Wanted: Episode 3 Recap


Finally we learn who is inside the trunk! But what’s more interesting is we get some insight into the kidnapper we’re facing here. Just who is Hyun Woo’s kidnapper? And I don’t just mean the identity. I also mean his self, his purpose in life, his morals.

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Wanted: Episode 2 Recap


Everything comes together in this episode. And mind you, it’s just episode 2! But all the threads that could have been joined next week came together pretty quickly with tonight’s episode, and boy am I happy with it. What I’m not happy is that I have to wait a friggin’ week for the next episode.

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Wanted: Episode 1 Recap


After the crawling pace of Vampire Detective, I felt like I was on a roller coaster with just the first episode of Wanted. This show does not lose a beat, from its gripping first two minutes to progressing very quickly with the kidnapping and premise of the show. I LOVE IT!

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Vampire Detective: A Review


I have no excuses for why I’m late with these recaps. I stopped enjoying this show a few weeks back. It says something when a depressing melodrama like Dear My Friends can hold my attention more than an action vampire show. If anyone knows me, they know I like my action thrillers. I finished Vampire Detective though, and after a completely unsatisfying finale, I look back to see where this show just lost its mojo for me. (And yes – there are some spoilers here.)

Here’s to better dramas starting this week.

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