Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 7 Recap


Looking back, this episode doesn’t really break new grounds, but somehow the actors really drive this episode forward. Kudos to them, seriously.

We get yet another flashback – though it isn’t too far back in time as it could have been. (Uncontrollably Fond released a special episode that depicts the events of episodes 1-4 in chronological order because the constant time jumps were just too confusing for viewers. Hopefully now though the flashbacks are kept to a minimum and only serve to show us what happened just minutes ago.) In the wee hours of the morning, Joon Young admits that he wanted to take No Eul with him to the island, but he also knew that in doing so, he would be tempted to hide away with her from the world for the rest of his time. So he decides to go on ahead, hoping that she’ll never show up in front of him again. He presumes that No Eul hears this, but she’s 1) hungover, 2) tired, and 3) going in and out of sleep. So no – she doesn’t remember this conversation.

But that would explain why he’s so annoyed at her showing up on the bridge at the island. From the moment she appears in his line of vision, he slowly starts counting in his head, almost like a mental countdown to see how much more he can handle listening to her.

No Eul thinks she really wronged him, but isn’t sure how since she becomes an asshole when she drinks and doesn’t remember a single thing that happens. She tries to offer him a yakult as a peace offering. She really doesn’t know what to apologize for, and he isn’t helping reveal what she did wrong. And then, with the worst timing ever, Ji Tae calls her.

He figures pretty quickly that No Eul is with Joon Young, and just then Joon Young sees his escape vehicle: the morning ferry. No Eul apologizes to Ji Tae and hangs up on him, much to his disappointment. Ji Tae’s morning doesn’t get any better when his secretary informs him that Jung Eun might have gotten her hands on some pictures of him at the concert that night. It now explains why she asked him whether he went to the concert or not. On top of that, his secretary thinks that Jung Eun is investigating No Eul too.

No Eul joins Joon Young on the ferry and tries to grovel for forgiveness, but he’s really not having it. Every time he tries to get away from her, she follows him even closer than before. He gets into his car, in which his manager is found sleeping in the back, but gets out when No Eul follows him in. She’s really sorry – she remembers some things, like how she threw up on him and how he changed her clothes – but not everything. Well, she does remember that he confessed that he liked her.

That’s the last straw for Joon Young, the last thing he can take hearing from her. He hails down a cab and heads back to Seoul, leaving No Eul and Gook Young to drive his car back.

Joon Young calls up his worried mother using the cab driver’s phone, interrupting her as she’s eating bibimbap. The moment she hears his voice, relief washes over Young Ok’s face. But then she’s back to her mean self where she rejects him completely and hangs up. Jung Sik is not having any of that and calls the number back: “Do you know what you put your mother through? She’s eating bibimbap! You know what that means. She’s worried sick about you!”

Aww… remember when she made herself bibimbap and ate herself until she choked after Joon Young got arrested? Yeah.

Young Ok throws a shoe at Jung Sik, trying to get him to stop revealing her secrets to her son. It does make him feel better though, knowing that she’s not completely cruel. Jung Sik warns Joon Young to stay away from the “gold digger” No Eul; Doesn’t he remember how Gook Young got swindled by a gold digger and even went to jail for her? And then needed Joon Young to bail him out? Jung Sik is clearly afraid the same will happen to Joon Young.

But Joon Young replies, “She’s not a gold digger. I actually really like her.” Young Ok overhears this and grabs the phone from Jung Sik, demanding to know who exactly this girl is. Joon Young looks positively giddy at finally being able to admit that he really loves No Eul, but he also knows that he might not be able to control himself around her, and so he’s running far away from her. He’s head over heels for No Eul. It makes Young Ok pause, as she thinks back to her own love and how she was the poor girl who wasn’t good enough for her rich, perfect Hyun Joon.

Gook Young also believes the same, even though he hasn’t heard it from Joon Young himself. He thinks that Joon Young is serious about No Eul because he put Pororo – his best friend! his brother! – outside for her. Neither one can believe it though – both No Eul and Gook Young agree that he must be crazy to like her when he can have his pick of any woman in Korea.

Joon Young arrives at his house, only to find a swarm of reporters outside. He has the cabbie drive him around the back, and almost immediately he gets a headache. It’s a severe one – and Joon Young is temporarily incapacitated. At the same time, Eun Soo learns that Joon Young has brainstem glioma, a really dangerous tumor on the brainstem in which the patient can only treat with chemotherapy, or die within a few months. It’s actually quite frightening – but Eun Soo takes it all in stride. As she continues to paint her family’s portrait, she suppresses a victorious smile. Joon Young and his mother will not be a problem for her soon.

Meanwhile, Hyun Joon is hard at work trying to convince his fellow politicians not to include a particular representative into their party because of the corrupt things this person has done. In fact, this person is undergoing investigation for criminal activities! But Assemblyman Yoon only chuckles and points out that everyone in the room has a dirty past. They’ve had to cheat a bit to get to where they are. After all, politics is about lending a hand when someone needs it, right?

