Vampire Detective: Episode 7 Recap


Apologies for the lateness of this recap – I was quite out of it with a cold and a bunch of things happening. But OH MAN WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG FOR THIS EPISODE? Then again, I guess it ups my anticipation for the next episode and I won’t have to wait long for it. But this is also the episode that could have aired last week for episode 6 instead, and saved this drama. Because guess what? It’s an episode about vampires.

Case 7: The Night Client

Jung Ji Woong got out of prison! But getting freed has a price, and he is brought to an empty shipyard where he is going to have to lay low for a while. And by “lay low” we mean he’s going to get his ass kicked. The surprising thing is that the person who’s actually beating him up is quite familiar to all – it’s Kang Tae Woo, San’s former buddy who died in a car bomb blast! Ji Woong taunts him and asks if he’s afraid of San, the guy who’s so hung up on Yoo Jin.

Next thing we know, Ji Woong’s getting thrown into crates and barrels. He puts up a good fight and manages to stab Tae Woo, but Tae Woo doesn’t bat an eyelash. He redirects the knife right back into Ji Woong’s chest. The blood splatters on Tae Woo’s face, and his eyes turn red. Ji Woong is dead.

Back to San – he’s off to the club to rendezvous with Yo Na but finds that his friends are all there: Se Ra, the doctor, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool. It seems Goo Hyung got a message from San to go there, and he dragged everyone along too. Just then, Yo Na’s assistant comes up to San and leads him away to Yo Na, appearing as if she’s a regular club-goer flirting with him.

The moment San sees Yo Na, he aggressively approaches her. Her bodyguard stops him, and San resorts to fighting the guy because… we’re due for a fight scene? I mean really, there was no reason for San to fight the guard. Even Yo Na thinks so because she tells them to stop in an annoyed voice. She simply wanted to reiterate that San is her dog, and he’s got something to do for her.

She’s got a case for him – she wants him to find a person for her. If he doesn’t do it, his friends will end up bite marks in their necks. He also has until 6 AM to do it, when the club closes. If he doesn’t return by then, then they will end up with bite marks too. Basically, she’s proving the point that San (because he’s got a heart) will do everything she orders because he’s her hunting dog.

The best part about this episode is that we learn about Yo Na’s backstory. Back then, in the early 80s, she was actually Eun Hye, and her mother owned a place that housed exchange students. There was a student there named Dal Soo who had a crush on Eun Hye, but she’s got standards. She likes men with sparkling eyes like the actor Leslie Cheung. Then comes a guy named Joo Young Kwang, who’s exactly the kind of guy she likes. And she blushes, because Eun Hye of the past is an innocent college student.

Yo Na of the present orders San to drive to a distribution center, where he’s supposed to “sniff” around. It’s a distribution center for wine, but San notices a red stain on the ground and immediately ‘vamps’ out. It ain’t normal wine then… He sees that someone tripped and broke a bottle, so it’s not like an accident or murder happened. But it makes the place more suspicious. He breaks into the office and looks at some transaction records, including one that is of ultraviolet lamps. Hrm.

San catches a glimpse of a shadow and chases it, but the person disappears and he only finds Yo Na waiting for him outside. She doesn’t care that there might be someone tattling on her movements, but wants to know what San’s found. All he’s got is the name of a salon – King’s Salon – which was on a receipt that belonged to Joo Young Kwang. So they head there next.

As for that “rat” that disappeared, he’s a spy for Tae Woo, who calmly listens to the news of San and Yo Na being in the distribution center while in a sauna.

San goes to the salon and pretends that he wants a haircut. The stylist sits him down and notes that he must be new, as their salon services mainly members only. He puts some shaving foam on San, saying it’s a free service along with the trim, though it’s really unnecessary. Lee Joon has the smoothest facial skin in the entire room. As he’s getting shaved with a razor blade, San asks if the stylist’s seen Joo Young Kwang, as he was supposedly at the salon two days ago. The stylist stiffens up and tries to tell San to shut up so he won’t cut his chin, but San won’t. So two bodyguards stand up from their couches threateningly.

