UPDATED: KCON LA 2016 – See You There!


Update: Now including my panel schedule!

And yet another year where I get to go to KCON! I feel so especially lucky and grateful for this as I was hoping I’d get to go but never really sure.

This past weekend was KCON NY – and if you happened to be there I’m sure it was a blast. But I couldn’t go as I had prior obligations that same weekend. (Wedding in Vermont – equally as fun, but definitely no K-pop at the reception.) I was pretty sad I missed out, but I’m looking forward to KCON LA – after all, that’s like the home base for KCON and sure to be the biggest party of all!

Details are sparse for KCON LA, but it will be a three-day convention starting on Friday, July 29 to Sunday July 31. Concerts are on Saturday and Sunday of the convention at the Staples Center, and the convention is at LA Convention Center. Same locations as last year, and it was pretty good because 1) we were inside and 2) it was air-conditioned. It also felt like a legit convention with proper rooms for panels and such.

I hope I’m going as a panelist, though I haven’t gotten my panel assignments just yet. If I do, I’ll update it here, so stay tuned!

Panel Schedule:

Friday – July 29

  • Centuries of Flower Boys
    • Tentative time: 1:30-2:30 PM PST
    • Moderated by: yours truly
    • Panelists include: Lindsay from Seoulbeats, Coco and Vivi from KDramaFighting, OC Koala, and Julie

Sunday – July 31

  • K-pop Idols and SNS Dramas
    • Tentative time: 3:00-4:00PM PST
    • Moderated by: Stephanie Kurze
    • Panelists include: OCKoala, Vivi from KdramaFighting, ZombieMama, Cherry Cordial, and yours truly

If you happen to go to KCON in LA, I hope to see you all there!

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