Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 16 Recap


So, some progress. But ohmigod this week is just dragging its feet! I can’t be fully satisfied with this week’s episodes, and can only wish that this series were only 16 episodes or 18 episodes long. By being 20 episodes, the writer is really forcing us as viewers to dwell in the feelings of all the characters. The problem is, what if we stop caring about these characters? All we want is the story to move along faster.

UncontrollablyFond_16_01 UncontrollablyFond_16_02

Joon Young heads to the kitchen looking for Pororo and getting water. Is… this the morning after his kiss with Jung Eun?! Nope… It’s just the drama giving us context to the situations we saw when he was talking to the CCTV cameras in his house. No Eul watches him leave her messages, asking her to just date him, to let him love her, since he has very little time left. She can hear his message loud and clear.

UncontrollablyFond_16_03 UncontrollablyFond_16_04

Mid-kiss, Jung Eun drops the phone and effectively hangs up on Eun Soo. Ji Tae declares war on his mother right then and there, and with that Eun Soo is left with no child she can trust. (Don’t even suggest Haru…) Jung Eun goes to the bathroom to try and sober up, and then proceeds to try to slap Joon Young. He stops her hand, and tells her to remove her engagement ring the next time they kiss. Just then, Gook Young arrives to drive Jung Eun home, having been summoned by Joon Young. He is shocked that Joon Young is playing with Jung Eun, but then insists on driving Jung Eun home. He’ll pretend he didn’t see or hear anything that night, as long as she lets him drive her home safely lest an accident happen. Thank God she agrees; if she had killed another person while drunk driving…

UncontrollablyFond_16_05 UncontrollablyFond_16_06

As Gook Young drives out, they pass by No Eul, who’s just arrived at the house. She sees Jung Eun, and probably understands a bit what it means to see her there at Joon Young’s place, but it’s not the reason why she doesn’t go into the house. No, she sits outside and cries because she remembers her conversations with Joon Young about him loving her and dating her for three months, and understands it in the context of his illness. She’s in pain missing him, and he’s in pain missing her. And they just won’t go to each other.

The following morning, Haru is chanting a spell that is made up by elementary school kids to will her lover (No Jik) to contact her. It’s so silly, but it works! No Jik finally texts her to meet! He apologizes for ignoring her calls, and she casually claims that she was seeing a whole bunch of other guys while he was radio silent, just to make him jealous. Of course No Jik takes that as fact and starts to walk away. So Haru quickly backtracks and says she was kidding – she’s a very monogamous person, as evidenced by her three-year obsession with Joon Young. Hah. No Jik wants to set up some rules for their relationship: no kissing or physical displays of affection until he graduates high school, hugs only on special occasions, and they must meet each other’s families. Eeeeek! Hold the brakes there kiddo – it’s not like you’re both getting married or live in Joseon Dynasty! Even Haru can’t believe how serious he’s taking it, and nixes the whole “introduction” thing.

No Jik does agree to hold hands with her, but when he takes her hand, his heart starts pounding like crazy. Not understanding that this means luurve, he drops it like a hot potato and nixes the idea of holding hands too.

UncontrollablyFond_16_07 UncontrollablyFond_16_08

Joon Young wakes up at two in the afternoon, and gets a call from Dr. Kang. Apparently No Eul found him and asked him for the truth on Joon Young’s condition. She knows everything now, and Dr. Kang told her because he hopes that she can successfully bring him in for treatment. Instead, Joon Young is pissed, and he finds No Eul in his house prepping equipment for the documentary. She was able to break in because he stupidly put his door passcode as ‘0000’.

He wants to know why she’s back, after taking the 10 million and vowing never to see him again because they broke up. But she wants to be by his side now. Obviously it’s because she knows about his illness, but she makes note that she wants to be back working on the documentary. He can date whomever he wants; all she wants is to work on the documentary with PD Yoon and keep an eye on him that way. It would also look good on her resume. But Joon Young doesn’t want her around. At all.

UncontrollablyFond_16_09 UncontrollablyFond_16_10

Ji Tae goes to his uncle with a proposal on getting his mother ousted from her position. His uncle calls him an insolent bastard; regardless of how her mistakes have ruined the company, and how it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, a son should never fire his own mother. So there’s one board member’s vote that he lost… Jung Eun sees him picking up the proposal from the floor and suggests that he stop fighting his mother, as he’d never win. Ji Tae ignores her, so she tells him that she’s falling for Joon Young. Again, Ji Tae doesn’t care. He’s already made it very clear to her his feelings (or lack thereof) for her.

UncontrollablyFond_16_11 UncontrollablyFond_16_12

Jung Eun then goes to see Eun Soo, who’s so excited to see her daughter-in-law in her office because she thinks Jung Eun has come around. Eun Soo is a perfect case of a person who never listens and barrels through the conversation the way she wants it to go. She gifts Jung Eun a limited edition purse and invites her to dinner before Jung Eun can finally address the phone call from the night before. She says that she found a new man (without naming him) and immediately Eun Soo tells her to take care of it. Or alternatively, does Jung Eun want Eun Soo to take care of it just like she did “back then”? Gosh Eun Soo can be downright chilling.