As soon as the stylist pauses, San takes his chance and twists the guy’s arm. With a towel he whips the bodyguards into submission while Yo Na calmly goes over to the fallen stylist and steps on his neck. “He (San) and I have different methods,” she says calmly, applying pressure with her heel. “If you don’t talk, you really will die.” San sees the man’s cellphone on the table and looks through the call list. A lot of recent calls were made to someone nicknamed “blue moon.” I don’t know what they plan to do with that, but San and Yo Na head out, seemingly having gotten their answer.

Meanwhile, back at the club Goo Hyung dances with another woman (probably a vampire) on the club’s stage. Se Ra is insanely jealous, though she makes it sound like she’s more annoyed at the woman’s so-called “dancing.” She gets up and starts sidling up to Goo Hyung, while the doctor and Gyeo Wool watch from their seats, amused. Gyeo Wool even wonders if Goo Hyung’s finally hit the jackpot with Se Ra, but she’s more concerned about when San is getting back. He hasn’t been returning any of her calls.

As Yo Na and San drive off, we get another flashback of her life as Eun Hye. Young Kwang offered her a bike ride to school because she was running late, and of course she falls even more in love with him. He wants to be a doctor too, which makes him “husband-material” too. Young Kwang seems to like her too as he wishes her a good day in school and gives her a special smile. Aw, flirting. 80’s style. Eun Hye’s friend So Yeon notices him too, and it’s pretty clear there’s going to be a love triangle. But I hope not.

Yo Na spots a tail on the road, so San drives down a narrow street to lead the tail astray. When the “tail” emerges from the car, San beats the man senseless while Yo Na picks up the man’s phone. She tells the other person on the line to not bother looking for “him” (presumably Young Kwang). Clearly he hasn’t found Young Kwang himself if he’s tailing her. She tells him not to bother looking for his “tail” because she’s going to kill him, but San stops her. Senseless killing is not his thing.

They drive off, and San stops on the side of the road, fed-up. What is going on and why is it so important to find this Young Kwang? She cryptically replies that if she does not find Young Kwang tonight, he will die too. Getting no further answer from her, they continue their way to a shop called “Blue Moon.” Somehow between seeing the caller ID on the phone and now, San figured out that Blue Moon was a place and not a person. We’re missing some steps here… but fine, let’s presume that conversations happened without our knowledge or that San and Yo Na are just all-knowing.

The store sells a lot of antiques and is strangely open at this hour. They encounter an older, elegant woman who is drinking a bottle of Glory & Jonas. The same bottle in the distribution center. Yo Na takes a whiff of the woman’s wineglass and vamps out. The woman is a vampire, and is drinking blood. Yo Na is disgruntled as she’s upset over what Young Kwang’s been doing behind her back. After a few angry questions directed at the shop owner, she finally gives San a card to a bar called Nosferatu. This entire time she doesn’t even speak, and while she can tell Yo Na is dangerous it’s amazing how she quickly submits to giving them the next clue in this wild goose chase.

Yo Na meanwhile dolls up in a floral lace dress and puts on some makeup (because, product placement?). San’s all, “Really? I gotta wait for you to change clothes?” But it turns out to have a deeper meaning to Yo Na. A flashback reveals when she and her friend So Yeon went shopping, and Yo-Na-as-Eun-Hye saw a really cute floral dress. However she didn’t have enough money to buy it, but really wanted to wear it for Young Kwang because she plans to marry him after she graduates. Speak of the devil, they bump into Young Kwang outside the store, and he walks Eun Hye home.

Eun Hye fixes his collar, as that’s her thing and because she wants Young Kwang to look good. He asks her a few questions about what she was doing at the store, and who the girl she was with. Immediately Eun Hye becomes jealous, wondering if he likes So Yeon more, and the next morning she dresses in her best dress and gives him the cold shoulder. Young Kwang tries to give her some food and ask her how she is, but she’s still not happy with him. She’s even more annoyed that Dal Soo keeps wanting to go on a date with her at the Han River.

