Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 13 Recap


So we’re gonna jump around in the timeline a bit because there were a lot of questions that I had after episode 12, and it seems the writer decided it’s time to fill in some gaps. Not that the gaps were terribly hard to figure out anyways. There’s also some movement in No Eul and Joon Young’s romance, as we see just how far they will go to protect their feelings for each other.

Let’s go back to the night Jung Eun fell into the pool. Joon Young was in the same hotel bar, watching her, stalking her on social media, tracking her movements since the night of the accident. It seems like she had a happy life sunning in Hawaii and making friends in the States while getting a visit from Eun Soo. It was as if the accident never happened for her. Because of the (seemingly) lack of guilt on her part, and how there’s no chance for retrial at this point, Joon Young isn’t going to just let her get away with murder by drowning. He has 46 days until the statute of limitations run out, and at minimum he has 30 days to live. So he’s going to do all he can to get Jung Eun charged for her crimes.

And that means, joining Seo Yoon Hoo’s film that he originally backed out on. It’s a bit of a jerk move since it’s already been announced that the role is going to another actor, but Joon Young is quite stubborn about it and heads to the set. His main reason for changing his mind? Because he heard there was a pretty new Section Chief heading up the film. Yeah, CEO Namgoong is totally having a seizure.

Gook Young and Man Ok tell him it’s a fruitless endeavor to pursue Jung Eun, especially since she’s supposedly engaged to Ji Tae, but Joon Young doesn’t care. It’s all working out for him. So then we end up at that climactic scene in the hotel lobby where the love square comes face to face.

No Eul insists on being put down, and she walks with her own two feet to face Joon Young. (Ji Tae and Jung Eun just stare at each other for their part.) First, No Eul calls Joon Young’s cell and verifies that he didn’t change his number. So he willfully ignored all her calls and texts, huh?  He claims that he was just busy and excuses himself from the conversation, even though No Eul isn’t quite done talking to him. So she heads back to her room, leaving Ji Tae to apologize to Jung Eun for not parting ways with her sooner. Had he broken up with her earlier for real, she wouldn’t have gone through this emotional rollercoaster.

No Eul plans to drink herself to despair after that meeting with Joon Young, but decides to call out PD Yoon for a night out at the karaoke bar. Things get crazy when No Eul witnesses Man Ok getting harassed by Yoon Hoo’s manager (?) and his “cronies” who are drunk and prevent her from rejoining Gook Young in another room. At first No Eul plans to ignore it but then her righteous side comes out and she attacks the men. It ends up being a full brawl, with the women sitting on top of the men, pulling their hair. Even Gook Young joins in to defend his sister.

Meanwhile Ji Tae asks Joon Young to join him for a drink at the bar, only to then say, “I forgot, a sick person shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.” Dun dun DUN!! Yeah, he knows about the brain stem glioma, and for Joon Young’s sake he says it in English so that the other bar patrons won’t understand what Ji Tae is saying (and thus spread it to the media). Joon Young is taken aback as his secret is no longer safe, and he’s doubly hurt by Ji Tae’s comment that he won’t be there forever to protect No Eul. So basically, Ji Tae is telling him to back off.

Joon Young then gets a call from PD Yoon and hears No Eul screaming in the background. He arrives at the karaoke bar to see the fight going on, and he summons Gook Young and Man Ok to his side immediately. He does not want to see them in a fight, and doesn’t care to hear why they got into a fight in the first place.

No Eul chases after Joon Young and calls him out for his disrespect towards Gook Young. But he doesn’t care. So, No Eul tries to call his attention to her numerous injuries, hoping he would care about that. Ooooh, it’s hard for Joon Young to stay stoic as he forces himself to keep his face straight. He then gets the attention of a hotel concierge and asks her to escort No Eul to the hospital, thus relieving himself of any responsibility in taking care of her.

The following morning, Ji Tae wakes up in his bed hungover. He’s angry to find Jung Eun is in his room, calmly reading a magazine. Before he can try to kick her out, she calls up his mom, as Eun Soo wished. Eun Soo tells her son that he wasn’t supposed to be on set; didn’t the message get to him that she was assigning the film to Jung Eun? And that she wants him to now work under Jung Eun, thus stripped of his title as Section Chief?

Ji Tae, unfazed, says he got the memo and doesn’t care that he’s now demoted to below Jung Eun. He also is willing to move out of that hotel room since it’s meant for the Section Chief’s use, not his. Eun Soo is unsettled at her son’s calmness in the face of this situation, and he explains clearly to both his mother and Jung Eun why: “I don’t care what you do to me. As long as you do not touch No Eul, or her family, or her friends. If you lay a finger on her, I won’t stand for it.” And with that he hangs up and congratulates Jung Eun on her promotion. He’s also not interested in ever getting that title back.

