Wanted: Episode 6 Recap


Holy crap we are getting closer and closer to finding out who the mastermind is. I have found myself consistently hating the even episodes, and this one has not disappointed. I’m hating this episode’s cliffhanger because of the expectation for more.

Mission 4: Find out how Ham Tae Young died

As to be expected from episode five’s weird cliffhanger, we definitely missed a crucial scene that is revealed here. While Hye In is on her way home, leaving Kyung Hoon at the studio, Seung In and Young Gwan get into that accident that allows Jo Nam Chul to escape. She heads straight for Kyung Hoon’s room; it seems like as her manager, he also lives with her and her family. He’s locked his door, but luckily Hye In has a key.

Hye In frantically searches through his room, not giving a care in the world that she’s making a mess, for any clue that might prove he knows where Hyun Woo is. In the bottom dresser drawer, she finds a fake board, and opens it to find CDs, notebooks, and flash drives – all involving her. Hye In sleeping. Hye In showering. Hye In fighting with her husband. We knew Kyung Hoon was suspicious before – but now we really know why. He’s just like one of her stalkers. He’s in love with her, and has been watching her every move.

At that moment, Kyung Hoon comes home to find her in his room. He forcefully grabs her wrist, but in a calm and even voice tells her that he loves her. He will find Hyun Woo for her, and has been questioning all of her previous stalkers because he believes they have something to do with it. Ew. Hye In uses all her acting skills to fake a stomachache and bids him to get her medicine. Kyung Hoon eventually leaves, and Hye In makes her escape…

…Only to end up inside her car, frantically calling Seung In, and chloroformed by an unknown assailant.

When Hye In finally comes to, she finds herself tied up at the wrists and ankles in an enclosed space, and it’s already three p.m. the next day.

Seung In also wakes up – but in the hospital. He had minor injuries compared to Young Gwan, and he leaps out of bed (instead of properly resting) when he learns that Jo Nam Chul escaped. The worst part is that there are no witnesses or CCTV cameras where they had the accident. Chief Jung is pretty relaxed though; Jo Nam Chul’s face was plastered all over the country so he can’t hide for very long.

Seung In then checks his phone and finds out that he missed Hye In’s calls. She’s not picking up, and so he tries her manager. He’s also not picking up. He finds out from Dong Wook that she’s not in the studio and wasn’t home all night, so he goes on high alert, remembering that Hye In was suspecting her manager. He sneaks into her house and makes his way to Kyung Hoon’s room, finding all of his CDs and notebooks.

Dong Wook has Bo Yeon look into Hye In’s email account to see if there are any clues to the next mission. However they also need to find her first, otherwise they can’t perform the next mission properly. As for Kyung Hoon, he emails from a PC cafe to Hye In that he’ll be off looking for Hyun Woo on his own. It’s a wonder how the rest of the broadcast team doesn’t see this email, but they probably aren’t paying attention to emails from Kyung Hoon anyways.

The police find Hye In’s car in a parking lot, and Seung In looks around to see if there are any cameras that could have recorded what happened. Thankfully there’s a car nearby with its black box camera pointing at Hye In’s van. Seung In gets permission to go through it and then sees, of all people, an injured Jo Nam Chul carrying an unconscious Hye In into his own small sedan. So now he knows that Jo Nam Chul made it out alive and is acting on his own.

Speaking of which, Jo Nam Chul contacts Dong Wook and asks to meet under a bridge, presumably by Han River. He wants a chance to go on TV and tell the world what exactly happened seven years ago. He was hired to murder Detective Kim, and when he tried to tell the police and lawyers that he wasn’t the only person who murdered the detective, they all ignored him and placed the blame solely on him. The people (or person) who put him up to the murder are after him again because the kidnapper brought the old case to light again. Jo Nam Chul just wants the chance to say his piece and make people aware of a greater evil, even if it means he’ll have to go to jail again. At least he’d be alive in jail. Once he gets his moment on television, he’ll release Hye In to Dong Wook. Otherwise, she’ll die.

