Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 5 Recap


AUGHHHHH THE FEELS. Okay technically this show still doesn’t break many K-drama barriers, but OMG WHYYYY. WHY DRAMA GODS WHYYYYY?

So Joon Young asks No Eul to go out with him, and cue a tense silence as No Eul tries to read what’s going on in his head. Joon Young actually breaks into a wide grin, but it’s hard to tell on her end if he’s being genuine. Rather than letting him toy with her, No Eul breaks into a wide smile and says of course she’d like to be his girlfriend. Who wouldn’t!? She can announce this everywhere on social media, right? But Joon Young’s smile fades – he knows that she’s just teasing.

After the shoot, No Eul wallows in misery in her favorite restaurant, knowing that she’s been fired from the documentary. (Of course Joon Young won’t have that and makes his CEO rehire her.) She hates that Joon young can get away with saying crazy things like asking her out on a date and go unpunished, but when she tries to play his game she gets fired. Ji Tae joins her, and though he goes by another name with her (Hyun Woo) I’m still going to call him Ji Tae. He’s pretty happy to hear that she’s been fired and offers to get her another job. No Eul scoffs — he doesn’t even have a job himself, what more get her a job! Instead… What if he gets a job and then hires her… as his wife?

Ji Tae is taken aback. Not that he’d be opposed to it, but he doesn’t know how to react to hearing his dreams come true. Unfortunately No Eul takes his silence badly and she feels that he doesn’t like her, but just doesn’t know how to tell her. Feeling rejected, she heads out, and is disappointed that he doesn’t even come after her.

The restaurant manager knows better though, seeing Ji Tae drink a couple of shots by himself. He liiiiiiiiikes her. But he doesn’t feel worthy for her. Gah – stop being so noble Ji Tae! He then realizes that No Eul’s left her phone and goes outside to look for her.

Just then the phone rings, and Ji Tae answers. It’s Joon Young, and he starts asking who picked up No Eul’s phone. “Who are you?” Ji Tae asks back. “It’s normally polite to introduce yourself first, then ask who picked up.” Joon Young says, “You probably saw my name on the phone when I called.”

“It just says ‘Asshole’,” Ji Tae replies. HAHAHA.

But Ji Tae figures that it might be Joon Young on the other line and warns him to never call No Eul again, especially since they won’t be working together anymore. That’s when Joon Young realizes he’s talking to “Hubby.” No Eul returns just in time to pick up the phone from Ji Tae’s hands, but Joon Young has already hung up, too angry.

Ji Tae tries calling her phone and sees that she’s called him “nampyeon”, which could mean “husband.” He grins, really flattered, but No Eul says it’s because he always sides with the other side when she gets into fights. Hence “nam” (other) “pyeon” (side). Hee.

No Eul heads home and considers texting Joon Young back. In her head she wants to curse him out, but she ends up typing out an apology and begging for forgiveness. In the end she doesn’t bother with the text. There are other places that will hire her! And then she notices Joon Young’s car. Could it be…?


She’s startled by his appearance, and he’s wondering why she’s living with Nari instead of her “husband.” He keeps peppering her with questions to annoy her, asking about her marital status and if she has kids. She gets annoyed and says she’s obviously not married or a mother, but rather a poor girl who’s getting dragged around by a psycho like him! And then, No Eul then gets a call from the production team. She’s been rehired! Mainly because Joon Young said he won’t shoot a single scene without her. Before she can turn to him for confirmation, he drives away. So slick.

The following morning, we watch Joon Young through the many CCTV cameras in his house as he gets up (sleeping on the floor rather than the bed), washes up (abs!), feeds his dog, and then changes to head out for the day (looking nice with the shades). It’s a big day – the day of his concert! As for No Eul, she lovingly feeds No Jik a leafy wrap with meat. She coddles her baby brother, even though he’s perfectly old enough to take care of himself, and suggests dropping everything and following him around. And surprisingly, he agrees!

No Eul can’t believe her brother actually took her bait, but it’s because he has a good reason: if she continues working on Shin Joon Young’s documentary she will get eaten alive by his fan base. Case in point: Haru, or the girl that he’s nicknamed “Jerk of All Jerks” on his phone. She’s threatening to sue him if he tricked her, and No Eul answers her text: “What are you going to do with information regarding PD No Eul? Do your parents know you’re going around doing this kind of thing?” Yeah! Tsk tsk Haru!

Instead of preparing for her college exams (which she’s redoing after failing already), Haru is busy preparing fan-made goods for Joon Young’s upcoming concert. So yeah, she really isn’t doing much with her life. She’s pretty pissed with No Eul’s response too (though she’s attributing it to No Jik); who knows what crazy thing she’ll do next.

