Wanted: Episode 4 Recap


A few of my suspicions have been determined. This episode fuddles up the timeline a bit but I think it’s because the writer was trying to keep as many twists secret as long as possible, and it pays off a bit. The best part is the integration of Mi Ok into the team. I think she and Woo Shin could get along.

Mission 2: Prove Ha Dong Min is a Murderer

Hye In locks herself into the dressing room and opens the email from the killer. Ji Eun holds a picture of a doctor up to the screen: “This man is a murderer but no one knows his crime. Prove that he’s a killer on tonight’s show.”

Well that’s going to be quite some task because the man is Ha Dong Min, and he’s Hyun Woo’s pediatrician. In fact, has been for all seven years and Hye In finds him very trustworthy as a doctor. He also happens to specialize in cancer treatment for children, and provides free treatment to those in need. So how could the ‘Wanted’ team prove he’s a killer?

There’s more to that little broadcast from Ji Eun though. Now with the entire  ‘Wanted’ team watching, she congratulates Hye In for outing the abusive father. “That person has now been punished,” Ji Eun says calmly, and then changes the camera angle to reveal Kim Woo Jin on the floor, tied up at the wrists and ankles and stabbed to death.

Joon Goo and Bo Yeon are mortified, and they want to stop doing the show now. But Dong Wook and Hye In don’t want to, especially because ending the show prematurely means that they won’t be able to find Hyun Woo. Now they know that the kidnapper’s threats are real and Hyun Woo is being tied up with a crazy, diabolical killer. (And no, I don’t mean Ji Eun…)

Bo Yeon considers quitting, but Woo Shin talks some sense into her. They all joined the team because they needed a job and money, and no matter how insurmountable the tasks may seem they need to complete it because it’s their job. Bo Yeon thinks that Hye In is heartless for not caring that someone died on their show. But Woo Shin sees it as desperation; Hye In will do anything to continue the show if it means she can get her son back.

Meanwhile Kyung Hoon is about to text Young Gwan about the list of Hye In’s stalkers he had compiled over the years. But something makes him freeze up. He calls Hye In and tells her he won’t be reachable for a bit, and then leaves the van in the parking lot. He’s acting suspiciously, but we find out later that he’s trying to take matters into his own hands. Desperate to help out, he’s going to every former stalker himself and giving them the beat down.

Oh Kyung Hoon. You’re really sweet, but if you keep acting this way I think you’ll be exploited by the kidnapper soon and could die.

Seung In brings Mi Ok into the UCN team, much to Officer Park’s displeasure. Looks like Park doesn’t care much for this duo. He bursts Seung In’s momentary happy bubble by informing him of the new Kim Woo Jin revelation. They both confront Dong Wook, accusing the director of withholding information for the sake of the show. At least Young Gwan is quite useful and he determines the location of Ji Eun’s broadcast: Kim Woo Jin’s home.

Seung In and Young Gwan go to the scene of the crime. Kim Woo Jin is lying in a pool of his own blood as depicted in the broadcast, and Ji Eun is sitting by the corner of the living room, calmly waiting for them. Seung In looks at the angelic Ji Eun. He doesn’t believe she did this herself, especially since she’s too small to tie up Woo Jin and if she had stabbed him several times she would have hurt her hands. Ji Eun doesn’t say a word and merely holds out her wrists for the handcuffs.

Dong Wook wants Bo Yeon to use her “special skills” as a hacker to break into Dr. Ha’s phone and find out evil things he might be hiding. Her conscience won’t let her do it so she decides to investigate him the old fashioned way – by going to the hospital where he works and interviewing his colleagues. Dong Wook decides that the fastest way for them to prove Dr. Ha’s guilt in time for broadcast is to set up a reward for any tips, and he asks Jung Ho for 500 million won to use as the reward. With little hesitation, Jung Ho agrees.