In case you’re wondering who’s watching Hye In and would kill her if Dong Wook doesn’t fulfill his promise, it’s Jo Nam Chul’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile Seung In asks the prison warden for more details on who Jo Nam Chul was close with. He learns that Jo’s best friend in prison was a gang leader named Park Gwang Hyung. Seung In barges into a karaoke room where Gwang Hyung is drinking with his men and insists on some answers. Gwang Hyung is pretty willing to give them, as he knows he hasn’t done anything wrong to warrant the police’s attention. Gwang Hyung admits to giving Jo Im Hyung Soon’s number, but didn’t expect Jo to kill the man. And back when they were in prison, Jo gave him a lot of money to help get rid of a body that he hid in a deserted Incheon airport. It was the one job he couldn’t finish before getting arrested, and he knew that the people who hired him would be displeased by the incomplete job. So Gwang Hyung had it taken care of.

This dead body that was rid of could be the key to everything!

Dong Wook takes Jo Nam Chul to an empty dressing room in the studio and arranges for him to meet Jung Ho. For a moment, you see a glimpse of Jung Ho being genuinely angry that Hye In is kidnapped as he threatens to kill Jo if Hye In is ever hurt. It surprises Dong Wook even. Jung Ho must have loved her a great deal, but was so betrayed about Hyun Woo’s parentage that he couldn’t deal with her afterwards. In any case, Jung Ho allows for Jo Nam Chul to make a special announcement at seven o’clock. Until then, Joon Goo is to stay in the room with him and keep watch.

As Bo Yeon goes to the cafe nearby to pick up coffee, she sees an email come in through Hye In’s account from the kidnapper. She is so frazzled she nearly forgets to get the coffee, and the suspicious barista asks if everything is ok. You’re not okay, Mr. Barista! Bo Yeon shows Dong Wook and Woo Shin the email, where the kidnapper even acknowledges her request and how much he enjoyed the third episode (which garnered 30% in ratings), and then tasks Hye In with finding out how her first husband died.

Of course, Hye In doesn’t know all this as she’s locked up in her tiny room. The girlfriend comes by every so often to check that she’s alive, and Hye In tries to engage with her to get her to free her. Seung In and his team also find out about the girlfriend leaving her home, so the question is where did she go – and where did she possibly keep Hye In? All they have going for them is receipts for taxis and buses around Incheon so Seung In heads out first with a patched-up Young Gwan.

At the studio, the rest of the broadcast team scrambles to get everything ready for Jo Nam Chul’s broadcast. Dong Wook goes back to the dressing room to pick them up, and is suddenly hit with an overpowering smell of death. He finds Jo in the middle of the room, lying in a pool of his own blood, dead from stabbing. As for Joon Goo, he’s passed out and stuffed in a small closet. Oh crap…

Who did this? Actually the show tells us – it was Mr. Barista! Whom we later learn is named Na Soo Hyun. Now things are getting real serious.

Jo’s girlfriend is also getting antsy as it’s 8:30pm and she hasn’t seen Jo’s special broadcast on TV yet. She thinks that Dong Wook failed Jo, which means that Hye In will have to die. The girlfriend goes into the room where Hye In is being held, knife in hand, but doesn’t look like she has the guts to kill. Hye In reasons with her, promising to help her as long as the girlfriend lets her call up the studio to see what’s going on. She pretends to be a friend, while using a piece of broken glass to cut through the rope around her wrist.

The girlfriend finally agrees to dial a number for Hye In, and Hye In gives her Seung In’s number. She pretends that she’s asking why Jo Nam Chul hasn’t gone on air yet while Seung In tells her to keep talking and delay, as he’s on his way to Incheon.