No Jik is serious though – he doesn’t want his sister near Joon Young. He knows enough what crazy fan girls could do, and doesn’t want her sister falling for Joon Young again while working on the documentary. He knows his sister too well. No Jik reminds her that they live in different worlds, and she’ll definitely get hurt if they ever get together.

At Ji Tae’s home, we find him washing up and being quite giddy because he’s considered No Eul’s “Hubby” of sorts. Just then his father calls him out Ji Tae goes home quite giddy, feeling warm that he’s considered No Eul’s “hubby” of sorts. His father then calls him out for a moment, which kills his mood. But it turns out the dad just wants a little friendly competition. If Choi Hyun Joon can knock off the two black Go stones from the board with his white one, he won’t have to give Ji Tae his prized autographed baseball.

He aims, he shoots… he misses! It’s actually really sweet to watch Hyun Joon whine and refuse to give his son the baseball. It makes him a lovable father, when all I really want to do is hate him.

Haru returns home, tired from leaving early in the morning to prepare gifts for Joon Young’s concert, and she begs her father to go to the concert with her. It would do wonders for his image! But Ji Tae snaps at her, telling her to study or do something more worthwhile than fawn over a celebrity. Haru and Hyun Joon are actually taken aback by Ji Tae’s harshness, even though Haru really needs to listen to those words. I mean, that girl just lives for Joon Young. Haru runs off, thinking her brother is acting weird all of a sudden. Hyun Joon actually finds himself liking Joon Young more; this celebrity managed to make Ji Tae get angry, and Ji Tae never gets angry. The father is actually relieved his son has some emotions.

Joon Young visits his mother outside her building to give her tickets to his concert. It’s the last time she could ever see him on stage. Young Ok shortly replies that she’s glad to hear of it, but rips his tickets to shreds. She really doesn’t approve of him being a celebrity, no matter what he says. She hates that he chose a different career path without talking to her about it. She hates that he’s so rich now, when he swore to be a prosecutor and protect people who were downtrodden and poor like they were. She really won’t see his concert, even if he dies. Way harsh, mom.

No Eul heads over to the concert stadium with her camera and takes note of all his international fans that have come to watch him. She’s quite amazed at his appeal and smiles almost proudly at how well he’s done for himself. One person isn’t too happy though, and that’s Haru. And it’s all because her father won’t show up to the concert with her. Is she ten, or what?

Suddenly a man wrapped up in a coat and scarf sits down next to Haru – it’s Hyun Joon! He kept his promise and even wore a sweater with Joon Young’s face on it! What a great dad. He even humors her and Jung Ja with a photo op, but then as soon as the concert really gets going, he makes his exit. He has done enough of his job supporting his daughter.

It also turns out that Hyun Joon does remember Joon Young as the bright potential law student. He just doesn’t act like he knows the kid very well. Hyun Joon good-naturedly though salutes Joon Young’s banner for being successful in a different career path. One person isn’t too pleased that he went to the concert though. (There’s always someone displeased!) And that is surprisingly his wife Eun Soo. When she learns that Hyun Joon went to Joon Young’s concert (even though it was for Haru), she swipes a vase off the coffee table. I guess… she knows?

No Eul is front and center by the stage, filming the entire concert for the documentary. Joon Young sings a love song and looks right at her, so she can’t help but feel like he’s singing to her, about her. She takes a break for a sip of water to slow her fluttering heart, and when she resumes her duties Joon Young visibly smiles onstage. Aw.

Young Ok is still working at the restaurant, refusing to go to the concert. But Jung Sik comes up to her and hands her the money that Gook Young owed. He had come up with enough money to pay her back some time ago, but when he told Gook Young to pay Joon Young back, his stupid son decided to spend it all instead. So Jung Sik took a bit longer this time, getting his friend to pay him back money too and getting his house’s safety deposit back. He wants the slate clean so that Young Ok will stop blaming his family for Joon Young’s career path. But he also reminds her the order of events: Joon Young quit school first because of something. Gook Young caused some trouble after that. Then Joon Young decided to become a celebrity and paid back that debt for Gook Young.

So really, Young Ok can’t blame anyone else for Joon Young’s choice in leaving law school.

After the first song, No Eul joins Joon Young and his entourage backstage as he gets ready for his next performance. She asks him a few questions about how he feels regarding his last concert, and if he has anything to say to his fans. Joon Young doesn’t. All he wants to know is if the guy who picked up the phone last night was her boyfriend. He’s clearly being very belligerent on camera, so No Eul finally answers that Ji Tae is not her boyfriend because Joon Young won’t answer any other question. That makes Joon Young really happy.