Meanwhile, Hyun Joon goes to Joon Young’s house but waffles between going in or leaving. He’s realized that Joon Young is his son – the timing of Joon Young’s birth and the lack of records of his birth father pretty much confirms it for him. But then Ji Tae arrives, also hoping to speak with Joon Young. He asks what his father is doing there and Hyun Joon makes up the excuse that he just wants to ask Joon Young to sing at a special governmental event. Ji Tae is no fool, and he asks his father just how much he knows about his relationship with Joon Young. Hyun Joon pales, but pretends that he has no idea of what Ji Tae is talking about. So Ji Tae backs off, and smiles apologetically, as if he believes his father knows nothing about Joon Young. That’s when Hyun Joon asks his son what he knows. Ji Tae: “I know as much as you do.” Eeep! Hyun Joon knows his son knows, who knows that Hyun Joon knows. Ta da! If only we could just outright say it so that there won’t be any future confusion or they won’t pretend to not know.

UncontrollablyFond_16_13 UncontrollablyFond_16_14

Hyun Joon leaves first, letting Ji Tae talk to Joon Young about when the latter is going to die. Morbid, I know.  Ji Tae just wants Joon Young to die peacefully. He will avenge both Joon Young and No Eul, so the idol star should just die without a fuss. That makes Joon Young even more incensed, and he yells that he will have the will to outlive Ji Tae! He won’t die! Joon Young goes to take some medicine right after their meeting, as if to prove a point. How about you go to the hospital and just get the chemo you need, huh?

UncontrollablyFond_16_15 UncontrollablyFond_16_16

Just then, Man Ok calls to let him know that No Eul’s gone to his mother’s restaurant. She was hurt by Joon Young kicking her out so she went to drown her sorrows with food. Just like how Young Ok would. Young Ok gently asks if her son was that mean to her, and No Eul starts railing against him and how selfish he is. Young Ok: “Are you actually dissing my son right now?” Hehe. No Eul hates how Joon Young treats her, but at the same time there is no other man she’d like to be with. And she hopes that Young Ok can be okay with that, and support her in staying by Joon Young’s side – no matter how hard it gets. It’s kind of nice that No Eul doesn’t tell Young Ok about Joon Young’s condition, but at the same time tries to ask Young Ok to be strong for whatever may come next.

UncontrollablyFond_16_17 UncontrollablyFond_16_18

That evening, PD Yoon tries to film another segment for the documentary, prompting Joon Young about the first thing on his bucket list: to call his girlfriend into the shot. PD Yoon asks if that’s actress Kim Yoo Na, and Joon Young says no. Woops! He even goes so far as to say that the Kim Yoo Na relationship is all CEO Namgoong’s fabrication, in front of CEO Namgoong! The camera is shut off, and then Gook Young confronts Joon Young in front of everyone: “Is [the girlfriend] No Eul?” Joon Young pauses, then says no. “So is it Jung Eun?” Joon Young pauses, and says yes.

Just then, No Eul comes running in with some food and snacks to keep everyone active, because she’s working the documentary again! As CEO Namgoong argues with her to get off the set, Joon Young’s vision starts getting blurry and his head starts pounding. He tells everyone to leave, that he’s done for the day, and hurries to his bathroom to try and get medication in time. He manages to swallow a few pills, but collapses just outside the bathroom.

UncontrollablyFond_16_19 UncontrollablyFond_16_20

After ushering everyone out, No Eul finds him on the floor, and her heart just breaks. Here it is in plain view, Joon Young’s fatal illness. There’s no denying it anymore. But instead of calling the ambulance (!!!) she just wipes his brow with a cold towel. Grr! When Joon Young wakes up and finds her beside him, he’s not even thankful. He wants her gone too. No Eul explains (mostly for the viewers’ benefit) that she didn’t call the ambulance because it would cause too much commotion, but she wants to drive him to the hospital now. (You know, she could have called Dr. Kang for help! She has his number!)

Joon Young refuses to and drags her out of his house. She threatens to tell everyone, to tell his mom, about his illness, but he doesn’t care. He just wants her out, and he changes his passcode immediately.

UncontrollablyFond_16_21 UncontrollablyFond_16_22

When Ji Tae arrives home, he sees his father parked to the side, thinking and digesting the news that Joon Young is his son. Ji Tae pretends that he just saw his father and assumed that Hyun Joon was working late. Then he asks for a favor: No matter what happens, can Hyun Joon promise never to leave his mom’s side? Hyun Joon promises with a smile. He likewise asks his son if he can promise to never leave his mother’s side no matter what happens. Unfortunately Ji Tae can’t promise that. In fact, he doesn’t want to, which is why he asked his dad to be by her side instead. I think Eun Soo can just be left alone with Haru. It’ll be fine.