A teaser for the episode goes out everywhere on TV and jumbotrons in the city with Dr. Ha’s face plastered on the big screen and the 500 million won reward. It even shows up in the hospital he works at ,and his current patients and colleagues stare at him with shock and horror when they see his kind face on TV. Dr. Ha himself doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, but he hurries back into his office and calls up someone: “Take care of this. Don’t leave a trace of anything behind.” This Ha Dong Min isn’t a saint!

Hye In hears that Ji Eun is being brought into the station and she runs in pleading to the girl for information on where her Hyun Woo is. She’ll do anything she wants – give her money, make sure she gets off with an easy sentence – if Ji Eun would just tell her where her son is right now and get him back safely. Ji Eun looks a bit remorseful (though I think it’s an act!) and whispers something in Hye In’s ear. Suddenly the actress gets up and starts running.

Seung In knows that Hye In got a location and so he and Young Gwan go with her to the address Ji Eun gave. Seung In makes Hye In promise that he goes into the apartment first, because safety reasons. He creeps in slowly, the apartment quiet and seemingly empty. Suddenly a black-clad figure runs out of another room, and slams into Young Gwan outside the door. Hye In screams and closes her eyes, which makes sense because she’s an actress and completely unprepared for any scary things to happen.

The suspect is fast, but Seung In is just as fast and literally always an arm’s length away from him. This director really likes to use slo-mo effects and point of view shots instead of fast cuts and angles to amp up the tension, which is cool. The suspect eventually jumps on a scooter to get away. Seung In won’t have it and takes a delivery guy’s scooter just as well.

The chase finally ends on a rooftop parking lot when the suspect hits a passing car. They circle each other, their fight seemingly like a dance. But Seung In is quicker, and with a few effective kicks he gets the suspect down on the floor and in handcuffs.

Back at the apartment, Hye In and Young Gwan look around but it’s completely empty except for some strewn luggage on the floor. Hye In opens up a sealed one to check inside and screams in fright again. There’s a body in there! For a moment, everyone holds their breath, afraid that it could be Hyun Woo, but a closer look reveals that the body inside has long hair. It’s a young woman, and we later learn that she is Kim Sang Mi, a nurse that used to work with Dr. Ha in the hospital until she abruptly quit a month ago.

At UCN, tips are being phoned in every minute. The production crew is trying to find a way to categorize the kidnapper/killer in some way for the audiences to eat up, and Mi Ok comes in with an important revelation: Hye In and Hyun Woo are probably just pawns in the kidnapper’s plan to get on TV and publicly expose people’s wrongs. He is also targeting people who have hurt children and made them suffer, just as how Kim Woo Jin abused his wife and how Dr. Ha presumably hurt the children he treated. The kidnapper most likely has a bit of a “savior complex” where he feels a duty to save the children who have been unjustly treated. Just then Young Gwan arrives with a new revelation (possibly about the body in the apartment).

Hye In goes to speak with Dr. Ha privately, sending Seung In away to deal with Lee Ji Eun. She also doesn’t want him learning about her secret – a secret that Ha Dong Min knows all too well. Yes – the one about Hyun Woo’s parentage. She wants Dr. Ha to go on air with her and address the allegations. Of course, Dr. Ha doesn’t want to do such a thing since he doesn’t view himself a murderer. Hye In doesn’t care which allegation he addresses though; if he did murder someone, he could just go on air admitting to another crime that he did – like a mistaken procedure or being unable to save someone in the operating room.

If he’s not willing to, well – she’s got something up her sleeve. Hye In sends him a picture of the dead Kim Sang Mi in the bag. She is pretty sure he had something to do with it, and if Dr. Ha isn’t going to go on her show she’s going to expose this – all to save Hyun Woo. But if he goes on her show and admits to a small crime that he can’t get punished for – or whatever crime he wants to admit to – then she will keep Kim Sang Mi quiet.

