Wanted: Episode 11 Recap


Whoa this is a crazy episode. Not only does it confirm my suspicions on who’s the mastermind of this whole thing, but things are starting to amp up between the kidnappers’ plans and the race to finish the show. Interestingly enough, this episode really doesn’t dwell very much with the Wanted broadcasting team, as we need to build up a greater foundation on who exactly we’re dealing with here.

So – Ji Eun is at Seung In’s apartment. How? Let’s go back to right before the show aired, and Hye In and Seung In were having a conversation in his car. Back then, Seung In revealed to her that Ji Eun’s mother may not have committed suicide, and that Ha Dong Min was dead, murdered but disguised as a suicide. No one knows what happened seven years ago except for Ji Eun now, and if Jo Nam Chul is right, someone is powerful enough to hire killers and is very close to the events seven years ago. That means there’s a force out there who is trying to bury what the mastermind kidnapper is trying to uncover.

There’s only one person – or organization – that fits that mold: SG Group. It makes sense why Han Sol’s father was targeted (as he worked on a research project independently for SG) and why Ji Eun’s father was affected (because he was a former employee there).

Hye In can’t believe it because it means that SG Group killed one of their sons. She knows that her husband thought his family was sometimes inhumane, but that they’re also very protective of their family and reputation. Either way, to get to the bottom of this they’ll need to get Ji Eun out safely. We skip over the logistics of how they actually got her out in the blackout, though.

Speaking of SG, Hye In’s brother-in-law Ham Tae Suk (yay! I have a name!) has two men tailing her. They all suspect that Hye In must know where Ji Eun is, and that she could be held at Seung In’s home. So one of the guys pretends to be one of the tenants’ grandson and tries to get into Seung In’s apartment to look for a “leak.”

Thankfully Seung In is on to the guy’s game already. (We’ll call him Black T-shirt because that’s what he wears.) He saw Black T-shirt’s partner Black Suit in the car down on the street, so he figures that someone is tailing Hye In. He hides them, and then lets Black T-shirt into his apartment. Black T-shirt heads to the bathroom, and it’s just Hye In crying, crouched below the sink. The shower curtain is spread out though, but before Black T-shirt can go and check what’s behind it, Hye In asks him to leave. Which, he has to do because it looks like he just interrupted her grieving session.

Unable to do more as a “tenant’s grandson,” Black T-shirt is thwarted from confirming that Ji Eun is there. Seung In and Hye In realize that they need to get Ji Eun out, fast. Hye In suggests her hideout, a luxurious apartment that she escapes to that even her husband and manager don’t know about. They leave the apartment, with Seung In carrying a very heavy black bag into Hye In’s van. Black T-shirt and Black Suit think that Ji Eun is in that bag, and they tail her all the way to… SG Group headquarters.

When Hye In goes up to meet Tae Suk, the guys confirm that there’s nothing in the bag and immediately call up Tae Suk. He tells the men to fall back just before Hye In enters his office. She’s here to tell him that she might have a lead – there are a couple of men following her and she thinks they’re linked to the kidnapper. She already notified the police so they’ll keep an eye out on them, but hopes that Tae Suk can also help track them down with his infinite resources.

Ever obliging, Tae Suk agrees and calls up Black Suit to look into the men following Hye In. His men take it to mean that they need to lie low for a while and disappear. So Hye In’s resolved one problem.

In reality, Ji Eun snuck out with Seung In. At around this time Mi Ok calls him up to check up on where he’s been disappearing off to lately, and he informs only her to meet them at the hideout. He’s not ready to involve Young Gwan in this dangerous game just yet. Seung In takes the handcuffs off of Ji Eun, which means he’s really trusting her now. She also figures that it’s SG Group that’s tracking them down, as she knows that the mastermind wouldn’t do something like that. Slowly, the kidnapper and his accomplices are aligning with the police.

Meanwhile, Detectives Park and Yoo lead an investigation on the remainder of the broadcast team: Dong Wook, Woo Shin, and Joon Goo. The only person without a good alibi for his whereabouts is Joon Goo, making him the prime suspect in helping Ji Eun escape. In a way, I think he could have helped it too, but I think Hye In wouldn’t have involved him.

