Wanted: Episodes 9-10 Recap


When I said I wanted the stakes raised, I didn’t expect it to include a whole new element and twist to the show. We are no closer to finding out who the real kidnapper is, and now the show is giving us a new element to play with: the kidnapper’s very own “Wanted” fan club. I’m doing a double header today because I couldn’t sit down and write a recap for each episode. I needed to know what happened first. (So, also sorry for the lateness on this!)

Episode 9

The gunshot rings through the hall outside Jung Ho’s office. Seung In pushes through and sees Jung Ho sitting in his sofa in shock, blood splattered on half his face. Shaking, Jung Ho puts his hands up and all eyes turn to the dead police commissioner on the floor. Jung Ho denies shooting the man though; “He aimed his gun at me, but then killed himself.” And sure enough, there’s a gunshot right at his temple.

Jung Ho is questioned by Detective Park, and he explains what happened after the broadcast. Commissioner Lee was furious that Jung Ho had spilled his secret to the entire nation, but Jung Ho is still a deft showman. He points out that he painted a very nice picture for Lee to make him appear the martyr; by saying that he created a personal slush fund to give his daughter some living expenses, it made Lee seem like he was a caring father who made a mistake, but a caring father nevertheless. He could have played up the angle more with the public, and they might have forgiven him. But because Commissioner Lee couldn’t see that path was what Jung Ho was trying to carve out for him, it indicates that he’s guilty of something far larger than just funneling money to his daughter.

Commissioner Lee couldn’t handle that and he aimed his small gun at Jung Ho first. Of course, Jung Ho cowered and begged him to talk reasonably. But Commissioner Lee realized the fruitlessness of threatening Jung Ho and turned the gun to his own head instead.

It’s pretty clear that Commissioner Lee committed suicide, but formalities must be made so Detective Park informs Jung Ho that he’s still a suspect until the whole investigation on the “Wanted” team concludes. Joon Goo is also being questioned by Detective Yoo (from last episode), but is released for now since the detectives can’t get any new information from him.

Late that evening, Bo Yeon makes a startling discovery online. Not only does she see the clown’s post on meeting Hye In, she sees a bunch of anonymous posts from wannabe vigilantes who put up a “W” sign with their fingers in their pictures. These “vigilantes” are actually part of the kidnapper’s fan club – people who like what the kidnapper is doing in exposing all these criminals. And a couple of them – in comical scary clown masks and a Jigsaw mask – graffiti Hye In’s “Wanted” poster outside of UCN with the three fingers and a link to the “orson_welles21” account (plus the password!).

Dong Wook catches Reporter Jang hanging around Jung Ho’s office, since it’s been closed off as a crime scene. Dong Wook wants him to write an article about that spins the focus on the commissioner’s daughter rather than the suicide. Reporter Jang isn’t just going to do what Dong Wook wants for free though. In return for this favor, he wants to know why SG Group’s logo was so prominently displayed at the end of the episode. Well – the cat is out of the bag. Dong Wook confirms that SG Group is now the main financier of the show and is buying out UCN to save it from becoming insolvent.

Meanwhile, at SG Group, the brother-in-law is making a very late night phone call (while heavily shaded with dramatic lighting) to the new acting Police Commissioner Sung. He asks for the favor that the police just let the show do its thing for another four episodes; after all, his father is very interested in meeting his grandson that he just found out about. After Hyun Woo is found, the brother-in-law promises that the police can do whatever they want.

Early the next morning, Woo Shin wakes up to an alarm and realizes she needs to be home for a Very Important Person: her daughter, Jung Eun. You hear that *criiiiick*? That’s my neck turning so fast at the sudden curveball that Woo Shin has a daughter.

It’s Jung Eun’s birthday and Woo Shin tries to please her daughter at the breakfast table after being gone for so many days. She takes her daughter to school, and immediately is greeted by Jung Eun’s classmates, who are playing the game “Wanted.” Jung Eun is to play Hye In and is handed a piece of paper with a mission: Find out who killed this person. Chilled to the bone, Woo Shin turns the corner of the school building to find another student kneeling down, head against the wall, arms tied behind his back loosely. These kids think “Wanted” is for fun, and are making it into a game.

