Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 15 Recap


Oh my goodness, the drama in this episode. The back and forth in feelings. The rejections and the acceptances. Gah. How is it that we still have five more episodes? Pull the band-aid off, Show, and bare everything out for all to see!

No Eul bumps into Joon Young at the elevator of the restaurant, and she enters a dream-like state where she believes that Joon Young chooses to be with her. He joins her in the elevator, takes her hand, and comforts her. He takes her home and makes terrible tasting vongole pasta, but she eats it anyways because it’s the first time he’s cooked for her. They kiss, with No Eul wanting to push him away at first but finally giving in. They play Jenga and he playfully messes up her turn so that she loses. They chase each other around the yard and finally he captures her, flicks her forehead for losing, and they snuggle under the stars.

But all of this is definitely her imagination. After all, where the heck is Pororo and how is she not sneezing from his fur being all over the place in the house?

Instead, what really happens is Joon Young goes into the restaurant and finds Jung Eun still begging Ji Tae to stay with her instead of going to that “bitch.” Jung Eun really wants to kill No Eul for stealing her man away, and Ji Tae warns her quite threateningly to never say “I will kill someone” so lightly – especially since she’s already taken a life. It doesn’t stop Jung Eun from asking him to stay, though she appears stunned as if she didn’t realize Ji Tae knew this about her past.

In a way, Ji Tae is relieved that he can now go find No Eul (who is long gone). Joon Young gifts her shoes (because she broke her heels at his house) and flowers for her birthday. She’s confused as to why he’s being so nice to her when he already said that he wouldn’t be seduced by her. Joon Young clarifies that he wants no part in her petty revenge against No Eul and Ji Tae. Rather, if she seduced him as a man, and made him fall in love with her for real, he’d think about it. He challenges her to make him forget all about No Eul.

It seems like his “game” with Jung Eun is to make her fall for him hard, and one by one he will strip her of everything she’s got. At the same time he will ensure that Ji Tae is free to go to No Eul (and presumably take care of her after Joon Young dies), and that he will forget No Eul in his last, dying days. Alright – let’s see how far this plan will get.

Joon Young later does tell Ji Tae that he’s helping him (sort of) by getting rid of a clingy woman, but chalks it up to doing a good deed in order to get to heaven.

No Eul returns back to Nari’s house to sulk, where she’s greeted by a shrilly Nari. All the expensive stuff No Eul bought have been stolen because she left all the shopping bags outside! (To be fair, Nari didn’t carry them in when she brought a drunk No Eul into the house so… I think we know who’s really at fault here.) Again, Nari wants No Eul to return the 1 billion won, and just then Ji Tae comes by to visit. Neither Nari nor No Eul are willing to see him or let him in though, so there’s that.

Another romance is blossoming at the restaurant between Man Ok and the waiter Yong Deuk. Jung Sik isn’t happy about that though, but what father would be in seeing his daughter flirt with someone? Inside, Gook Young overhears two customers slandering Joon Young by saying that he sleeps with a new girl every three hours, and had plastic surgery to look as handsome and tall as he is. At first Gook Young tries to ignore it; after all he’s no longer Joon Young’s manager. But eventually he can’t remain silent any longer. That’s when Young Ok comes in and says, “Oh really? My son Joon Young got plastic surgery? I never knew that he needed that to get his looks and height?” She insults them right back on their looks (much to Gook Young’s surprise), making the customers feel very uncomfortable.

That’s when Joon Young comes in and advises the customers to sue Young Ok for harassing them! Wow, seriously these customers must feel so screwed up inside. He also asks them for the name of the plastic surgeon that he supposedly went to.

Heh, nice to see that there’s a bit of love and support here.

Joon Young drives his mother home, and then asks her to prick his finger because he’s been having a bit of indigestion. His mother scolds him (in that loving way) for being too skinny, and he grabs her face and asks her to say what she really means: to ask if he’s well and to say that she loves him very much. If she does it coquettishly it would be better. Is it weird that I think he has a lot of chemistry with his mom, and not in that mother-son way? Young Ok jabs him in the thumb, and before he leaves she tells him to love No Eul properly. It’s silly of him to treat No Eul like an elementary school kid. “Choi Hyun Joon is a stranger to us,” Young Ok adds, which makes him feel better and less guilty about his vendetta. He needed to know that his mom was on his side, and not always on Hyun Joon’s side.