While the other men are being questioned, Woo Shin checks in on Bo Yeon, who’s leaving the hospital that night. Bo Yeon is more fired up than ever to finish the show, remembering how Woo Shin had told her last week to take responsibility for what she’s started. We finally see the note that Soo Hyun gave her: it’s Detective Ko’s confession regarding Jae Hyun’s case. “[No one stopped me from investigating.] The police commissioner didn’t stop it. A man named Choi Pil Kyu gave me money to start my own business.” She hasn’t given it to Seung In yet, but now we understand that the attacks on the police commissioner were probably unnecessary. The true culprit was someone else…

Soo Hyun argues with the mastermind over the direction of the show. They only have three episodes left and with the way things are going the truth may or may not be exposed. Soo Hyun doesn’t want to waste another episode looking for Ji Eun, especially since the both of them knew exactly what they were signing up for when they started all this. So he’s going to implement the original plan as they had it, and leaves the mastermind to find another way to save Ji Eun. (They don’t realize that Hye In and Seung In have her.)

So what is the original plan? Well it involves a man named Choi Pil Kyu. He’s a very famous lawyer that works with Ohsung Law Firm and handles primarily the SG Group account. He is the one who paid off Detective Ko from investigating Jae Hyun’s death (probably by SG Group’s bidding) and also ended up becoming Jo Nam Chul’s lawyer and got him early parole. He’s also a drinker because he has the money for it. So when he stumbles out of a bar, he is given a designated driver: Soo Hyun.

While Choi is passed out, Soo Hyun binds his wrists and knees and then abandons him at Han River under a bridge where he is presumably dead. He then sends Hye In the eighth mission – to go to that bridge to find out what her next mission will be. Hye In shows this to Ji Eun and tries to argue that the mastermind has abandoned her, not telling Hye In to find Ji Eun instead. It doesn’t break Ji Eun’s resolve to stay silent, but she does start crying a bit.

After notifying Dong Wook, Seung In and Hye In head to the location under the bridge and are shocked to find Choi Pil Kyu tied up in the back seat. The mission is written on his shirt: “Make this man pay for his crime committed seven years ago.” Dong Wook arrives just in time to film all this, and then suddenly – as if he knew the camera was on him for dramatic effect – Choi coughs. He’s alive! Dong Wook films Seung In as he frees the man from his bindings, and films Hye In calling for an ambulance.

By morning, the Wanted team is together (minus Bo Yeon for now) to discuss how to bring Choi to justice on the show. Unfortunately they don’t have access to him anymore because of tight security from the police and from Ohsung. Dong Wook regrets taking him to the hospital as now they have to figure out a way to punish Choi for a crime they don’t know what yet without having him confess on set. What’s worse is Hye In is distracted by the fact that she hasn’t received confirmation that Hyun Woo is alive yet.

Seung In, Young Gwan, and Chief Jung have a powwow trying to link everyone targeted so far together. They put together that SG Group and Choi Pil Kyu have been working together to silence anyone who might be a whistleblower or discover a dastardly truth (like Jae Hyun, Ham Tae Young, and Detectives Kim and Ko), or eliminating people who threaten them (like Im Hyung Soon, who might have tried to blackmail SG for more money). Just then Bo Yeon arrives with the message from Soo Hyun, for Seung In’s eyes only. She gives him the note, and it helps Seung In affirm his suspicions and put a focus on what exactly Choi did wrong seven years ago that needs to be exposed.

The broadcasting team doesn’t know about this yet as Bo Yeon hasn’t gone to them, and they fret over how they’re going to be able to punish Choi or make him atone for his sins if they can’t get him in the studio or catch him in the act of something. Just then, Ham Tae Suk swoops into the meeting room with his legion of Ohsung lawyers. Now that UCN is part of SG Group, he’s going to make sure the ‘Wanted’ team is familiar with his team of lawyers so that they can handle any lawsuits coming they’re way. It’s also Tae Suk’s way of keeping tabs on the team since Choi is now a target and knows intimate details about what happened seven years ago.

Hye In finally receives a video of her son, where Hyun Woo is watching his mom onscreen in last night’s episode. An older woman shuts off the TV and, in a gentle voice, admonishes Hyun Woo for watching something like that. Hyun Woo just calmly turns and looks at the woman. He no longer has a face of fear. It’s almost like he’s become immune to his entire situation. It worries Hye In and she hurries to her hideout to speak with Ji Eun, not noticing that Soo Hyun is following close behind her.

