Wanted: Episode 7 Recap


The plot thickens… At first it really seemed like the mastermind behind the kidnapping wanted to expose normal people’s wrongdoings. But now, things have intensified to the point where the mastermind has a bigger goal, and a real grudge against Hye In and her former husband.

Mission 5: Find Na Jae Hyun

Hyun Woo is on the run! The boy is really smart as he hides from Na Soo Hyun, trying to escape. Hye In tells her son to keep the phone on but to hide it in his pocket so that he can run without talking to her. She hurries over to Dong Wook and writes him a note that she’s on the phone with Hyun Woo. They’re trying their best to listen for clues to his location, and not talk on the phone to give away that they’re on the line.

At one point Soo Hyun nears Hyun Woo, but the kid manages to hide under a desk and remain unseen. He can’t figure out where he is, though he knows that the building he’s in has a lot of garbage, and an empty pool. He trips on a banner, and tells his mom that it says ‘Jeongneung Blue Swimming Club.’ Hye In advises him to find a window to climb out of, and then the phone dies.

Dong Wook notifies Seung In and Young Gwan that Hyun Woo might be in Jeongneung Blue Sports Center, and then heads out with Hye In first – camera in hand. They all race over, with Dong Wook and Hye In arriving first. Breaking through the chains that lock the front door, they split up, with Dong Wook going to the basement and Hye In going upstairs. All throughout the building, they yell for Hyun Woo, so Soo Hyun is quickly alerted that he’s got visitors.

Hye In spots Hyun Woo first as he pulls open a window to get out. They run to each other and embrace, unable to let each other go. Is the nightmare really over?! No… it can’t be…

Neither realize that Soo Hyun is quietly approaching, and he tases Hye In in the back. She goes unconscious, and Soo Hyun picks up Hyun Woo again. When Seung In finally arrives and finds her, she’s alone. Meanwhile Dong Wook is in the basement and he finds Soo Hyun’s room, which is full of bare furnishings like a simple bed, a chair, table, and some provisions.

Hye In slowly wakes up, and just in time she receives a call from Soo Hyun, who again, doesn’t mask his voice. (Not that it matters really. The police are aware he’s involved.) He tells her that she must have been able to confirm Hyun Woo’s condition, so she should hang tight until the fifth mission is sent over. Hye In breaks into a wail. She was so close! She was so close to ending her nightmare!

Seung In presents to his team at the police station his findings about Soo Hyun, and how he’s a suspect in Jo Nam Chul’s murder. Soo Hyun’s got no family anymore; his parents died when he was sixteen, and he and his older brother had to raise their sickly six-year old sister until she died. Then his older brother disappeared seven years ago and his case was never solved. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because every time I hear “seven years ago” it’s like bells are ringing in my head!

Mi Ok takes this information to Ji Eun, who’s in prison. Ji Eun visibly looks worried and tries to contain her emotions, but it’s enough for Mi Ok to glean information. Soo Hyun was not supposed to be discovered this early, right? Mi Ok wonders how she, Soo Hyun, and Park Sae Yong are all connected, as she started dating Sae Yong a month before the kidnapping, and Soo Hyun took up the job at the cafe two months before. Ji Eun is a master at not saying anything though.

Joon Goo and Dong Wook visit Hye In in her house. He apologizes for not being able to protect Jo Nam Chul. But Hye In is quite cynical. How is it that Soo Hyun, who went into the room with the intent to kill, barely hurt Joon Goo that he just needed stitches, but killed Nam Chul? She’s starting to distrust everyone around her, for good reason too. I really hope Joon Goo isn’t involved, especially as he doesn’t have much of an excuse for why his injuries are so minor. But I’m betting he was hiding instead of actually fighting Soo Hyun.

Meanwhile Bo Yeon follows a tip that she received regarding the jewelry they found in Jo Nam Chul’s container. She ends up in an old school repair and hardware store, and she films an interview with the old man who used to run it. He knew the Na siblings, and the older brother Jae Hyun and middle son Soo Hyun had requested the jewelry to be made for younger sister Young Hyun’s birthday. They all had a set of rings and necklaces, and the “J ❤ S ❤ Y” engravings represented the three siblings. They were a very loving family, and while the brothers worked, Young Hyun would stay at the old man’s store to play.

The old man shares a picture with Bo Yeon of the three siblings, and she sees everything coming together. But before she can rush out, the son of the old man asks if they’ll get a reward for their tip. After all, there was a 500 million won reward last time. Bo Yeon uncomfortably tells him she doesn’t handle that stuff, and you can see some kind of regret in the son and the old man’s eyes for sharing that information for free. This show is already corrupting the public…

Instead of going to her production team though, Bo Yeon goes to Seung In and Mi Ok with her findings. It’s very likely that Jo Nam Chul killed Jae Hyun seven years ago and kept the jewelry as a trophy. It also suggests that Soo Hyun killed Jo Nam Chul out of revenge. Bo Yeon is starting to feel a moral conflict with what she’s doing for the show and wants to know if it’s okay to air this information on the show in order to more quickly capture Soo Hyun. A lot of people aside from Hyun Woo are being put in danger, and people are dying. She doesn’t want to reveal something nationally if it doesn’t have to be.