Woo Shin quickly makes the “victim” child stand up and removes the ropes, but all the kids are just standing there smiling and laughing. They don’t see how frightening it is to copycat murders and turn it all into a game. They’re just as bad as the kidnapper’s fan club, but it just feels so much more perverse because these are elementary school kids. And now Woo Shin really feels the responsibility and burden of what she puts onscreen.

(As much as I despise that Jung Eun is a plot device to introduce this scene, it is such a chilling scene.)

That same morning, Bo Yeon shows Joon Goo and Dong Wook the graffitied poster and explains where the “W” finger sign comes from. As for Hye In, she receives a short video from the kidnapper showing Hyun Woo eating some bread and drinking milk. That’s her proof for the day that he’s alive.

The entire team – including nosy Reporter Jang – head to their office to check out the orson_welles21 account on Bo Yeon’s computer. On it is a stream of Ha Dong Min’s lawyer in the same position that Im Hyung Soon was found. He’s still alive though, and it’s very likely that since they don’t have an official mission, it was done by a copycat. Hye In doesn’t want the team to do anything about it, and to leave this to the police to resolve. Reporter Jang points out though that if this gets out to the media, sympathy for Hyun Woo could easily disappear.

The team chooses to notify Seung In and Young Gwan, who are on their ways to meet with Ha Dong Min to learn about the mastermind’s motive. The detectives get the location of Ha’s lawyer quite easily based on where the streaming is happening, and with a little lying, Seung In and Young Gwan manage to break into the apartment where the lawyer is being held.

Ha Dong Min’s lawyer’s abductors are just two young guys who are relatively normal except for the fact that they idolize the kidnapper. The detectives quickly overpower the two and arrest them. Seung In looks around; the apartment is relatively nice, too nice for young guys who prefer junk food and gaming. And there’s a nice aquarium with a rare looking fish too.

Back at UCN, Joon Goo’s main responsibility is making sure Hye In and Bo Yeon are ok, mentally and physically. He notices Hye In’s strength flagging and sends Bo Yeon to get some food and medicine for the actress and herself. However, he ends up sending Bo Yeon on a dangerous mission, as she is kidnapped on the way back from the pharmacy.

When Bo Yeon comes to, she finds herself in a small container in the ground, her wrists and ankles bound by rope. A masked man with nice dress shoes sends a text with an old flip phone, then drops it beside her, and then covers her up with a sheet of strong clear glass. And then, he proceeds to cover her up with dirt, burying her alive. Don’t worry though – she has limited oxygen because there’s a very small pipe attached to the glass like a snorkel.

Seung In questions one of the lawyer’s abductors, nicknamed Magneto, who’s a relatively sane guy compared to the other one that Young Gwan’s handling (nicknamed Capco). Magneto decided to join the Wanted kidnapper fan club after he heard what Ha Dong Min did, and he was sickened to the core by corrupt powerful people. He wanted to punish Ha Dong Min’s lawyer, leaving Ha Dong Min for the “Master” to kill. (“Master” being the kidnapping mastermind of all this.) Capco on the other hand is just interested in fame and wondering when he’ll appear on the “Wanted” show. He doesn’t add much, and both Magneto and Capco separately claim that it was just the both of them who planned the kidnapping.

The whole broadcasting team is starting to worry about Bo Yeon’s whereabouts when Hye In receives a text from a random person: “This girl dies, or Ha Dong Min dies. You choose.” Hye In calls the number back and hears a frantic Bo Yeon on the other line. Ohhhh boy. The police are notified and sent to look through all the CCTV cameras they can find, plus nearby deserted greenhouses (which is the only thing Bo Yeon noticed about her location before being covered up in dirt).

Seung In on the other hand finds something very suspicious about Magneto and Capco. He thinks they were caught too easily, which means they might have something to do with Bo Yeon getting kidnapped. What they did with the lawyer was probably a decoy to divert their attention. Seung In approaches Magneto and convinces him to confess to more details, saying that he’ll get a lighter sentence. Magneto admits that there was another person who had the idea, but he’s not sure on who it is because he keeps changing his ID. He also didn’t believe that the other person would actually bury someone alive, as he thought the whole thing was a joke. (Quite an elaborate joke…)

So Seung In decides to look into who owned the apartment where Magneto and Capco were caught in. He doesn’t get much information from the landlady on the renter of the place, so he tracks it down based on the fish. Looking into the few pet stores that sell that rare fish, Seung In and Young Gwan are able to track down which store sold the fish to that particular customer. From there, they find out the customer – and apartment renter/co-conspirator – is a salaryman named Moon Sung Hyuk.