Outside UCN there are more protesters who are calling for the end of ‘Wanted’. Reporter Jang sidles up to one of the protesters to ask her her story and how she might be connected to Dr. Ha. They relocate to a cafe, where the mother tells her that her seven-year old Ji Won had cancer. When it relapsed, she and her husband thought all hope was lost but Dr. Ha came in just in time. He had her sign a contract allowing the doctors to use different drugs on their daughter to treat the cancer, and for a month Ji Won was improving by loads. But soon after she deteriorated and died very quickly. The parents were devastated, especially when they learned that had they sought treatment a month earlier Ji Won might have survived. It’s very sad, but you can’t exactly blame Dr. Ha for Ji Won’s death when there wasn’t much hope for the little girl.

As she breaks down in tears, the barista brings over a cup of water. What are you doing here, kid, overhearing conversations? o_O

Broadcast for ‘Wanted’ begins, and at the very last minute Dr. Ha arrives at the studio. He’s decided to take Hye In’s offer and in front of everyone he admits to a mistake he made as a first-year intern over 15 years ago. When treating a young leukemia patient, he had mixed up two drugs that looked alike and injected one into the spine mistakenly. It damaged the patient’s nervous system and she quickly died.

The hospital helped cover up Dr. Ha’s mistake and he was able to get off scot-free. He apologizes on air now to the parents though, and Woo Shin comments on how smart he was to pick a mistake that he can’t be charged for any longer.

But it’s not over. There’s still more to the show…

Bo Yeon picks up a package of contracts from a nurse she interviewed at the hospital – all very similar to contracts that Ji Won’s mother had signed to allow the hospital to use a variety of drugs. In the studio, Hye In presents all the faces of the beautiful children Dr. Ha treated, then points out six children who all died during treatment (including Ji Won). Why? Because they were all given an experimental drug that was recalled due to adverse side effects. And Dr. Ha is still using it on his patients.

He’s actually murdering children through illegal experiments under the guise of saving them!

The coup de grace of all this is the revelation of a witness: Kim Sang Mi! Yes, she’s actually alive! She was barely breathing when Hye In and Young Gwan found her, but they were able to help her just in time. Through some damning conversation recordings, Kim Sang Mi reveals that she was going to expose him for his illegal experiments but was paid off by Dr. Ha to keep her mouth shut. When he felt that it wasn’t enough, he sent someone – the man in black – to strangle her to death. She was already going to leave the country for fear of her life, but she was a little too late.

Dr. Ha is arrested and escorted off the studio on live television, surrounded by a bevy of reporters. Ji Won’s devastated mother, who’s been watching the broadcast at the UCN lobby, desperately tries to attack Dr. Ha with a box cutter but is restrained by the police. How much do we want to bet that Dr. Ha will find a way to post bail or get out of jail, and then the kidnapper is going to kill him and “punish” him his own way? And then the number of suspects would grow tenfold because a lot of people were affected by Ha Dong Min’s actions.

The worst is not over though, as Dr. Ha (once off-air) believes that Hye In’s secret will soon be revealed. Dong Wook knows exactly what Dr. Ha is referring to and fears that this revelation might ruin the show. He also confirms to the audience that he’s not the father because he knows the father is Hye In’s ex-husband, who’s part of the conglomerate SG Group. The show could get very messy if he gets involved.

After the show, Kim Sang Mi asks Woo Shin if she’ll get paid the 500 million won reward since she technically had the tip that proved Dr. Ha was a murderer. Woo Shin is slightly dumbfounded by the gall of the woman, but one can’t really blame her. Kim Sang Mi has been screwed by the hospital system before when she owned up to a mistake she made in her previous job, but the hospital won the case and didn’t have to pay a cent to the grieving family. Kim Sang Mi couldn’t find a job for years, and she realized that the system never changes despite exposing its wrongs. Only her life changes. And so when she encountered Dr. Ha’s crimes, she blackmailed him first to secure her life, knowing that exposing him would just give her more difficulties in life.