When Joon Young returns home, he finds No Eul sitting outside his door in the cold. At first it seems like he’ll ignore her, but he parks his car and lets her in the front door. He greets her with silence and a cup of tea, allowing her to do the talking. No Eul’s figured out that they’ve broken up essentially, that he wants nothing to do with her. Knowing that she’s done nothing wrong, she figures that they’re breaking up because of him – either he lost interest in her, or he’s seeing someone else. At the sound of that, he grips his kitchen countertop; though what he’s doing to Jung Eun could hardly qualify as “seeing someone,” he knows that if she sees him with Jung Eun it is because they’re going to appear like they’re dating.

So, No Eul wants compensation. She wants 10 million won (which is the amount of money she spent out of the 1 billion from Eun Soo) as repayment for all the mental stress and hurt he’s caused her. It’s in line with her normal nature, but we all know that this is a hard ask for her to make. Joon Young quietly agrees and then goes to his room to take it all in privately. This is where he loses her.

He comes back with a blank check. She can put however much she wants, even his entire fortune, and he will give it to her. No Eul writes 10 million in front of him so that he can’t accuse her of cheating him of money in the future (like he ever would) and then leaves. This is where she leaves him. And Joon Young believes that he’s going to go to hell for all the torture he’s put her through.

On to some lighter moments: No Jik wallows in the library, trying to figure out what he should do next after getting kissed on the cheek by Haru. He called her a pervert right after, and no book in the world about dating can give him advice on what he should do next or if he’s ruined his chances with Haru. Because, he actually likes Haru. But he also ignores all her texts and calls because he doesn’t know how to face her. That annoys her greatly.

Back to the drama: No Eul goes to the Choi house to return the money to Eun Soo. She promises that she won’t see Ji Tae again, nor will she seek revenge. Eun Soo has no way of knowing if that’s true or not, so she just has to choose to believe No Eul. Or not believe her – it doesn’t matter to No Eul. She knows what she’s not going to do. And so when No Eul bumps into Ji Tae returning home outside the house, she informs him that she’s returned the money in full and doesn’t plan to see him ever again. After all, she’s no longer going to take revenge on the family, so she has no use for Ji Tae anymore.

Next thing we know, Ji Tae acts on another phase of his plan: calling a board meeting to dismiss his mother as Chairwoman of her company. His reasoning has some merit though: apparently his mother’s projects have cost the company a lot of money and all failed, and the investors are all displeased. If he can’t bring his parents’ down for No Eul, he’s going to at least bring them down and stop them from ruining other people’s lives. Eun Soo can’t believe how “disobedient” her son has become, and wields her power to make sure none of the board members go to that meeting. So now, Ji Tae knows exactly how much of a hurdle he’s going to have to overcome to take his parents down.

Hyun Joon on the other hand seems to fully support Ji Tae. Even though he knows that Ji Tae is trying to take him and Eun Soo down, he looks forward to seeing how far Ji Tae can go to bring them down. It’s a bit of a dare, but it’s not made mockingly. I think Hyun Joon wants to see his son take courage and do what he couldn’t do for many years. I think he also wants an out from his sins without actually doing the painful work himself.

Hyun Joon then learns from his lawyer (I think?) that Young Ok is actually a single mother. She never legally got married and she registered Joon Young under her family registry. He wonders if she lied to him about being married to Jung Sik then, but when she goes to the restaurant and sees Jung Sik plucking her white hair and teasing her (much to her annoyance), it really seems like she found love again. And it totally pains him. (Young Ok and Jung Sik are pretty cute together though, and it’s funny how Young Ok doesn’t realize he’s held a torch for her all these years.)

