Wanted: Episode 5 Recap


The mission this time around is a little harder than the past, but it’s also because the kidnapper is turning the lens inward to the investigation and broadcasting team. Who knows who can be his next victim/target?

Mission 3: Find out who murdered this person

We finally see what it is that scared Hye In so much in the dark bathroom-like area behind plastic sheets. Her flashlight lands on a dead, kneeling body, hands tied behind the back with rope in a special knot, head against the wall.

Seung In casts the flashlight also on a laptop, from which the music is playing and a video of Hyun Woo, still tied up and on a slab, and still alive. In fact, when the camera zooms out in the video, it shows that Hyun Woo was at one point in the adjoining room as the dead man, but the kidnapper already took him away.

Written on the walls in dark red spray paint is the third mission: Find out who murdered this person. Immediately Seung In gets flashbacks of another body that he saw in the case seven years ago. How much do we want to bet it has something to do with Jo Nam Chul, the killer who just went on parole?

Seung In sends Hye In home, and then calls up Mi Ok to come by. He needs her, because he definitely can’t deal with this situation alone.

The police all arrive, and Seung In wants confirmation from all his colleagues that his suspicion is right: the killer is Jo Nam Chul, right?! After all, no one else knew that Jo Nam Chul’s modus operandi was to tie up his victims this way. On top of that, they discover the victim Im Hyung Soon’s car rental where it holds his wallet and a needle with some liquid in it. Seung In confidently proclaims that it has potassium chloride in it (which can cause cardiac arrest) because he’s so sure that it’s Jo Nam Chul behind this.

At the same time, Hye In heads back to the broadcasting station, where Dong Wook has the latest ratings. 22.1 % – a nice bump from the first episode. Hye In announces that she got the third mission, and Dong Wook and Woo Shin head out to the scene of the crime. Seung In doesn’t want them filming the murder crime scene, but Mi Ok thinks it’ll be a good idea. After all, the kidnapper seems to want the notoriety, and had Jo Nam Chul kill in his signature way. They need to make sure they broadcast enough so that the kidnapper will feel like he’s important, and thus keep Hyun Woo alive for the police to find him.

Meanwhile Ha Dong Min has been charged with murder, and his lawyer announces that he will announce Hye In’s secret in a press conference on behalf of Dr. Ha, as the good ol’ doctor felt victimized by her show. Dong Wook encourages Hye In to reveal the secret herself so that the public won’t turn against her, but Hye In doesn’t really care for that. She doesn’t want SG Group to take her son away if they realize Hyun Woo has their bloodline.

So Hye In goes to talk to Jung Ho in hopes of convincing him to stop the press conference. However Jung Ho doesn’t want to. He has the actual evidence himself – DNA tests that proved he wasn’t the father, but that Ham Tae Young of SG Group, her ex-husband, was. Jung Ho believes that perhaps they might get additional support for the show too if SG Group finds out about Hyun Woo’s parentage. It’s a bit sad considering Hye In did everything that Jung Ho wanted as long as he helped keep this secret. But it’s likewise very sad for Jung Ho, who’s realized that he is nothing more than a shield for Hye In and Hyun Woo. It’s no wonder he seems like he hates Hyun Woo.

So Hye In turns to the one person she thinks who could help: Tae Young’s older brother. The brother isn’t too pleased with Hye In as Ham Tae Young was killed in an accident and then so soon after she remarried Jung Ho. But he still does have a soft spot for her. He hears her out, and is stunned to learn that Hyun Woo is actually Tae Young’s son.

It’s quite possible that the press conference later gets canceled because of Tae Young’s brother’s doing.

Seung In visits the prison where Jo Nam Chul was held and learns that he had a very famous lawyer visit him frequently. He also had a girlfriend in the last two years who visited and wrote frequently. Because of her and the lawyer, Jo Nam Chul was able to get out on parole for good behavior. So Seung In and Young Gwan head over to this girlfriend’s home for questioning. No one is home, so Seung In climbs over the gate and snoops around her room. He sees a laptop with her email up, and sees a few exchanges between her and Jo. And then there’s an email regarding potassium chloride supplies.

Just then Young Gwan, who’s the lookout, warns Seung In that she’s coming home. He makes it out of the house just in time to run into her at the front gate, and Young Gwan blocks her from behind. She’s not very good at keeping secrets and basically admits that she saw Jo Nam Chul recently. However she didn’t see him all day yesterday, and he doesn’t have a phone with which she can reach him with. However, he did make a call using her phone once, and so Seung In records that number on his phone.

Seung In advises the girlfriend to act normally if she sees Jo anytime soon, especially because he’s now a wanted murderer. Poor girl, she bought into his lies about how he’ll change and live a good life from now on.

Back to Hye In: As she returns from her visit with her former brother-in-law, Kyung Hoon bashfully admits that he always knew something was off about Hyun Woo’s parentage. Even before he was her manager, he heard about her sudden marriage and pregnancy and did the math… and it didn’t add up correctly. Kyung Hoon adds that others probably wondered the same thing but didn’t think too much of it. Hye In gets a sinking feeling in her stomach as she remembers that she found small cameras in her car and in Hyun Woo’s room. Starting to suspect her manager, she asks to get off and orders him to head to the studio. She’ll be going to the station to speak with Seung In first and then ride in his car to the studio.