It’s sad, but it doesn’t make her more likely to be the kidnapper. In fact, Seung In believes that she and the man in black who was hired to kill her are involved in Hyun Woo’s disappearance at all.

All during the broadcast, Seung In’s been talking to Ji Eun – or at least trying to get her to talk. He lays out pictures of Park Sae Yong, Kim Woo Jin, and Han Sol before her; Ji Eun looks at them impassively. Then he puts out a picture of Hyun Woo, and after a moment Ji Eun turns away. She’s only affected by the sight of Hyun Woo.

“You chose to do all this, didn’t you?” Seung In deduces. Ji Eun doesn’t care for Park Sae Yong because she must have deemed him crazy anyways, and felt that Kim Woo Jin was justly punished. Han Sol was just a way to get to his father. But Hyun Woo – Hyun Woo is an innocent and really a pawn in this larger game. Unfortunately Ji Eun doesn’t seem willing to reveal where Hyun Woo is right now. It’s likely she doesn’t even know herself.

Mi Ok stays in the station trying to figure out all the connections between the victims, and then drops a bombshell on Seung In’s lap. Jo Nam Chul, a killer that they might have put away in jail together, has just gone on parole. Mi Ok hesitated in telling him before he found out through others but thought it’d be better to say it now than later so he wouldn’t accuse her of withholding information from him. She hopes he’d focus on the case at hand first though, but Seung In is clearly affected by the news. A glimpse of a photo of young Seung In with his mother suggests that Jo Nam Chul might have something to do with his mother’s death? Maybe?

That evening, Hye In gets an address from the kidnapper that supposedly has proof Hyun Woo is still alive. She calls up Seung In immediately (and I wonder why she won’t call Dong Wook so they could shoot some filler scenes!) and they head to a warehouse-like R&D facility. It’s dark and creepy – perfect location for some dead bodies to be strewn about. With only flashlights guiding their path, they hear some music echoing through the empty place.

They follow the sound of the music, pushing through plastic sheets, and suddenly Seung In freezes. Hye In follows, and she screams and falls backwards. Whatever they saw is clearly shocking enough that Hye In can’t handle it, but Seung In is barely flustered by it.

Instead, he’s rather angry.

Some Thoughts

Alright – what do we think they saw? I think it’s a body part. Or it’s a TV that shows a live feed of Hyun Woo unconscious and tied up, with the music playing in the background.

I have long held the notion (and by “long” I mean the past two weeks) that Dong Wook is not Hyun Woo’s father. I acknowledged the possibility that he might be because K-drama tropes usually have the first love be the father, and usually he might not know that he’s the father. But Dong Wook’s conversations with Jung Ho have an air of distance to them that made me suspect he wasn’t the father. If he were or had an inkling himself that he was, I feel like he would be more personally invested in the show and angrier that Jung Ho doesn’t care as much. He acts like he doesn’t even suspect himself of ever being the father, and he pretty confirmed that it wasn’t him when he said the son belonged to her ex-husband. I really appreciate that this drama isn’t trying to follow K-drama tropes, and I truly hope the writer doesn’t add an additional twist that a tryst with Dong Wook actually makes him the father while she was married to her ex-husband.

Another thing that I really liked was the confirmation that our killer is a sort of vigilante, using the show as a way to get attention and supposed justice for the people. I’m going to throw in the possibility that the barista in the cafe near UCN headquarters is the mastermind. He got a little too much screen time and attention in this episode that befits an unimportant barista. And it is possible for him, as he works in a coffee shop, to overhear conversations he normally wouldn’t be privy to.

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2 thoughts on “Wanted: Episode 4 Recap

  1. Thank you for your recaps and insights! I’m waiting for this drama to conclude before watching; I think I wouldn’t be able to wait a week for new episodes 🙂 Reading yout recaps is almost like reading a thriller or crime novel. I hope the drama maintains its pace and keeps the story moving forward!

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