It’s clearly a dig into how Hyun Joon helped Jung Eun escape conviction. What’s more surprising is Hyun Joon’s response: “Handling political affairs like that will only leave you with regret, because it forces you to make a decision that you don’t want to make.” Wow. So Hyun Joon is really going to be portrayed as saintly as possible in this show, as he’s showing regret for his decision in helping Jung Eun.

His frustration with the corruption in politics is enough to make him want to go drinking that night. However, Ji Tae won’t join him, so Hyun Joon heads over to Madam Song’s new bar. All he does is stare at her, admiring how much she looks just like Young Ok. (I’m positive it’s not the same actress; Madam Song has a little scar above her right lip that is very prominent when she smiles, and Young Ok doesn’t have that. Also the eyes and voice are a little different.) Just like in the past, Hyun Joon doesn’t want Madam Song to pour him a drink or act flirty. All he wants is for her to sit there as he reminisces and regrets about Young Ok and all the wrongs he’s made against her.

Of course, when Eun Soo hears of this through the chauffeur, she worries about her standing as a wife and woman that he loves.

As for Haru – we only see her taking a very, very long bubble bath trying to remove the stench of the garbage dump. At the same time she looks at her tablet, reading all the awful comments about Shin Joon Young and No Eul. Seriously… she could electrocute herself if she just dropped the tablet out of frustration. Haru is really depressed because she doesn’t know where Joon Young is, and truly believes she’ll be his wife one day. Ick.

Meanwhile No Jik looks for Ji Tae at the student hostel he supposedly stays at. The manager of the place doesn’t recall seeing Ji Tae around, and thankfully Ji Tae calls just in time to distract No Jik from digging deeper. Ji Tae is thisclose to getting found out now. He makes up the excuse that he’s in Daejeon for a family matter and heading back to Seoul, and offers to meet him at No Jik’s part time job.

Dressed appropriately for the part, Ji Tae meets with No Jik to see what he wants to discuss. It’s pretty simple: Keep No Eul away from Joon Young. No Jik knows that his sister had a huuuuge crush on Joon Young but gave up her feelings for him for Nari (because sistahs before mistahs). He also knows that if Joon Young keeps pursuing her and making lavish grand gestures confessing his love, she will easily buy into it and expect a financially-easy life. This is nothing new to Ji Tae, but it really drives home his determination to win No Eul back.

When Joon Young wakes up again without blurry vision, it’s already night time. He emerges from his bedroom to find No Eul in the kitchen, preparing dinner. At first it feels like it could be a hallucination, but No Eul really is there. She burns herself pulling a pan from the oven, and he quickly gets behind her and pushes her finger under the faucet, dousing it with cold water. No Eul is surprised to see him awake so late, as he was asleep when she arrived (thanks to the manager’s help). She adds that her finger is fine now, and he brusquely lets go of her hand and leaves the kitchen, not wanting dinner. So No Eul mutters that she’ll just eat all the food she makes then.

Except – No Eul isn’t a great cook. Her steak ends up way too salty.

Meanwhile, CEO Namgoong is fielding calls from the reporters regarding Joon Young’s status. He reassures the reporter that no one is home (as the reporters outside saw the lights in the house go on), and that Joon Young is under a lot of pressure right now. Continually pressed for details, CEO Namgoong finally admits that Joon Young is dating someone – and that is, his movie costar Kim Yoo Na. No Eul is just a diversion to help get the attention away from Joon Young and Yoo Na, who have supposedly been dating for a year. Gook Young and Man Ok overhear this and wince at the lie, knowing that it’s not really going to help the situation.

After meeting No Jik, Ji Tae heads to another important date first – a dinner with Jung Eun. He presents to her Christmas roses and tries to be a perfect gentleman while knowing that Jung Eun knows about No Eul. However, when Jung Eun asks for a kiss, he can’t restrain himself any longer. “I heard that you saw those pictures.” He gives her No Eul’s stats and tells Jung Eun not to look into her anymore. Jung Eun quickly grows jealous and asks what his relationship is with that girl. Ji Tae refuses to answer, as doing so would make him break his promise to Jung Eun. I am guessing that if he revealed who No Eul was to Jung Eun, he would hate himself even more for marrying her.

Jung Eun shrilly asks if he likes her, and after a long pause, Ji Tae admits that he does. Splash! And there goes wine in his face. Also, Christmas roses apparently mean that the giver has nothing left to give the receiver.

Back at Joon Young’s home, he shuts off all the lights and brings down all the shades so that the reporters won’t think he’s home. No Eul uses the darkness to her advantage and tries to tell him a scary story involving a ghost. It completely backfires when she mistakes a mannequin in his house as a ghost though, and she cowers in fear on the sofa. It’s actually a bit cute, in Joon Young’s eyes, and he has to stop himself from falling for her. At this point, his mental countdown has reached nine-and-a-half four times over.

No Eul attacks him when she realizes Joon Young is also making fun of her in the darkness. She straddles him on the couch while grabbing his sweater collar: “Is it that fun to tease me?!” That’s it – Joon Young’s reached his ‘ten’. He’s tried again and again to stay distant, to run away from her, but she just keeps sticking to his side. So fine, he’s not going to run away anymore, and he’s going to try to keep her. He sits up, and man is it a bit of a romantic position… And he suggests they eat dinner.