Though everyone’s worried about Bo Yeon (as she has limited oxygen), they must focus on the show at hand. Clearly this “mission” is from the copycat kidnapper, but it’s not something they can air at 10PM for their show. It’s not what the real kidnapper would want. At the same time, Ha Dong Min is the only target that has yet to die, so it’s possible the real kidnapper does want Ha Dong Min released temporarily to kill him. So they decide to use their one preview for the day to send a message to the copycat kidnapper, offering to trade Ha Dong Min for Park Bo Yeon. It is now Hye In’s job, using her connections to get Ha Dong Min out of jail for a bit temporarily. Dong Wook also prepares to have an actor stand in for Ha Dong Min’s corpse in case they are told that they need to kill Ha Dong Min first to get Bo Yeon safely.

The preview goes out, saying that Ha Dong Min will appear on the “Wanted” stage but they haven’t received the seventh mission yet. Na Soo Hyun sees this in his hideout and calls the mastermind, presumably to hear what the mastermind’s next planned steps are. So, now we know that the mastermind really wasn’t involved in this plan to get Ha Dong Min out. But at the same time he has it under control and seems to be waiting for Park Bo Yeon to be safe first before sending anything in.

Hye In goes to the judge to see if she can convince him to release Ha Dong Min early just to acquiesce to the copycat kidnapper’s plans. The judge isn’t interested, even though she baits him with praise from her late husband and a position at SG Group’s legal team once he retires from his position. He won’t let Ha Dong Min out, but he also wishes her luck in getting her son back and punishing the mastermind to the fullest extent of the law.

Meanwhile Seung In and Young Gwan catch up to Moon Sung Hyuk at his office place and ask where he has been all morning. Sung Hyuk has a weak alibi, but there’s no real reason to arrest him either. That is, until Seung In notices the soles of his shoes are caked with mud. He forcibly takes Sung Hyuk’s phone and requests for the password. With the sneer in which Sung Hyuk gives the password, it feels like he gave them one that would make the phone delete all its data. But it’s the right password, and the police are able to track Bo Yeon down.

Everyone is at the greenhouse to watch as the police dig up Bo Yeon from her underground casket. Surprisingly (or not), Dong Wook isn’t filming this, but Reporter Jang doesn’t miss an opportunity to snap a few pics. Bo Yeon is taken to the hospital for exhaustion and shock; thankfully it’s not as serious as it could have been, but Hye In feels tremendous guilt and cries at her bedside, knowing that her son’s kidnapping is what led to all this.

Finally, she receives the seventh mission from the mastermind. Guess he knows that Bo Yeon is safe now. He sends Hye In a picture of Lee Ji Eun with her parents and orders her to get Ji Eun to appear on the show. Yet another prison breakout!? Mi Ok is currently with Ji Eun, still trying to get her to talk. But Ji Eun won’t say anything about her father (whom she clearly loved even if he became an alcoholic) or what happened seven years ago. Ji Eun is surprised to hear about the copycat kidnapper’s plan involving Ha Dong Min and Bo Yeon, and insists that it’s not time for Ha Dong Min to die yet.

Meanwhile, Ha Dong Min has new counsel to represent him, and his new lawyer looks a bit slimy. It doesn’t help that this lawyer brought Ha some really good sushi to eat for their meeting. Ha then requests to use his lawyer’s phone to make a call. We’re not sure who he calls, but he tells the person on the other line that he’d rather be in jail until the show is over, as it’d be safer inside. He knows that he’s in danger of dying, so he is just keeping his mouth shut for this “one person.” But if Hye In keeps trying to get him out, then he might as well tell her what he knows and then the kidnapper can be caught more quickly. And that way, he’ll be safe.

My guess is that Ha Dong Min is talking to SG Group right now.

Hye In hurries out of UCN to go meet with Ji Eun at the prison, and as she drives out of the parking lot, she hears a sickening thud and loud screams. A woman just jumped off the roof of the UCN building. Her face is blurred – both for censors probably and to disguise her identity for now.