Suddenly there’s a horn blasting and Seung In asks if she’s in the same location as where they found the child Han Sol. With no other choice, Hye In quickly says yes, and the girlfriend hangs up, realizing that Hye In isn’t talking to the studio. Fear and anger cloud the girlfriend’s eyes as she grips on the knife more tightly. But Hye In’s also finally broken free of her ropes and she pushes the girlfriend away, making the knife clatter far away. They scuffle for a bit, but the girlfriend regains the knife and holds it up to Hye In’s neck.

Just then, Young Gwan and Seung In burst in. The girlfriend is arrested, a look of betrayal washing over her face as she looks at Hye In. For a moment I thought Hye In would try to help her but instead she asks Seung In if they got any proof of Hyun Woo alive. He shakes his head – they got nothing.

Though it’s almost nine p.m. they search through the room, which is actually a container in the shipyard. They find some bloodied clothing that Seung In suspects is a trophy from Jo’s murders. Seung In finds a ring and bracelet in the pockets engraved with “J ❤ S ❤ Y Forever” on them, but no idea who it belongs to. Hye In finds two plane tickets with Ham Tae Young and her name on it going to France. She’s shocked to find it there, but now wonders if Jo Nam Chul murdered her husband and kept the tickets as some sort of trophy. That would mean her husband really didn’t die from a car accident.

She makes it back to the studio in time for the normal ten p.m. broadcast, wither Woo Shin and Bo Yeon worried that they may not complete the mission because they couldn’t find anything suspicious around Ham Tae Young’s death. They’ll have to rely on Hye In revealing something on her own if she has a clue as to what happened then. Hye In appears on television bedraggled and promises to explain why she looks like that.

But first, she wants the kidnapper to provide proof that her son is alive, otherwise there is no reason to continue the show.

Good thing the kidnapper actually watches the show each time, and he sends her a video of her son alive, singing a song while crying from fear. The kidnapper, not bothering to alter his voice, tells her to turn the phone to the camera so that viewers can see for themselves that Hyun Woo is ok.

So now it’s time to find out how Ham Tae Young died and to finish the mission. She reveals that he might not have died from a car accident (which prompts her ex-brother-in-law to call for SG Group’s PR and legal teams together), and also tells the audiences what Jo Nam Chul had hoped to tell them himself. Dong Wook then decides to air a photo of Jo Nam Chul’s dead body, uncensored, to raise furor among the audiences and cause a boost in ratings. If people can’t handle seeing a dead body, they can switch the channel.

Woo Shin disagrees with this move as she thinks it’s going to change the focus of the show. If he creates a sensation like this, it might alter the motivations of why people are watching ‘Wanted’. No longer are they going to watch to see if Hyun Woo will be rescued, but rather will be watching for the next shocking thing to happen. Dong Wook doesn’t care: in his mind there are only three things he needs to do – completing each mission, get 20% in ratings, and get a happy ending. Woo Shin is disgusted by his lack of humanity and walks out of the production control room.

Hye In goes on to explain about the plane tickets she found in Jo Nam Chul’s container, where she was held captive for hours. She reveals that she and her husband were planning to run away to France because she was five weeks pregnant then, and Tae Young wanted to leave his chaebol life behind and start over with their child with no burdens. It as a secret that only the both of them knew about, but he died the night they were supposed to leave.

Now the world also knows that Hyun Woo is not Jung Ho’s son, but rather Tae Young’s.

Hye In presumes that Jo Nam Chul could have killed her husband, but there might be another explanation as well. Either way, she’ll need more time to find solid evidence. She also asks the viewers to call in if they recognize the engraved ring and bracelet that they found in the storage, and ends the show. I don’t think she completed the mission… but Hye In hopes that it’s sufficient enough for the kidnapper. She needs Hyun Woo back alive, but what’s worse is by telling her ex-brother-in-law about Hyun Woo’s parentage, she promised to give Hyun Woo to SG Group after he was found.

Meanwhile Reporter Jang visits Joon Goo in the hospital pretending that he wants to check in on a friend, but steals Joon Goo’s phone instead. In his mind, it’s payback for Dong Wook stealing his notebook and using the info on the show about Seung In without involving him. What he finds on Joon Goo’s phone though is shattering, and Reporter Jang’s heart visibly sinks. What is it!?