No Eul presents the steak she made, and he eats with great gusto. She can’t believe it though, since she could’ve sworn it was too salty for anyone to eat. He grabs her finger to check her burn mark and then hurries off to get the first aid kit. While he’s gone, she takes a bite from his plate. Yup – still salty.

Joon Young rushes to the bathroom and is ready to heave the food into the toilet. (Not because he’s sick, but because it’s just awful cooking.) But he forces himself to keep chewing and finally swallow. This is the first time the girl he’s liked has cooked for him, and he’s gonna damn well appreciate it! While also taking multiple swigs of water from the sink. When he returns to the dining table with the first aid kit, No Eul bets that he spat out all the food, but he takes another bite just to prove her wrong and starts putting a bandaid on her blister.

No Eul really doesn’t understand what’s going on. First Joon Young’s been aloof and mean to her, kicking her out every chance he gets. Suddenly he is so nice to her, eating her horrible food and bandaging her burn. “They say that if a person changes all of a sudden, they’re going to die,” she says. Pause. Then Joon Young gives an awkward smile, knowing that she doesn’t know he’s dying just yet.

After the disastrous date with Jung Eun, Ji Tae goes to track No Eul down at Nari’s, but she’s not home yet. The reporters have all decamped as well from outside her home. He discovers that she’s still at Joon Young’s and musters up the courage to ring the intercom. Joon Young luckily happens to see him there while No Eul is outside talking to Pororo. (Pororo still hates her for kicking him out of the house. This dog is too cute.) He doesn’t respond to Ji Tae’s demands that he send No Eul out now, and shuts off the intercom when No Eul comes by asking if a reporter is ringing the doorbell. With a quick rock-paper-scissors game, Joon Young gets No Eul to stay in the kitchen and wash the dishes.

That’s when No Eul gets a call from Nari with breaking news: Joon Young’s supposed romance with Kim Yoo Na has hit the news.

Joon Young exits his house from the back, and Ji Tae hears him from behind the garage door. (This house is beautiful, seriously.) He bangs on the metal garage gate and demands that he let No Eul go. Even if he doesn’t deserve her because he let go of her hand the other night, he believes Joon Young deserves her less because of what he did to her in the past. The implication is clear: Joon Young caused that accident so many years ago.

Just then No Eul steps outside with her coat and bag, ready to leave. For a moment, Joon Young fears that she might have overheard too much but then casually goes over to her. This is where I go, “Ji Tae start yelling and make your presence known!” But he’s too much of a coward (in my opinion) and just stays silent, listening to their conversation. No Eul confronts Joon Young about his relationship with Yoo Na and how he used her as a diversion so that he wouldn’t be found out. Joon Young is taken aback. It’s not true, but no matter how much he denies it (especially since he doesn’t realize that it’s CEO Namgoong’s fabrication) she doesn’t believe him.

No Eul is sick of how Joon Young’s been toying with her. She is somewhat relieved that she can now walk around like a normal person, but she plans to sue him for psychological abuse and milk him for all he’s got, becoming the gold digger that the public had labeled her to be. Joon Young insists that it’s all a lie. “I love you, No Eul,” he says, softly. Oh man, this is why I love you Kim Woo Bin – more than Lee Min Ho!

Tears well up in No Eul’s eyes and she furiously tells him that this is exactly what No Jik tried to warn her about. No Jik was right the entire time – that Joon Young was going to try to make her feel things and then hurt her afterwards. They live in different worlds too, and she can’t accept Joon Young’s confession as much as it’s making her sway.

So he kisses her.

Some Thoughts

Okay. This is SO PREDICTABLE – but I couldn’t help but swoon when Joon Young kissed her. I know, I know. You’re all probably thinking, “Gosh you’re so easy to please.” But the lead up to that kiss was just perfect. The way Kim Woo Bin has done most of his acting through small sad smiles and expressions in this episode was just perfect. The way he said “I love you” was perfect because it came from a very vulnerable place and you believed him. It wasn’t the kind where the main lead throws the words out as a last-ditch attempt to stop the girl from leaving him. It was sincere and vulnerable, and you really believed that he had this pent-up emotion inside and had to let it out, but he was scared to do it at the same time. I also loved the way that Joon Young came forward to his mom about his love for No Eul because it was so sincere that it gave Young Ok and me pause. It wasn’t petulant or stubborn. It was so sincere that you could feel like he meant it this time around, and wasn’t joking around.

I really appreciated the acting in this episode, especially from the parents. Eun Soo was far more scary than I imagined, what with her bright, smiling eyes at the sound of Joon Young dying from a disease. I loved Ji Tae’s cool demeanor whenever he was faced with Jung Eun, and while I can’t erase thoughts of them being goofy in What’s Up it’s such a joy seeing them onscreen together. I’m really not used to Im Joo Eun as a bitch so it’s kind of refreshing to see her be so angry and vengeful. I hope she doesn’t become a caricature, but at the same time I don’t think I would mind seeing Im Joo Eun as a caricature. I so rarely see her in this position anyways.

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