Joon Young goes for a morning run but trips on a boardwalk beside the beach. He drops his bottle of water, so when he bends down to pick it up he finds he has no control over his fingers. They don’t grasp as properly as they used to. His doctor’s diagnosis floats back to the top of his mind, where his motor movements and vision are supposed to be greatly affected as the glioma worsens. Joon Young determinedly picks up his bottle again, this time successfully. He is not going to get beat by this disease.

That same morning, No Eul takes a stroll by that beach and sees Joon Young sitting by the sand, lost in thought. She stands right in front of him, and it takes him a moment to fully register (without any blurriness) that she’s there. No Eul pretends that she lost a $5 bill near him, so he just walks away to avoid her. That’s when she grabs his hand. (Not his wrist!) She believes in his feelings for her, and doesn’t buy that he’s avoiding her because she’ll ruin his reputation. She knows that he misses her a lot, and replies that she misses him a lot too. Joon Young tries to shrug her away, calling her delusional, but No Eul is undeterred. She hopes they can see each other every day, and every day after that.

Back in Seoul, Jung Sik returns from a grocery run with… barely any groceries. He and Young Ok are completely scatterbrained, having been affected greatly by their run-in with Hyun Joon. So we go back to what happened after they all met outside of Joon Young’s house.

Jung Sik decides to stay out of the conversation as Hyun Joon and Young Ok have coffee in a cafe. To stay “busy,” Young Ok keeps adding sugar to her coffee and stirring it, and then calling Jung Sik to come inside the cafe. Hyun Joon switches cups with her after she’s added another sugar, knowing that she doesn’t take her coffee sweetened. She insists that her tastes have changed, but her grimace says it all when she takes a sip. Hyun Joon chivalrously switches cups with her and sips her sweetened coffee instead. Ooooh it’s too sweet.

He asks if she has been well, and if she got married. With perfect timing, Jung Sik comes in and Young Ok announces that he’s her husband. On top of that, Joon Young is their son and because Jung Sik did not approve of Joon Young being a celebrity, they don’t live together. HA! Jung Sik starts coughing like crazy, feeling completely awkward in this situation and forced to follow the lie. She then asks why Hyun Joon went to Joon Young’s house, and he replies that he has a noble debt to repay him.

Young Ok replies, “Joon Young really takes after his father. Because of that Joon Young is so nosy!” Cue another round of coughing from Jung Sik. Young Ok tries to alleviate the coughs like a good wife, which only makes Hyun Joon feel twinges of jealousy.

Meanwhile another romance is budding: Haru has gone crazy and bribed all of No Jik’s friends with food to gather more information about him. No Jik catches her, and asks if that’s all she does: dig up information about other people and then use it to her own nefarious ends. He goes to pay for the food himself, even though he has no money, as he doesn’t like seeing his friends get bribed by Haru. She tries to stop him, and when he pushes her away she accidentally hurts her head.

Suddenly, Haru’s all addled in the mind. No Jik takes her to Nari’s workplace and they observe how nonsensical and childlike she’s being. Nari is positive that Haru doesn’t have amnesia (as she claims). Instead she’s suffering from “So crazy for No Jik that I’ll do anything to stay by his side” Syndrome. After all, a character in a manga did the exact same thing before. No Jik doesn’t understand why Haru would do this to stay by his side since he doesn’t think he’s that special. (Aw Jik, you are.) He goes up to her and grabs her notebook full of his likes and dislikes. Most of them are wrong, and he tells her to just ask him directly instead of getting second-hand information next time. So, yeah, he’s kind of accepting her by his side for now. Geh…

No Eul is late to the set, where Yoon Hoo is already waiting and ready for the behind-the-scenes shoot. She’s got nothing to wear except for her dirty sweats that she wore the night before, as her dress got soaked in the bath. She decides to go on set somewhat dirty, and it disgusts Yoon Hoo so much that he fires her. No Eul points out that as a cameraperson all she has to do is film properly regardless of how she dresses. Him caring so much about her appearance is why Yoon Hoo has a reputation of being a pervert.

Yoon Hoo’s manager also scolds her for her “unprofessionalism” in showing up with a bruise around her eye. Gook Young tries to defend No Eul, saying that it was the director’s fault anyways, but Joon Young stops him. He refuses to get himself or anyone involved in No Eul’s problems, and doesn’t help her get rehired. He also doesn’t stop Yoon Hoo as the latter threatens to destroy No Eul’s career completely.

So No Eul goes off on her own and bumps into Ji Tae, who’s also been fired to a certain extent from this project. He then offers that they go on a mini date before heading back to Seoul. After all, he wants them to be a couple even though her heart still belongs to Joon Young.