She is not the only one going through a moral crisis. Woo Shin is also struggling with balancing the show’s needs and human needs. What’s worse is the broadcasting team’s office phones start going off the hook. An article was just published (by yours truly Reporter Jang) where it said that the broadcasting team of “Wanted” knew about Han Sol’s father’s murder, but covered it up. This is based on the video he found on Joon Goo’s phone.

When Dong Wook confronts Reporter Jang, the guy is pretty honest about why he did it. It’s revenge for using all his information on Seung In without giving him credit or letting him join the team. So Dong Wook offers him a spot on the team officially… as long as Reporter Jang writes up an amendment to the article saying that revealing the murder would have impeded police investigations.

Of course, the police aren’t really happy to be put on the hook for this because they’re being blamed for hiding a murder from the public and prioritizing a kidnapping over a murder. Even the police commissioner, with whom Jung Ho was buddies with initially, is not happy with UCN. He decrees that all the police officers working on Hyun Woo’s case stop working on it, and that they all move to national headquarters to work on the murder case and finding the culprit who killed Han Sol’s father.

Seung In doesn’t want to do that, even if technically he’s catching the same criminal but following a different thread. He seems quite partial to kidnappings, this guy. Chief Jung takes him aside and hears Seung In out: Seung In wants to help support Hye In and the broadcasting team to save Hyun Woo. Without the police’s help, they will not be able to save Hyun Woo and complete the missions. Officially Chief Jung says no. But he agrees to keeping Seung In in his station because he bets Seung In will be a troublemaker anyways. And of course rookie Young Gwan gets to stay too because Chief Jung can’t separate the kid from his hyung.

Dong Wook prepares the teaser for tonight’s episode and has Woo Shin find a voice actor to say the same message that Soo Hyun left Hye In after he took Hyun Woo away. Dong Wook managed to capture some footage of Hye In crying, so it’ll be a very dramatic teaser. Woo Shin feels uncomfortable with hiring a voice actor for this and consults with Hye In secretly about her thoughts on the teaser.

Surprisingly, Hye In agrees to Dong Wook’s idea and adds that scary music should be added. Woo Shin is unsettled by the fact that Dong Wook and Hye In are very alike – willing to sacrifice some of their humanity for their shared goal of saving Hyun Woo.

Hye In gets a call from her brother-in-law and visits him in the SG Group offices. There, the brother-in-law pledges SG Group’s full support in finding Hyun Woo. He was also taken aback by the revelation that his brother might not have died from an accident, but he’s got his PR and legal teams ready in case Hye In ever needs it. For some weird reason though, I feel like SG Group is not as saintly as it’s being made out to be.

Young Gwan discovers an odd lead regarding Na Jae Hyun’s case. The lead detective on it, Ko Hyung Joon, quit in the middle of the case and has been doing odd jobs since. He’s currently a private investigator, so Young Gwan and Seung In go over to his office. They find a struggle has taken place, and lots of blood on the floor. But no body.

Hye In drives back to UCN and is greeted by a throng of reporters outside. Just then a man with a bloodied hand staggers his way to the car: “Jung Hye In, I found you,” he says. “I have to tell you something that you need to put on air. I’m the fifth mission. Find Na Jae Hyun today.”

Bam! That was dramatic! The missions always find their way to Hye In directly, but this is far more interesting than a simple email. She drives him into UCN’s parking lot, away from the reporters, and brings him up to the team. Bo Yeon bandages his hand properly, and Dong Wook turns on the camera to film his story.

The man is Detective Ko, as you might have surmised. He investigated Na Jae Hyun’s missing person’s case but quit in the middle of it because he was forced to by his superiors. Soo Hyun had hassled him quite a bit back then, but today he made a reappearance in Ko’s office. Tying Ko up in a chair, Soo Hyun forced Ko to write a confession on who made him stop investigating his brother’s case and who told him to quit. At first, Ko writes, “That didn’t happen.”

So Soo Hyun stabs a small knife at Ko’s stomach, but Ko manages to stop it just in time with his free hand. Now it’s all sliced up and bloody. Soo Hyun wraps it with a towel and forces Ko to start writing again. This time Ko writes something of meaning, and then signs it. Soo Hyun then warns him to follow his directions exactly, otherwise he’ll hurt Ko’s family, but that’s when Ko stabs Soo Hyun in the leg with a pencil and makes a run for it.

Hearing that Soo Hyun is involved, Dong Wook has Bo Yeon call for Seung In. They’re going to need his support in tracking Soo Hyun down. Seung In and Young Gwan head back to their car from the private detective’s office, and find a note on the windshield. It was obviously left by Soo Hyun, who leaves a few questions for Seung In: Why did Ko stop investigating Jae Hyun’s case? What is he hiding? And why did Detective Kim Sang Shik start digging into that same case? What did he learn that made Jo Nam Chul kill him? It’s like Soo Hyun is giving individual missions for Hye In and Seung In.