Episode 10 – Mission 7: Get Lee Ji Eun on the show

Hye In sees the body, and then hurries to the “Wanted” office to notify the rest. She and Dong Wook found out at the same time that someone jumped off the roof, and Woo Shin offers to look into whether the body is connected to their show or not. But Hye In puts everyone on pause: “I just got the mission. I need to get Lee Ji Eun on the show.” Dong Wook doesn’t want her going alone and sends her with Joon Goo.

All the detectives are immediately notified about the suicide as well and find the shoes well placed on the rooftop. There is also a long suicide note – and it’s signed by Ji Eun’s mother. It was as if she planned to die very carefully, unable to deal with the guilt and shame that her daughter’s actions has brought upon her. But Seung In finds the long letter very strange because when he last spoke to the mother (at the time he was investigating Ji Eun’s kidnapping separately), she struck him as uneducated and uninterested in her daughter’s life.

Unfortunately the CCTV camera on the roof doesn’t work. Detective Park believes that the real culprit is someone on the broadcast team with connections to UCN’s security camera system. Seung In cautions him from thinking too narrowly and says that it’s easy for a hacker to break the camera feed too. At the very least though, Detective Park lets Seung In take charge in investigating the suicide.

Joon Goo and Hye In meet up with Mi Ok at the prison, who has some ideas on why Ji Eun is the next mission. For one thing, Ji Eun is very sensitive about her father and hasn’t revealed much about her past. Mi Ok also believes that the mastermind kidnapper is getting impatient and never intended to have Ji Eun on the show. Through the ten episodes we were all supposed to find out why Jae Hyun and Ham Tae Woong met in the first place. However, the commissioner, who closed out Jae Hyun’s case is now dead and then copycat fans are starting to take over the show’s focus. By getting Ji Eun on the show, it’s possible the mastermind (and Na Soo Hyun even) is trying to fast track the revelations. She’s the only person left who could possibly have the key to it all who’s still alive. (Aside from Ha Dong Min, and we know that his time has not yet come to reveal anything.)

Mi Ok wants Hye In to take it a step further – to find out more than just what Ji Eun’s relationship with her father is. That might help them get a step ahead of the kidnapper. And, they don’t have to reveal anything on the show as their only mission is to have her show up at the studio.

Meanwhile, Hye In’s brother-in-law is trying to convince the new Police Commissioner to allow for Ji Eun’s release for the episode. He is sure that this new commissioner won’t make a mistake like his predecessor, right? Again, more things to make me think that this brother-in-law is not as kindly as he first appeared.

Buzz around Ji Eun is already starting to grow, as Reporter Jang has gotten other journalists writing up about Ji Eun’s role in the whole case. (He himself didn’t want to write it as he’s too close to the production team and it would be too obvious that he’s diverting the public’s attention the way the broadcasting team wants.) Woo Shin also finds out that the person who committed suicide is Ji Eun’s mother, but asks Detective Park to keep it from the production team; she’s not sure if this is something that should ever be mentioned or revealed during the show either. Separately, Seung In also is afraid of using the information against Ji Eun in getting her to open up. What if the mother didn’t commit suicide, but was murdered? Ji Eun might end up acting even more recklessly and endanger Hyun Woo.

Hye In tries to get Ji Eun on the show, but she refuses. “So tell me who’s behind the kidnappings then,” Hye In pleads. She wants to end it as soon as possible, because she’s sure Ji Eun didn’t expect all the targets to die or for Bo Yeon to get kidnapped, right?

Speaking of targets, Seung In goes to the prison to speak with Ha Dong Min before it’s too late. He wants to get as much information as he can because he’s afraid that all the people who might know what happened seven years ago are going to start disappearing. And his fears are justified – by the time he arrives at the prison Ha Dong Min has hanged himself. We don’t know why though; the last moment we see of Ha is him reading a book and then looking out at his door as he sees someone. We also see a cop (possibly named Lee Kyung Je, but I can’t read the blurry characters on the name tag too well) suspiciously head over to Ha’s cell and then leave, so it’s possible that Ha was murdered.

So now the only lead left is Ji Eun.

The higher ups have signed off on Ji Eun appearing on the show, provided that she always has two officers escorting her. It’s a good thing that Ji Eun changes her mind in a span of a couple of minutes while talking to Hye In to go on the show. She’s decided all of a sudden to go on the show and reveal what it is that Hye In and other targets failed to do seven years ago. And Ji Eun trusts the mastermind – she trusts him to bring justice for her and Soo Hyun, and to reveal the truth to everyone.