Shooting begins for the film where Yoon Hoo and Joon Young’s characters face off. Joon Young (as his character) dares Yoon Hoo to shoot him, and Yoon Hoo (as his character) grabs Joon Young’s collar. Next thing we know, Joon Young kicks him in the groin and then starts punching the hell out of Yoon Hoo – even though the script says it should be the other way around. Clearly this is revenge for No Eul because of what Yoon Hoo said to her.

The rest of the day’s shoot is canceled as Yoon Hoo has to go to the hospital for his injuries. No Eul overhears this from the other crew members and it makes her wonder what Joon Young’s motives were. Jung Eun tries to mitigate the situation by having Joon Young apologize for what he did. At first Joon Young is unwilling to apologize, citing that he “misread” the script, and that Yoon Hoo had beaten him up before on another set and never apologized for it. He is also willing to get sued, as he’s willing to face the consequences of harassment.

Jung Eun pleads with him that much is at stake for her with this project. She needs peace on set, and she can’t cancel her first film project. Joon Young pauses, and realizes that he needs to be on Jung Eun’s good side. It’s all part of his plan for revenge, I’m assuming, but it’s not clear yet what he wants to do to Jung Eun just yet. If he wanted to hurt her, he could have just had the project fall apart – but that would spark further ire from her and put her on the defense around him.

So Joon Young decides to apologize to Yoon Hoo at the hospital. That bastard of an actor refuses to accept the apology unless Joon Young is on his knees. To her credit, Jung Eun calls out Yoon Hoo for his rudeness, especially since he did something similarly disrespectful to Joon Young before. She offers to get on her knees in Joon Young’s stead, but he stops her. And he gets on his knees. And he apologizes.

Even Yoon Hoo is taken aback by this sudden act.

Joon Young returns to his hotel room alone and spots No Eul sitting outside waiting for him. “You beat up Seo Yoon Hoo because of me, right?” she asks. Quite accurate, considering this is a Korean drama and there’s no other reason why he’d beat up that prick. Joon Young calls her narcissistic, but she follows him into the room insisting on his true motives. Is he doing this cold act to torture her? To tease her? Because if so, it’s not going to work.

Joon Young tries to send her off, as he’s tired and hasn’t slept well for a few nights. But No Eul won’t stop. So he does the next best thing:


Joon Young: “Do you want to sleep with me?” He unzips her sweater slowly. “If you don’t want to, tell me, and I will stop and open the door for you, and let you go.”

And they stare at each other’s eyes for an agonizingly long while.

Some Thoughts

What kind of ending was that!? Ugh! So much staring! Not enough action! Why, drama, why!? You better give me something satisfying in the next episode!

Then again, the satisfying thing I would have liked would be No Eul kissing him in reply. The two characters have kind of switched roles in that No Eul is the one who’s pursuing Joon Young and insisting that he has feelings for her, while Joon Young is the one who is starting to swallow a lot of pride and acquiescing to others’ demands just so he can continue with his plan against Jung Eun. It’s a character switch that makes sense (and preferable to a brooding, timid female lead and an angsty male lead), but one where I would also expect to see No Eul taking the initiative more. She approached him by the beach, and she took his hand. She confronted him in front of others about his feelings for her and she refuses to let a conversation end without a fight. It’s refreshing to see this strong-willed No Eul again (especially how she stood up to Yoon Hoo), so I was hoping she’d do something more than just stare into Joon Young’s eyes on the bed. A kiss! Now that would have been a cliffhanger, yeah?

It remains to be seen what Joon Young’s plans for revenge against Jung Eun are, but I feel that emotional manipulation will come into play to get Jung Eun to confess to the crime herself. It’s going to be hard though, because there’s also no hard evidence supporting that confession. (Hopefully Lawyer Cha is working behind the scenes in this episode.) I’m really curious as to what he wants to do to her exactly, and I was hoping that Joon Young and Ji Tae could kind of join forces here. After all Ji Tae is currently the most all-knowing character of the love square; he knows every secret already! So, it would be nice for these brothers to unite.

I hope we also see more of Young Ok and Hyun Joon. The scene at the cafe was just perfect, and kind of what I expected. I found Jung Sik’s reactions to be quite hilarious too, even though he was choking. I hope this isn’t the end of it, and I hope Hyun Joon tracks her down because he can’t let go of his feelings for her. I would rather watch him stalk his first love than watch Haru stalk No Jik and hang around him all day.

As for Jung Eun, I’m still waiting for Im Joo Eun to be given something really meaty to work with here. She still hasn’t broken out into pure villainess character, but she also hasn’t done anything that stands out since she splashed wine all over Ji Tae’s face. I think the writer is underserving Im Joo Eun right now, and hope that her character can ramp up a bit into becoming a fearless woman who doesn’t try to cling on to a hopeless dream.

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