Just then, to add further salt to the wound, So Yeon appears at her house wearing that floral dress and smiling prettily at Young Kwang. That traitorous witch, she would steal Eun Hye’s man in front of her?! Of course Eun Hye is really hurt so she goes off to another side of the house to sulk. Young Kwang finds her, and she admits that she hates it when Young Kwang looks at other girls. He smiles, and then gives her a small peck on the lips. Awww… he likes her! Ok so this courtship isn’t over yet!

But this explains the floral dress that Yo Na changes into. She tells San it might be the last time she’ll see Young Kwang, so that’s why she’s wearing a dress that is reminiscent of their past together. They head off to Nosferatu, while San’s friends are quite exhausted in the club. The doctor is asleep, Goo Hyung is tired of dancing, and Gyeo Wool is impatient for San to pick them up. Only Se Ra has the energy to keep going all night because she’s Se Ra. Gyeo Wool heads to the bathroom where she sees another woman wiping blood off her hands. The club-goer dares her to keep looking, and Gyeo Wool does because she just doesn’t give a crap. She manages to get out of the bathroom unscathed, completely missing the fact that another girl is in the stall with two bite marks on her neck.

Gyeo Wool tries to leave, but Yo Na’s assistant stops her from leaving. After all, San will be back – hopefully. Gyeo Wool starts noticing female club-goers going for other girls’ necks, and it all looks very suspicious. Mind you, Gyeo Wool is aware of vampires (because of her brother) but doesn’t quite know that San is one or how close she is to their world. But she knows that it’s a better decision to sit down and not do anything for now.

San and Yo Na arrive at Nosferatu, which is a high end bar for vampires. And it’s run by our familiar friend, played by Jang Jae Hoon. He was the bartender for Min Tae Yeon (Yeon Jung Hoon)! Yo Na asks if he knows Young Kwang, and the bartender says the man isn’t here right now. Which could mean that he does know Young Kwang. But the bartender isn’t going to give the information out for free. He writes Young Kwang’s whereabouts on a slip of paper and offers it to them, in exchange for them looking for Min Tae Yeon. Yo Na won’t have it, as she’s not here to pick up another errand for someone else. But San quickly agrees to the job. It’s their only way to get Young Kwang’s location.

The bartender hands it over to San, and Yo Na snatches it away. And I’m SERIOUSLY HOPING that Yeon Jung Hoon makes a cameo. Oh please do – it might make the last episode so much better. (Oh and yes, Min Tae Yeon is missing.)

One more flashback to Eun Hye’s life, and we see that she, her mom, and Dal Soo had prepped for Young Kwang’s birthday. Unfortunately he really is late because he had to work at school so late. They’re about to start dinner without him when the gate door jiggles open. But when we see Young Kwang step in, the house is darkened and no one is at the dining table. Huh?

He walks in, and calls out their names. He opens the bedroom door – and there, the mother and Dal Soo are dead in their pools of blood. Eun Hye is on the sheets, bleeding out slowly. Young Kwang drops his bag (and he bought her that floral dress too!) and quickly checks if she’s alive. She is – but barely, as she’s bleeding out of her bite marks on her neck. Seems her family was randomly attacked when she thought that Young Kwang had come home.

Young Kwang takes her to the hospital, and Eun Hye eventually turns. She starts sucking the blood of nearby patients’ arms because she’s so thirsty. Instead of being turned off, Young Kwang is mortified and protects her. He won’t let her kill other patients, but he won’t kill her because of the monster she’s become. Instead, he locks her up in a small apartment and then kills for her. Yeah – that’s love. He randomly attacks strangers, drains their blood, and then gives Eun Hye the bottles to drink.