Jung Eun arrives at Joon Young’s place for an unexpected visit with expensive wine, because this is how she plans to seduce him. Joon Young totally dreads this, but he greets her with a smile and then tells her that he needs to run an errand and will be gone for thirty minutes. So Jung Eun decides to stick around and get familiar with his house, thinking that he’ll be back soon anyways.

Nope! Joon Young just drives down the block, parks in a secluded street, and basically falls asleep while thinking about No Eul so much.

Speaking of No Eul, PD Yoon gives her a bonus if she can sort through all the footage she shot of Joon Young. She’ll do anything for money, but this task proves hard to complete because she can’t handle looking at Joon Young seemingly staring right back to her, and saying things like, “Will you go out with me?” or “I’d like the girl in front of me to tell me I’m her type.” She then comes across some footage from his CCTV cameras where it has only video, and no audio. It was when Joon Young was trying to send messages to her without the rest of the world knowing.

No Eul watches clip after clip over again, trying to read his lips. At first she thinks he’s just cursing her out (heh) but eventually she discovers he does not have much time left in this world…

By the time Joon Young wakes up, it’s dark already. Jung Eun is furiously calling him and seething at his house, downing glasses of wine left and right. When Joon Young finally returns home, he apologizes (not too sincerely) that something came up and he thought she had gone home already. She throws a glass at him (what a child) and shrilly demands him to apologize to her. I mean, yeah she deserves an apology but not like this…

Either way Joon Young does apologize to her because he kind of played with her feelings. But then she gets a call from Eun Soo (listed as ‘Mother-in-Law’ on her phone) and Joon Young finds his out. When she hesitates to pick up, he picks it up for her and presses it against her ear. Jung Eun struggles against it, and Eun Soo is forced to abort the call when she hears nothing on the other end. Ji Tae, who was next to Eun Soo when she called, tells his mother to stop trying so hard in trying to get Jung Eun and him together, as he’ll never accept it.

At the same time, Joon Young “blames” Jung Eun for not severing all ties to Ji Tae and the Choi family. If she is to take him up on the offer of seducing him for him, and not using him against the Choi family, then she really needs to be rid of the Choi family. How could he ever accept this half-assed attempt at seduction with wine at his place? In Joon Young’s perspective, being in contact with Eun Soo sounds like Jung Eun is still trying to find a way to stay with Ji Tae.

So when Eun Soo calls again, Jung Eun picks up calmly and tells her mother-in-law that she’s never going back to Ji Tae. She’s done with him.

And Joon Young has no choice but to now kiss Jung Eun passionately because she’s basically done exactly what he’s wanted her to do.

Just as No Eul vows to never leave Joon Young’s side now because she knows the truth to his illness.

Some Thoughts

This was a bit of a draggy episode because there was a lot of build up for what’s to come. We’re seeing Joon Young play with two women’s hearts, and we don’t know what his game is for sure. I can only make assumptions on what he’s planning to do with Jung Eun, and assume that he wants to strip her of all allies and pride until she is left defenseless. This is the only way to ruin her – to make her go to jail for what she’s done. Or to at least have her learn a lesson without going abroad.

I’m not so sure about Ji Tae’s plans either. I can see how he wants to take his parents down through more business and legal matters while staying away from No Eul’s father’s death, but it feels very frenetic at the moment. I don’t have confidence in Ji Tae’s plans because he doesn’t seem to act in a calculated way. Rather, it’s very reactive.

But logic is not what this drama is for. It’s to make you feel the plight of the characters. It’s to exaggerate every emotion and drag it out so you can really sink in to the moment.

We’ll see what happens in episode 16. Episode 15 feels… incomplete at the moment.

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8 thoughts on “Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 15 Recap

  1. You know what would’ve made this drama much better?
    If it was only Joon Young and No Eul’s story. So many damn characters make the angst scale to haywire. I personally have no interest in any characters.
    As far as conflict goes, a man dying from an incurable illness is enough. We don’t need the dad side of the family with crazy killer and second lead who will never get the girl.
    Imagine a drama with just these two finding happiness in the face of that, and I bet this drama would have been better 🙂


  3. I can’t believe he kissed Jung Eun. Even if it’s just part of his plan. She is too despicable to even have 10 seconds of happiness.

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