At the hospital, Bo Yeon is still recovering and she has two officers guarding her room at all times. However the nurses receive a package for Bo Yeon that’s causing some concern, and they beg the guards to take a look at it. One of the nurses stands watch, but she’s easily swayed to leave her post when a young doctor comes by and says he needs to look into Bo Yeon. She sees his name on the coat and assumes that the doctor is legit… but it’s actually Na Soo Hyun! Argh, these drama nurses!

Soo Hyun wakes Bo Yeon up and she freaks out because she thinks he’s here to kill her. But strangely enough, Soo Hyun doesn’t want to hurt her. It seems that he likes her enough (in that acquaintance kind of way) that he feels horrible for what happened to her. After all, the plan was never to have her get hurt, and now she’ll forever be scarred. But he does have a favor to ask of her. He gives her a note and asks her to give it to Seung In. Bo Yeon reads it when Soo Hyun leaves, and it leaves her heart racing. What does it say?!

Ji Eun arrives at Hye In’s dressing room in UCN, still handcuffed and being watched carefully by Detectives Park and Yoo. The detectives try their hardest to get more information from her, but Hye In steps in and pushes them out. She can sense that Ji Eun won’t say anything and has had enough. Outside, Reporter Jang gives Detective Park a USB with the heated conversation between Dong Wook and Woo Shin the day before. He knows that Park thinks Dong Wook is guilty, and this USB could help him. In return, Reporter Jang wants a first person story from Park’s perspective for his book. Sigh

Speaking of, Dong Wook and Woo Shin share a moment of honesty as she tries to figure out what exactly is Dong Wook’s deal. He’s been so heartless and distant throughout the entire process, but has shown some compassion by secretly visiting Bo Yeon on his own rather than with everyone else. So Woo Shin wonders what he has to gain from this entire show. Dong Wook believes that this show will end his career. However, as a director and producer, he is very curious as to where this show will lead him. He gets to experiment with the show’s format because it’s so odd, and he gets to see the effects on society. Such a chance will never come again in his lifetime.

Meanwhile, Mi Ok is trying to figure out Joon Goo’s character. In a way, she probably suspects him a little bit. She brings up his past of being a documentarian who always fought for the little guy against corrupt businesses, and Joon Goo admits that he always felt like that was his job. To be a journalist meant to expose corrupt business practices. However, Mi Ok wonders if that has all changed now that he is older and is working at UCN (which is a bit corrupt on its own).

Seung In and Young Gwan try to latch on to another clue by going to Han Sol’s mother and asking for files pertaining to her husband’s work seven years ago. Back then, he was an assistant professor in veterinary science, and he was tasked to do some research for an outside company. But the wife doesn’t really know much about his work and hopes that the documents and USB will provide enough details regarding her husband’s work.

Seung In and Young Gwan then go to Ji Eun’s home, which is now empty, and start looking for clues. Under Ji Eun’s bed is a box of stuff that look like belonged to her dad. It includes journals all with “SG Group” labeled on it. So… her dad worked for SG Group.

As everyone waits for 10PM, Ji Eun falls asleep in the dressing room. Hye In covers her up with a blanket, but that only wakes Ji Eun up. She doesn’t want Hye In’s kindness, which is fine since Hye In still hates her a lot. But Hye In also feels like Ji Eun is a victim in this entire case too. Ji Eun doesn’t want the pity and doesn’t want Hye In presuming to know what her life was like. Only now does she open up a little bit about her family.

Years ago, Ji Eun was walking home from high school and felt that she was being followed by a creepy guy. She was then stopped on the street by a well dressed man who claims to be her dad’s friend at work. She doesn’t remember him at all, but he does, saying he saw her when she was a baby, and he offers to walk her home. Ji Eun is very trusting and lets him, but when they reach her house her father is not happy to see them together. Her father is also drunk, and he tries to attack the man for being with his daughter. The “friend” only shakes his head and cautions Ji Eun to be careful. After all, how can a father like that protect his daughter?

Ji Eun is so embarrassed of her father, but he also slaps her across the cheek for walking home with a stranger. Guess he doesn’t regard that man as a friend. Ji Eun wishes he would just die so mom could come back (as she must have abandoned the family already), which is the worst thing to tell her drunk and depressed father. Because the following day, Ji Eun returns home to find him lying in the bathtub in a pool of his own blood. Her mother didn’t even come to the funeral, and only returned two months later. Since then, Ji Eun hasn’t even developed a relationship with her mom.