As for Dong Wook, he tries to convince Jung Jung Ki to let him report about the suspect on air. Chief Jung is cautious, not wanting the suspect to go underground if he learns there’s a film crew near his home. But Mi Ok disagrees. She thinks that Jo Nam Chul won’t return to his girlfriend’s place anyways because she’s just a means to an end. It’ll be fine if Dong Wook goes to film it as Jo Nam Chul is probably already expecting the police to come after him. After all his modus operandi is quite distinct.

Dong Wook tries to film Mi Ok saying all of this but she refuses to repeat it for the camera. She will consult on the case, but never appear on camera for it. So Dong Wook and Woo Shin sit her down and get as much information as they can regarding Jo Nam Chul. She explains that seven years ago Jo committed a very similar crime, except in that one he tied the victim up first and then injected the potassium chloride. In this instance with victim Im Hyung Soon, he killed him first with the potassium chloride in the car, then moved the body elsewhere and tied it up. So in this case, it’s also possible that Jo Nam Chul didn’t commit the murder, but that the kidnapper knew his M.O. and tried it himself.

But if Jo Nam Chul did it, then the question becomes how the kidnapper knew this whole murder was going to happen. Mi Ok believes that the kidnapper actually pre-planned all of his targets, found something bad in their history to punish them for, and was ready for their death to be used in the show.

Meanwhile Seung In goes to contact the seller who emailed about potassium chloride. He pretends to be a buyer, and gets the seller to confess that he sold his entire supply of potassium chloride to Jo Nam Chul yesterday. Since someone died from the drugs the seller sold, he gets arrested too.

Back at the station, Officer Park reports that he got Im Hyung Soon’s phone records. The victim apparently was convicted of fraud twice, ran off to the Philippines seven years ago, and returned only three months ago. His number is also the one that Jo Nam Chul called off his girlfriend’s phone. That means they knew each other, and this wasn’t just a “murder for hire” scenario. The kidnapper somehow orchestrated it knowing that Jo and Nam had beef with each other.

For the broadcasting team, the question now becomes: “How to make this an interesting show?” No one cares that Jo Nam Chul killed Im Hyung Soon because they’re strangers to the public. So they have to dig into why the kidnapper wants Jo Nam Chul caught. The answer comes fortuitously in the form of Reporter Jang. After being jilted at the press conference of an amazing scoop regarding Hye In’s past, Reporter Jang now wants to work for the “Wanted” team and get the behind-the-scenes story. He will publish it in his book, which he is confident will succeed, and thus help revive and sustain Dong Wook and his team’s careers. His sensational book will keep people talking about the team and make them heroes for a long time to come.

Reporter Jang then shares his notebook of notes, pointing out that Seung In has an interesting past with Jo Nam Chul. Apparently Jo Nam Chul had killed his beloved senior (and Mi Ok’s former partner) in the very same fashion. This gives Dong Wook an idea for tonight’s episode, and he runs back to his team with the notes, promising to continue the conversation with Reporter Jang later. They’re going to use Seung In as an angle to the story for tonight’s episode.

At the station, Hye In relays her suspicion of Kyung Hoon to Mi Ok and Seung In, which were set off by the fact that he had an inkling about Hyun Woo’s parentage. Mi Ok asks if this is the secret Ha Dong Min alluded to, and what it is, but Hye In hesitates giving that much information. Mi Ok warns her to be careful. The kidnapper is being very selective on purpose as to who he’s targeting. It’s likely the kidnapper knows about her secret as well and is targeting her on purpose. That’s why her son was kidnapped and she’s being forced to do this show. Mi Ok encourages her to think about what might be the common thread between her and all the other victims.

Seung In drives her back to the station and effectively tells her to trust no one but him. I’m about to grab his shoulders and shake him; saying “Trust only me” just makes him more suspicious! Especially since he’s probably the kidnapper’s target too!

It’s time for the next episode, and Hye In opens the show in the studio. She explains to the audiences what they found when she received the third mission and puts out a Wanted ad (literally) for Jo Nam Chul. She adds that the profiler on their team believes the murderer might not be Jo Nam Chul himself, but the kidnapper who might have witnessed a similar murder seven years ago. But they won’t know unless they catch Jo Nam Chul.

And then, Hye In goes on to expose Seung In’s past to the whole nation, explaining how Seung In was involved in the case seven years ago when his senior was killed by Jo Nam Chul in the exact same way. Seung In, watching from the offices in UCN, looks betrayed, while Mi Ok reminisces back to happier times painfully. What’s worse is there’s actors to reenact what happened to Seung In’s mentor. And this mentor, Detective Kim, was no ordinary mentor. He was the officer that arrived when Seung In fought with his abusive dad and hit him with a vase. He was the officer that gave Seung In and his mother a temporary safe haven. He was the officer who inspired Seung In to become a cop and was his father, older brother, and boss all rolled into one. He was also an officer who was pursuing a case unofficially on the side, and it’s what got him killed.