Hye In shows Ji Eun the video and asks who that woman is. Ji Eun actually looks frightened because this isn’t what she thought was going to happen. When she started all this, she was promised that Hyun Woo was going to be okay, but this new woman watching over him is new. She realizes that the mission might be about Choi Pil Kyu, and then writes the location of a storage locker. Inside are her father’s belongings. Hye In is to find a tape and some notes that her father left behind – it’s the only way Hye In can complete the mission. And it is very important that Hye In completes this mission.

Black Suit meets Jung Ho as he walks out of the station, his investigation finally concluded over Police Commissioner’s death. His president (presumably Ham Tae Suk) wants to talk to him. Next thing we know, Jung Ho drives and leads Black Suit and Black T-shirt to Hye In’s secret hideout. UGH THAT SELLOUT. Soo Hyun watches them from his car in the parking lot as Jung Ho goes upstairs first.

When he enters Hye In’s apartment, her eyes go wide. “You think I don’t know everything about you?” he remarks. He only warns her to not give SG any trouble and heads out. So… it’s not like he’s condoning her behavior in hiding Ji Eun, but he’s also not selling her out immediately. He goes back down to the parking lot and whispers something to Black Suit before leaving on his own. Soo Hyun follows Black Suit up to the apartment, but once Black Suit gets there, there’s no sign of Hye In, Mi Ok, or Ji Eun anymore. They’ve escaped!

Soo Hyun recognizes the threat and chases after Black Suit. Mi Ok’s already contacted Seung In to tell him of the danger, and he leaves Young Gwan continuing to research Ha Dong Min’s death; Young Gwan doesn’t like being left out, but Seung In doesn’t want his precious rookie to get into this mess just yet.

With Mi Ok’s help, Hye In distracts Black T-shirt by unlocking her car and distracting him momentarily so that they could run across the parking lot and get out. Just as they’re about to get caught by Black T-shirt, Soo Hyun runs out of nowhere and tackles him, giving the ladies just enough time to change direction and hide from Black Suit. The battle with Black T-shirt is touch, and Soo Hyun is quickly overpowered when he gets slashed and stabbed by Black T-shirt’s knife.

Seung In arrives just in time to stop Black Suit from his pursuit. He gets out of the car to deal with that guy while Mi Ok, Hye In, and Ji Eun climb into the car and run. Though they’re worried about how Seung In is doing, they need to get to a safe house, stat. But Hye In has other ideas – they need to go somewhere else first so that they can complete the mission as quickly as possible. Storage locker, anyone?

Seung In beats the crap out of Black Suit to the point where he runs away. And Seung In lets him, because that’s not important right now. He finds Soo Hyun bleeding on the floor and calls the ambulance. But Soo Hyun knows he won’t make it and will die. After all he already killed a man (Jo Nam Chul) so there was no way he could have a happy ending when all this is over. He’d at least join his family in heaven, particularly his sister Young Hyun who was so sweet and died unfairly. Soo Hyun isn’t going to say who’s behind it all because he believes he, and the mastermind, are trying to avenge the wrongful deaths of people they love.

And with Young Hyun on his mind, Soo Hyun dies.

Some Thoughts

Again, no one is mentioning Ham Tae Young. No one has mentioned his name and don’t say definitively that he died. The only ones who do are Hye In and Ham Tae Suk, and that’s because they were the family who were told that he was dead. But Soo Hyun and Ji Eun, who are very close to the mastermind, never refer to him even though he was equally a victim of what happened seven years ago. They don’t mention him out of hate like they do with Jo Nam Chul, and they don’t mention him out of sorrow because he’s a dead victim. So really, I think he’s alive! 

Suspicions on who is the older lady with Hyun Woo: I think it’s someone’s mother. It could be Ham Tae Young’s mother (effectively Hyun Woo’s grandmother) but it would mean that Hye In doesn’t recognize her former mother-in-law’s voice anymore. It could be another mother whose child was a victim in this case as well. Either way, it’s chilling how Hyun Woo doesn’t seem afraid of her and is used to seeing different guardians around him. It’s as if he’s realized that these guardians are never going to hurt him and he’s just going to watch his mother on TV as if she were just an actress in another show.

We’re only five episodes to the end with only three episodes of the broadcast left. I was worried about how they would time the real show with the ‘Wanted’ broadcast but things are progressing in a decent pace – not too slow, not too fast. We’re continually summarizing what has happened since though in every episode and it’s almost necessary because of all the confusing relationships. But I think it’s high time we find out who’s behind it all now.

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