Hye In takes this story to mean that Ji Eun is angry her parents couldn’t be there for her. But Ji Eun disagrees. She believes her father died to protect her, to end “everything.” (I hate how we still don’t know what “everything” is.) But Hye In on the other hand, in Ji Eun’s humble opinion, can’t even protect her own child. Hye In didn’t have to leave her son alone with Park Sae Yong, and she was so close to saving him a couple of episodes before but failed. If anything, Hyun Woo must resent his mother so much now.

Ji Eun really got into Hye In’s head there, and the actress has to take a moment outside of the room to breathe and regain her composure. Mi Ok recognizes what’s going on and encourages Hye In to stay strong. That’s what Ji Eun does – get into people’s heads by telling them just enough about her life before shutting down the conversation. She then gives Hye In an ace card: “The woman who committed suicide is Ji Eun’s mom. Use it at the right time.” She believes that Ji Eun will say just what she needs to on the show, but in order to get more information, Hye In will need to shock her with this information. And no one else – except Woo Shin – knows about this yet.

But no secret can be kept hidden forever. Reporter Jang asks well-placed, probing questions about the body to Detective Yoo and discovers that the jumper is Ji Eun’s mother. Of course he goes straight to Dong Wook with this juicy information, which gives Dong Wook his “shock factor” moment for this episode.

A few minutes before airing, Joon Goo visits Ji Eun and Mi Ok in the dressing room. He attempts to be nice to her, telling her she doesn’t have to say anything about her personal life if she doesn’t want to. Reporter Jang busts in and starts snapping pictures, which really pisses off Joon Goo. He knows that the reporter took pictures of Bo Yeon buried in the ground too and is disgusted by Jang’s tactics. So he takes the reporter’s phone and throws it into the ground, shattering it. Meanwhile Hye In has an emergency meeting with Seung In in his car; a secret powwow presumably about all the clues he’s gathered so far on the case.

The show begins, and Hye In intros the show. She and Woo Shin are thrown for a loop when she discovers right then and there that there are 30 audience members who are going to join in for a Q&A tonight. Reporter Jang situates himself on one of the seats as well. Hye In introduces Ji Eun, whose handcuffed wrists are covered by a towel, and begins the Q&A session.

One viewer wants to know if Ji Eun and Park Sae Yong kidnapped Hyun Woo for money, as Cocount TV (the streaming website) pays people who put more racy and provocative content on their streams. Ji Eun denies that it’s for money. Behind the scenes, Joon Goo protests the way the show is going and leaves the control room. Woo Shin isn’t happy either but she won’t let Dong Wook take full control of the show either.

Hye In jumps in to ask a question herself: Who was that friend of her father’s who seemed to threaten him by using her? Another viewer pipes up: “Jung Hye In, you’re with an accomplice who kidnapped your son. How can you be so calm? Is this all for show? Are you trying to save your husband’s station? Are you trying to make us all feel sympathy for her?” Hye In doesn’t know how to respond, but Dong Wook encourages her to address it. What the viewer asked reflects what some of the public thinks about her, and she needs to win their hearts too.

Thankfully she’s saved by another viewer who has a question. He saw a woman commit suicide off the UCN building that morning, and had a picture of it on his phone. Dong Wook planted this viewer in the audience! He had gone to the convenience store to ask if the cashier person had seen the body or taken a picture, and this viewer, who happened to overhear, offers up his phone. Dong Wook then put him in the audience to then get a reaction out of Ji Eun.

However, Hye In realizes that this is not the time for the ace card to be used yet, and Woo Shin runs across the stage to get the phone out of the viewer’s hands. A close up on the picture on the camera, and it is displayed across the big screen. Hye In tries to shield Ji Eun’s eyes from recognizing the body, and suddenly there’s a blackout.

And just then, Na Soo Hyun, watching the broadcast from his phone, pulls his car out of parking and drives away. Hmmm…

When the lights turn back on, Hye In is still trying to shield Ji Eun’s eyes with her cue cards. Except… Ji Eun is gone. She’s missing! She escaped! The police, watching it on TV, are spurred into action to locate Ji Eun. There’s still a show to finish though, and Hye In continues taking questions from the audience who now have pre-approved questions to pick from, thanks to Woo Shin.