Seung In bursts into the production control room and grabs Dong Wook by the collar. How could they reveal pictures of how Detective Kim died on national television? Detective Kim’s mother doesn’t even know how her son died! But before they can hash it out, Bo Yeon has a more important announcement. A tip on Twitter reveals that Jo Nam Chul is at a department store. Dong Wook and Woo Shin follow Seung In and Young Gwan to the department store, ready to film live via their phone cameras.

Meanwhile, Joon Goo and Bo Yeon try to buy some on-air time by having Hye In talk about another tip (that ended up being wrong) that shows a Jo Nam Chul lookalike near a subway station. Jo Nam Chul sees this on one of the televisions in the mall and freaks out. He hurries to the bathroom and calls the kidnapper, angry that the kidnapper is 30 minutes late to their rendezvous. I bet the kidnapper was never going to show up, but the kidnapper makes the excuse that he can’t come out yet since the police are looking for Jo.

Seung In and Woo Shin pair off in the department store, going in a different direction from Dong Wook and Young Gwan. Seung In nearly misses Jo Nam Chul, hiding in a cap, but thankfully sees him. He calls out his name, and Jo freezes. Stupid criminal, you should keep walking! Anyways, a chase ensues and he’s cornered on both sides by Seung In and Young Gwan. So Jo desperately turns to Woo Shin and grabs her in front of him, holding a needle with potassium chloride to her neck.

Dong Wook is obviously live streaming this whole thing through his phone, feeding it to the studio.

Woo Shin tries to calm Jo down, offering to help him. Just then Young Gwan yells out his name and pulls his gun, and then Seung In attacks from behind, freeing Woo Shin and tackling Jo Nam Chul to the ground. The third episode of “Wanted” ends with the arrest of Jo Nam Chul.

Hye In turns to the cameras at the studio and confirms that they’ve completed the third mission. She takes off her earpiece and locks her steely gaze directly at one camera. “You’re watching this show aren’t you?” she addresses the invisible kidnapper. (Thankfully Joon Goo lets her keep going as this is the only way she can talk to the kidnapper.) “We’ve completed three missions so far. Is it your goal to punish people who’ve committed crimes? I’m starting and ending this show, so I must have committed some crime too. I don’t know what it is, but stop dragging other people into it and expose my crime next however way you want to. And then we can end this sooner.”


After the show ends, Hye In hurriedly walks through the parking lot. A person grabs her shoulder and she freaks. But it’s only Kyung Hoon. He offers to drive her home, but she really wants time alone (and more importantly, away from Kyung Hoon). He watches as she gets into the car, and I’m sure he suspects that she doesn’t quite trust him anymore.

Meanwhile, Seung In and Young Gwan drive a handcuffed Jo Nam Chul in an unmarked car to the station. No police escort. Jo shifts a bit in his seat.


Yep, to be expected. Yep, I still jumped in my seat.

And then we jump to Hye In, who is getting into her car again. Where is she? She nervously calls up Seung In, but no one is responding. She increasingly becomes more frantic, and then suddenly she senses someone behind her. And from the backseat, someone chloroforms Hye In.

And in the cop car, Seung In and Young Gwan are knocked out and bloodied, while Jo Nam Chul is missing from the back seat.

Some Thoughts

I am so excited for episode six because Hye In’s dared the kidnapper to expose her secret.

I wasn’t too pleased with the editing of this episode. Especially towards the end it jumped around quite a bit. I feel that it was intentional, that we don’t know where Hye In went and why she jumped into her car again. But at the same time it feels weird to cut out of Hye In’s scene with her getting into a car, and then cutting in to her scene getting into the car again. It looks more like it was a bad edit the first time around.

I also don’t like how Kyung Hoon is being very mysterious. He appears and disappears as is convenient for the show, as if the writer is really trying to make us suspect him. But because it’s so obvious, I don’t really suspect him to be the kidnapper. I do suspect him of eventually being a pawn, or a victim even, but not the kidnapper. The red herring is driving me a little crazy. On the other hand, I wish we could get more scenes with Mi Ok, who looks like the only overworked and overstressed person on set. She has moments of great wisdom, including the bit about the running thread that connects Hye In to everyone else, but she delivers them with such exhaustion that I kind of want to learn more about her. I want her to give more information than to just always look tired and ready to give up.

One other writing thing that bugged me a bit was Jung Ho giving Hye In the DNA reports. I thought that he already knew that he wasn’t the father, but he seemed to make a big show of the DNA reports. Was his point to Hye In that anyone could have their hands on the DNA report and thus it’d be too difficult to stop Ha Dong Min’s lawyers? Was his point that he knew Hyun Woo was her ex-husband’s son? Was his point that he knew Hyun Woo wasn’t his son far longer than she thought he knew? Because I thought if he knew of the parentage, why would he go through the trouble of getting the DNA test? Instead of a DNA test, I actually expected him to serve her divorce papers. This whole scene felt off to me, but if someone has a good take on it, please do share in the comments below!

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