He sings his second song, and the screen behind him reads the following: “The person I love is here today. That’s why I’m trying to muster my courage to tell you today.” Haru freaks out, thinking that it’s her. Ji Tae stands with the audience, having a good view of the stage and No Eul filming Joon Young. He can’t help himself but show up to see what could happen between Joon Young and No Eul.

Finally in the middle of the song, Joon Young picks up a huge white teddy bear and gets off stage. He goes right up to No Eul, pulls off the camera from her hands, and takes her up onstage. The platform rises up, and he sings to her, giving her the bear. It reminds her of the day he showed up in front of her school and gave her that same bear in front of everyone. The audience is in shock, for how could be in love with someone not so glamorous? Haru is obviously angry, and what’s worse is an article comes out that identifies No Eul and has all of her personal information online already. Plus there’s a picture with the article from Joon Young and No Eul’s high school days.

No Eul never accepts the bear. In fact, she rejects him in front of everyone, which makes her the target of other concert goers’ ire. She tries to pretend that it was all for show, and he was kidding anyways, but not a single girl is happy with her. Meanwhile Joon Young is kinda depressed in his dressing room because his grand gesture failed. When he hears about the article on No Eul, and how so many commenters are saying bad things about her, he does something new: he wants screenshots of all the comments and to have all those slanderers reported to the police. After avoiding doing that for so long because of his mother, he doesn’t care anymore. Mean comments about himself are one thing, but mean comments about No Eul are unacceptable.

No Eul is greeted outside of the bathroom by a reporter, who wants a scoop on her relationship with Joon Young. The reporter also breaks the news to No Eul about the article on her, much to her chagrin. Thankfully Ji Tae arrives to save the day, dressed completely in black. He blocks the camera, saying that the reporters don’t have a right to bother No Eul like this, and then grabs her hand to lead her away.

No Eul is quite thankful, and possibly impressed by Ji Tae’s less-shabby appearance. But it’s short-lived. When they reach the outside of the stadium, Joon Young is standing out there, completely covered up so no one can recognize him. Joon Young smiles and tries to grab her hand; he doesn’t care if Ji Tae is her “husband,” because he knows it’s not for real and he wants No Eul for himself. But Ji Tae warns him that the reporter and her cameraman are still behind them, filming. Does he really want to do this right now?

Joon Young doesn’t care. Everyone knows him already, so it doesn’t matter what he does. But Ji Tae’s secrets can be dug up real quick if anyone catches him on camera. Oooh, a threat. Does Joon Young know who Ji Tae really is?!

Just then a swarm of reporters and fans surround them, taking pictures frantically. It’s the moment! The moment between the first and second male leads! Who will win!?

And Ji Tae slowly lets go of No Eul’s hand, and shields his face with the brim of his cap. He really can’t let anyone know who he is, for if his identity gets out, No Eul will also view him as a liar. So Joon Young takes the opportunity to grab No Eul’s hand and lead her away from the throng.

Some Thoughts

I’m really impressed that for a slow moving episode, we get such nice character and relationship development. We only progress about a day in the show, or maybe a little more (but the timeline isn’t clear), but we see how No Jik loves his sister, how Hyun Joon is an awesome dad, and how Ji Tae really treasures his relationship with No Eul. I love it. And I know these moments will bring me great pain in the future.

I am REALLY hurt by Ji Tae’s decision. Those were the FEELS that I was crying out loud before. I have major second male lead syndrome right now, and I wish Ji Tae could have been stronger for No Eul. I wish he could have boldly protected her. Neither man has a good claim for No Eul as they’ve hurt her in their own ways and protected the one man they shouldn’t have. If anything, No Eul doesn’t deserve either of them. But oh how I wished she could have been with Ji Tae, who seemed to be more understanding of her situation than Joon Young. How I wish Ji Tae wouldn’t let Joon Young take her hand. (We very nearly got a three-way wrist grab a la Heirs here, but thankfully it didn’t happen.)

But I guess if we had to think from No Eul’s perspective, she would have been happier with Joon Young, with whom she can debate with, than with Ji Tae, whom she would tread carefully around because she realizes he’s not really the person he made himself out to be.

AUGH! This show. WHY!? Let me take my frustration out on that stupid person who leaked No Eul’s identity to the press then.

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    was waiting for this recap thank you very much. as for that triangle I’m with you Ji Tae is more like a father figure an old brother than a lover compared to JY so maybe i can say I’m rooting for JY

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