As soon as the show is over, Hye In gives Dong Wook the nastiest look and runs out of the studio. Detective Park stops her as he suspects her having to do with Ji Eun’s disappearance. Hye In insists he let her go, frenzied over the fact that she’s lost the only person who knows where Hyun Woo is. Chief Jung steps in and tells Detective Park to let her go, knowing that it’d be fruitless to suspect her.

Hye In determinedly goes straight to Seung In’s home and takes off her shoes as if she were entering her own home. Huh? But instead of approaching him, she goes directly to his bed…

…Where Ji Eun is sitting, still handcuffed. Whoa, whut?!

Some Thoughts

Okay, so now we know partly what Hye In and Seung In were discussing in the car before the show, but there are still a lot of gaps to be filled. We don’t even know if Bo Yeon got Soo Hyun’s message to Seung In just yet, but I’m assuming he somehow got it. The way Soo Hyun acted seemed like he expected this blackout to happen and is now going to have to enact the next phase of the plan. This case is becoming incredibly elaborate, and I hope the secret thing that happened seven years ago is really good. Right now I’m just guessing that Ham Tae Young and Jae Hyun discovered that SG Group was funding experimental drug research that was doing more harm than good, and wanted it shut down. While that is compelling, it’s also a little bit boring and doesn’t explain why Hye In and her son have to be involved. If anything, she should be having her revenge because her husband was supposedly killed for knowing such a damning secret.

In any case, this makes the last three episodes of the “Wanted” show that much more interesting. The mastermind has had to accelerate his plans and make changes, and bring the team that he’s torturing together with his minions. He needs his enemies and allies to team up, which is a bit strange; if he’s going to do that, he might as well return Hyun Woo soon out of good faith.

I don’t really like how we find out so late in the game that Woo Shin has a daughter and is a single parent. However the revelation is still put to good use in a chilling way: kids are now playing the “Wanted” game because they see it on TV and think it’s just a game for fun. It also validates Dong Wook’s thoughts on why he’s doing the show: he wants to see how “Wanted” is affecting society. That heart-to-heart he has with Woo Shin is so interesting because he is so honest about how depraved he can appear to be. And he’s unapologetic. I love that he’s played by Uhm Tae Woong, because even though Dong Wook’s reasoning for doing the show might seem messed up, when said by Uhm I am undoubtedly on his side. I too want to see this to the very end even if it perversely tortures and hurts many people around him.

My theory on who is behind it all:

After 10 episodes, I want to lay out who I now think is the mastermind kidnapper of all this: Ham Tae Young.

So far, Ham Tae Young has been an elusive and well-intentioned character. He’s a chaebol who dearly loved his wife and wanted a new life for his budding family. At the same time, SG Group and the company being led by his father and (now shady) brother seem to be a very suspicious company that would go to any lengths to get what they want. My guess is that Ham Tae Young discovered something, alongside Na Jae Hyun, and they were silenced by SG Group. (As mentioned above, it could be something to do with experimental drugs.)

So far we’ve taken everyone’s word for it that Ham Tae Young is dead. But what if he’s not dead? What if seven years ago he made it out and survived his near death experience? He is so far the only character from seven years ago that’s unaccounted for that we know of, that is close enough to know Ha Dong Min, that is close enough to know the Na family, close enough to know that SG Group might be hiding something, close enough to Jo Nam Chul in knowing that that criminal killed Jae Hyun. He was there seven years ago, and is possibly plotting his revenge now because he woke up from a coma or he finally had all the pieces together to exact it.

Now why would Ham Tae Young kidnap his son? I think he really wanted to be with his son and to escape with his son to start a new life. Possibly with Hye In too, though I think he’s put her through too much to maybe want to reconcile with her. But he has Na Soo Hyun and Park Sae Yong doing the actual dirty work for him, to be the only face that Hyun Woo sees. That way, when Ham Tae Young makes his grand appearance he can look like a savior and Hyun Woo wouldn’t have lingering fears of him because he wouldn’t associate his real dad with the kidnapping.

It might be a far-fetched idea, and it may not have a lot of substance. But it’s where my instincts are pointing me towards because we just never know enough about Ham Tae Young.

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