UncontrollablyFond_16_24 UncontrollablyFond_16_23

Inside the house, Jung Eun washes her hands and looks at the engagement ring again. What is she planning to do with it? When she leaves the bathroom, Haru immediately asks for her advice about guys. Like, if a guy likes a girl, isn’t it normal to want to hold hands and kiss? And who should initiate the moves? Um, Haru is definitely asking the wrong girl for advice. Saving Jung Eun from answering is the arrival of Ji Tae and Hyun Joon. Ji Tae isn’t pleased to see her there, and thinks that she pushed her way back into his family. But she assures him that she would have come over anyways because she has something to say. She hands Ji Tae back the engagement ring, and then tells Hyun Joon formally that she’s found another man and is giving up on Ji Tae. Of course Eun Soo is shocked and looking like she’s losing control of the situation. Hyun Joon asks her who the other man is, and she just freezes. A look of fear passes over Ji Tae as he hopes she doesn’t mention Joon Young right now as it’d be horrible timing for so many reasons. But we don’t know if Jung Eun ever tells them or not because we cut away to…

UncontrollablyFond_16_26 UncontrollablyFond_16_27

Joon Young, looking around for Pororo. He’s missing his dog, and he calls up Gook Young (who’s once again quit being his manager) to ask if Pororo is with him. Gook Young thinks this is a stupid excuse for Joon Young to just talk to him, and reminds him that Joon Young sent Pororo off to live in the countryside. Joon Young is agape – he doesn’t remember that. Gook Young hangs up on him, pissed, and then Joon Young hears No Eul banging on his front door. She knows he pushed her away because he was afraid of how his death might hurt her. But she declares her love for him, and demands to stay by his side all the way to the end because she’s strong enough to take it.

UncontrollablyFond_16_29 UncontrollablyFond_16_30

An alarm goes off on his phone that says “13 days til statute of limitations expire.” And then Gook Young calls again with one last word: “No matter how famous you are it doesn’t give you the right to seduce any woman you like.” Joon Young asks in reply, “What does 13 days until statute of limitations expire mean?” Gook Young is all, “What the hell do I know?” and hangs up.

And then, Jung Eun drives over to his place and confidently walks past No Eul to ring the intercom. Joon Young can hear it, and he slowly walks over to the door like a zombie. He’s greeted by a smiling Jung Eun, who proudly shows him that she’s come over with no engagement ring. She embraces him, even though he still looks like he has no idea what’s going on, and then sees No Eul standing in a distance, watching everything.

UncontrollablyFond_16_32 UncontrollablyFond_16_31

Some Thoughts

Well at least we get some progress regarding the disease. No Eul now knows about it, and I was hoping she’d take a more proactive stance when she saw him collapse. Like, call Dr. Kang to come over, or ask him to discreetly send help. I wouldn’t expect her to drag Joon Young to the car because he’s twice her size, but if she made an effort to that would have been nice. To sit there and act so helplessly helps no one! In addition, we now see that his cancer has progressed quietly – though he looks completely normal, his memory is starting to fade. And it’s getting problematic because he needs to finish out his revenge. It would be so frustrating in this series if he ends up not going through with his revenge on Jung Eun because he forgets what he’s doing. If he ends up just rejecting Jung Eun again for No Eul because he remembers only No Eul, and doesn’t even tell Jung Eun that he knows she killed No Eul’s dad, I am going to be so. pissed.

We’ve been going through this charade of “I like you!” “Now I hate you!” “But I really love you!” “But I must hate you!” between No Eul and Joon Young already. To see it happen with Jung Eun and Joon Young is really annoying too if he doesn’t do much with it. If he doesn’t get to use her feelings to completely take her down, it would just be a tiring charade that was completely unnecessary.

It was pretty cute to see No Jik deal with his feelings for Haru, but I’m still not a fan of Haru. She’s still a silly girl in my mind who just can’t get serious about life. She hasn’t been confronted with the harshness of reality just yet, and I want to see her face real hardship. I want to see her be confronted by her parents’ evil past, and accept that they’re not perfect people. If she can get some emotional growth there, that’d be great.

Otherwise, this show is really slowing down on me. I thought I would enjoy Wanted a lot more, but that show started getting worse by episode 12. And so I had more hope for this one. Please, don’t disappoint, Show.

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2 thoughts on “Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 16 Recap

  1. Well I think its okay,maybe there are more secrets to reveal maybe there are roles too that hasn’t been played,for me its all OK as long as it has a happy ending am OK with it

  2. This drama gives me a head ache. The pace of the drama is like a turtle walking in the sand. I watched only until the 14 episode. I am so glad that i stumbled this blog. Maybe, I will watch the last episode after reading your recap.

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