The question the broadcasting team now has is why Soo Hyun has this grudge against Ko. Apparently Ko had tried to investigate and had gotten pretty far in tracking down Jae Hyun’s last days. Two months before he was reported missing (and it took a while since Soo Hyun was in the army), he was last seen leaving his job on July 12 and getting into a Rolls Royce. Jae Hyun was not rich, so his coworker definitely remembered that being weird.

Hye In’s blood turns cold – July 12 was the day before her former husband died, and he owned a Rolls Royce. That means Jae Hyun knew Tae Young.

Seung In arrives pretty quickly and grabs Ko by the collar. He demands to know what Ko told Detective Kim that got him killed. At first Ko denies knowing Kim, but then admits that he met him once. After he was forced to drop the case, he got a call from Im Hyung Soon, who had a tip for him about Jae Hyun’s case. Kim was also very curious about that case, so Ko told him where he could meet Im Hyung Soon. He didn’t realize he was sending the detective to his death though.

After Kim died, Ko tried to track down Im but he had already fled for the Philippines. Fearing for his own safety if he kept poking around, Ko quit the police force.

Seung In is really mad, but he manages to refocus on saving Hyun Woo. They need to find Jae Hyun in order to do that, but Seung In doesn’t think Jae Hyun is hiding. He would have contacted Soo Hyun in some way if he were alive. Seung In, Mi Ok, and Hye In find it weird that Soo Hyun would kill Jo Nam Chul if he was going to reveal on television who was behind it all – who was backing him, and who was presumably ordering Ko to drop the case. But if Jo Nam Chul actually killed Jae Hyun, then it could have been out of revenge. Or Soo Hyun was also trying to silence Jo Nam Chul from revealing the mastermind behind it all.

Seung In then remembers that Park Gwang Hyung had buried a body for Jo Nam Chul seven years ago, so he barges into Gwang Hyung’s karaoke room in a club and demands to know where the body was being kept. If Gwang Hyung helps him this time, Seung In will look the other way for Gwang Hyung’s next “crime.”

It’s time for broadcast, and Dong Wook reminds Hye In to keep the show interesting like a suspenseful movie, and sway public sympathy towards Hyun Woo because more are protesting the show. Joon Goo is heading up the second camera team where they will capture the discovery of Jae Hyun’s body (presumably) in the place where Gwang Hyung had him buried.

Hye In starts off the show, and she briefly recaps her encounter with Hyun Woo before she is cruelly torn from him again. She then tells Soo Hyun’s tragic story and how Jae Hyun’s case is now a cold one. In the broadcast control room, Dong Wook is furious – the script was changed! The footage of the two detectives fighting is also not included in the show! Who made all these changes? Woo Shin. She did not feel comfortable exploiting Seung In again, especially without his permission.

The police digging in a forest finally hit something solid, and Dong Wook switches the camera over to the feed Joon Goo is sending. They uncover a skeleton, and Seung In confirms the identity when he fishes out an old wallet with Na Jae Hyun’s ID.

So they’ve found Jae Hyun. Not the most ideal scenario for Soo Hyun, who’s watching in his new private lair. But now he knows where his brother is.

Just before the show ends, we then see a surprise appearance from Jung Ho, who steps in front of the camera with an important announcement: This will be “Wanted”‘s final episode.

Some Thoughts

My heart was gripped in the chest when I heard Jung Ho’s announcement. In hindsight it might have been obvious, but the thoughts racing through my head included Jung Ho saying he’d divorce Hye In on live television, or renouncing Hyun Woo or something. Giving up the show because of the police commissioner though is almost equivalent to outright renouncing Hyun Woo because he no longer cares if his son will be okay.

Things are definitely getting more complicated though. At first I thought that the mastermind was basically picking people who wanted some sort of justice or had an unsolved crime they wanted resolved. Almost like, “Calling all people who want their dirty laundry aired on television! It’ll definitely be resolved because it’s on TV!” After all, Ji Eun got her revenge against abusive fathers, the mastermind helped expose an awful doctor, and Soo Hyun got his brother’s case solved. But now it’s becoming clearer that aside from the first case, the mastermind is purposely targeting Hye In and her family. Everyone is connected somehow, and I feel like her former brother-in-law is in the center of it. Perhaps Ham Tae Young was going to expose something by way of Jae Hyun, and then SG Group and his brother found out, and eliminated him through Jo Nam Chul. Whoever is trying to expose SG Group though must have a mean grudge.

I really hope that Joon Goo is also not involved.

I think last week’s episodes were a little shaky, but this show is hitting its stride again with episode 7. Eliminating some of the other police officer characters might help, and maybe getting rid of Kyung Hoon as a character too, because it will keep the show more tightly focused on a smaller group of characters and we wouldn’t fluctuate between varying degrees of knowledge regarding the case. I could have done away with Reporter Jang as well, so this character really needs to be built up more, or gotten rid of in some way. Otherwise he’s just a minor annoyance that isn’t as effective as he could be.

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