Back at the police station, Mi Ok believes that they need to find out who was the unknown body Gwang Hyung buried for Jo Nam Chul, as that body could unlock the common thread between all the victims. She also tries talking to Ji Eun, who’s now in prison, to get more information. Ji Eun is very unresponsive until Mi Ok presumes that her father was a drunkard and abuser, and that’s why Ji Eun wanted Han Sol’s father punished. That’s when Ji Eun grows angry and says that her father was not like that; he was depressed and alcoholic because the world made him that way. Hmm…

Young Gwan and Seung In find a picture of Jo Nam Chul’s assailant Na Soo Hyun in the CCTV around the studio and show it to Bo Yeon, who identifies him as the barista. The cafe manager also confirms that Soo Hyun joined very recently and quit suddenly. So where is he now?

Apparently in a basement area of an underground store, where he’s actually keeping watch over Hyun Woo. He was the one who sent Hye In the video during broadcast! Hyun Woo manages to run away with a phone though, and tries to escape through the front door. However it’s locked, so he crouches behind a wall and calls up his mom with the phone he stole.

“Mom. It’s me Hyun Woo.”

Some Thoughts

More people are coming out as part of this kidnapping, but I don’t think we know who really planned it yet. Now we know that Kyung Hoon isn’t really involved, but he is most likely going to be manipulated (or already was manipulated) by the mastermind. The fact that he’s in love with Hye In to a sickening degree could have been either fostered by the mastermind, who made the manager feel like he was really the only man for Hye In, or it could have just naturally developed over the years.

As for Soo Hyun, I knew he was involved!! There were too many hints that he was guilty for something. However I still don’t think he was the mastermind, and I don’t think he is the main kidnapper who took Hyun Woo to begin with. The fact that he recently joined the cafe and looks so young indicates that it couldn’t have been him who was planning all this for so long. Also, he did not disguise his voice, which I think was an amateur move. Mi Ok thought it might have been intentional, and it could have been an intentional move from the real mastermind, who doesn’t care if Soo Hyun gets caught.

What is the common thread that links everyone together so far? Well, the Han Sol case brought us to Ji Eun, who was an accomplice to Sae Yong. Sae Yong was probably the first person to kidnap Hyun Woo to begin with and passed the child along to the next person before dying. Then the next case with Ha Dong Min forced Hye In to involve someone from seven years ago who knew about Hyun Woo’s parentage. The next case shed light on a murder also seven years ago where Jo Nam Chul killed Detective Kim – who could easily have found out something and knew too much about it. Jo Nam Chul also killed Im Hyung Soon recently as that man was offered to do the murder too seven years ago, but fled instead. Now we know that Ham Tae Young died seven years ago and it was not a car accident.

Everything, except for the first case, happened seven years ago. Something happened seven years ago… and I’m starting to suspect SG Group and Hye In’s ex-brother-in-law as the mastermind.

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2 thoughts on “Wanted: Episode 6 Recap

  1. So glad you’re recapping this drama! I watched episode 6 last week, then started 7 tonight, but I was getting so confused because I couldn’t keep track of who was who, so with the help of this post I made a list of names of characters [past and present]. Now I’ll go back and resume episode 7 and follow up with your recap of that episode.

    I do have a couple of questions for you though:

    Im Hyung-soon was the man murdered and positioned in the same manner as Detective Kim (who was murdered 7 yeas ago), right?

    Is it possible that Na Soo-hyun is the younger brother of the three in the photograph from the old man’s jewelry store?

    Thank you, really enjoyed reading this recap and will visit more often since I found your blog.

    • To answer your questions:
      1. Yes, Im Hyung Soon was the one murdered most recently and set up to look like Det. Kim.

      2. Yes, it’s possible… Episode 7 has the answers 😉

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