She didn’t even know about it! Instead, it was all Hyun Joon’s doing. He’s starting a smear campaign against Joon Young that will get him arrested and hopefully jailed for a very long time. All this because he’s threatened by what Joon Young is doing (or planning to do) to him and his family.

No Eul finishes filming the proposal scene and follows up with a few questions for the sake of the interview, such as why Jung Eun agreed to let such a private moment be filmed for the public to see. Jung Eun has a very good answer: “I chose him, so I wanted it this way so that I can tell others to not try to threaten me or shake my resolve.” No Eul then asks Joon Young when he first fell in love with Jung Eun, and doesn’t believe that he doesn’t remember the exact date that he fell for her. She remembers the day she fell in love with her first love: March 15, 2005. The man comforted her bullied younger brother in the playground and taught him not to cry so as to not give his bullies the satisfaction. That man was Joon Young.

Joon Young swallows, as he remembers that day. No Eul then asks if he ever loved the woman before Jung Eun, meaning herself. Joon Young says he doesn’t remember, as he erases all traces of his old love when he falls for someone else. It’s so hurtful that No Eul asks to take five and walks off, turning off the camera.

Joon Young then goes up to the camera to check it out, surreptitiously turning it on, and pretends that everything is okay between him and Jung Eun. He asks her casually what her dream was, and adds that he always wanted to be a prosecutor, just like his father. But when he found out that his father covered up a hit-and-run accident, he didn’t want to be a prosecutor anymore. Jung Eun freezes in her seat, and spills the wine glass all over her dress. The details Joon Young mentions about the case feel too similar to hers, and she wonders for a moment if he could be referring to Hyun Joon. She excuses herself to the bathroom, perhaps trying to convince herself that it could just be a coincidence.

As Jung Eun is in the bathroom, No Eul comes back, and she’s surprised to find the camera on. Joon Young hands her a laptop and headphones that was in a laptop bag beside him, and tells her to watch every single minute of it. He then goes inside to wait for Jung Eun, waiting right by a hidden camera on his bookshelf. He hands her her phone, and Jung Eun takes a deep breath. While in the bathroom she’s thought of an answer in response to Joon Young’s revelation about his father: “Prosecutors are people too, and sometimes they do things that are cowardly when their resolves are shaken. Everyone is like that.”

Joon Young says, “Not the prosecutor I know. The ones I know will do their best to protect their morals and sense of justice no matter how much they must sacrifice or are condemned by their families.”

Jung Eun: “So you seduced me just to get revenge on your father just because of that?” She hasn’t quite made the connection on the significance of her hit-and-run accident on Joon Young’s life.

Joon Young: “That accident killed my girlfriend’s father.” He referred to No Eul as girlfriend! And No Eul is watching it all unfold right now! “My girlfriend tried so hard to reveal the truth but I tried to protect that beast that is my father, and I killed her in the process.” And then Joon Young looks directly at the camera, into No Eul’s eyes, and repeats, “I killed my girlfriend.”

And suddenly No Eul understands what he means by what he did.

Some Thoughts

Oh man, the last fifteen minutes were awesome. I was just pumped over the truth-telling scene! At this point this means that Jung Eun should now understand what role she has played in this entire situation, but we haven’t seen her reaction yet. The focus is still on No Eul and how she’s going to process this information. I wonder if Jung Eun is going to fake committing suicide to get attention and pity from others at this point, since she already said she’d do it to try and get her way with her father.

I was a bit annoyed with how Hyun Joon went up to Joon Young to start another conflict. I didn’t think that scene was necessary, but I did like the fact that he now has done something that warrants our hate. Instead of being cowardly and letting his wife do all the work of ruining Joon Young and No Eul, Hyun Joon is finally getting his hands dirty. The article is relatively harmless I think, as I don’t think Joon Young will suffer much from the fall out of him doing drugs. Once people know that he’s dying it won’t matter anymore. And Joon Young probably doesn’t have much time left to live.

Now the pendulum swings back to “they’re together again” and I hope it permanently gets stuck there. With three episodes left, I’ve had enough of Joon Young and No Eul being apart and hurting each other. I really liked the hugging scene at night. Let’s do that again.

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