At first she feels incredible guilt for making him do this, wishing to die instead. But Young Kwang won’t let her. He saved her, and now he’s going to protect her. Blood will never fall on her hands. As the years pass, Young Kwang becomes a more sophisticated and skilled surgeon, killing people and efficiently gathering all their blood for Eun Hye. Ten years pass, and eventually Eun Hye becomes tired of being locked up all the time. She escapes the house and attacks a young man on the street, drinking the blood herself. Young Kwang gets really angry at her for killing and stabs the young man to put him out of his misery. If only she knew what he was doing for her…

So finally Young Kwang reveals that he’s created a business out of gathering and selling blood. He makes her a business partner of sorts, and they start collecting blood and even putting it in wine bottles to hide its true nature. Over time, Young Kwang realizes that he’s become a monster, and he no longer feels love for Eun Hye while she still lusts for him. People change, and he only stays by her because of a weird obligation to her. The fact that he doesn’t even care when she makes out with another man in front of him shows how much he’s lost interest in her, and they pretty much part ways after that, not seeing each other until now.

Yo Na and San arrive at the last location indicated by the bartender at Nosferatu, and as they walk down the darkened hallways, an old man appears. It’s Young Kwang. It’s been over thirty years, and he has aged while she has remained timeless. Yo Na greets him kindly and tries to lead him away, saying she’s been looking for him for a long time. But then another person appears from the shadows – it’s an aged So Yeon. Yep, Young Kwang ended up marrying the human So Yeon. Boy is Yo Na pissed. I mean, he ended up leaving her for her former best friend! So Yeon wants Yo Na to let go of Young Kwang, to allow them to live out the little time they have left as humans.

Yo Na screams that So Yeon knows nothing of Young Kwang, perhaps alluding to the fact that he’s killed for her. But Young Kwang chooses So Yeon; he’s spent so long being Yo Na’s “daylight” and now he’s too tired and exhausted. He tries to run with his wife as Yo Na screams out his promise, “You said you would protect me until the very end! You wouldn’t leave me!” Then, she orders San to kill So Yeon. That’s the only way to get Young Kwang back.

San refuses. His job was to find Young Kwang and that was it. It’s time for him to go back to his friends, as he has less than ten minutes to 6 AM. (And his friends are being encircled by vampires in the club, all of them just waiting to feast the moment the clock strikes six.) Yo Na won’t have it, and ends up jumping on So Yeon and biting her neck. The damage is done, and So Yeon bleeds out very quickly. Young Kwang then says, “Since I created the evil… I should end it.” He presses a button in his coat and the hall lights up with ultraviolet lamps. Yo Na screams in pain while San covers her with his jacket, as he’s immune to it. Guards come running in and pick up So Yeon’s body and help Young Kwang to escape. Just as the lamps turn off, San sees a familiar face down the hall.

It’s Tae Woo.

I guess Tae Woo works for Young Kwang!

He chases after Tae Woo, with just seconds to 6 AM to spare, but Tae Woo gets into a car and drives off. So San has no choice but to return back to Yo Na.

And end scene.


So what happened to his friends?! I don’t think they’ll get attacked or turned to vampires, though it’d be very interesting if they all did. At one point I thought Se Ra was a vampire herself with the way she was going about in the club, having an endless amount of energy. I’d like to think that she’s just a bright young thing, but her being a vampire could explain how she has just so many jobs and hidden talents.

It was incredibly interesting to see Yo Na’s backstory as you see that she accidentally became a vampire and circumstances turned her into the person she is today. To see that she had a lover and a business partner made her a more complex character than I expected. I thought she was just going to be a regular evil vampire, but she’s someone who still has feelings for a human and will do anything in her power to retain control of the situation. I’ll admit that I’m kind of sad Young Kwang chose So Yeon over her, but it makes sense too. At some point, having a hungry vampire as a girlfriend can get quite burdensome. But I was secretly happy that Yo Na also bit So Yeon. I know people change, and that So Yeon is probably better for Young Kwang, but the episode really built up the romance between Eun Hye/Yo Na and Young Kwang to the point where I really wished she could have her guy. Maybe if she finally won him over she wouldn’t be so evil?

The whole wild goose chase to track Young Kwang down was a bit weird as there aren’t enough links to bring San and Yo Na to the places they end up at. They’re just random names that luckily enough happened to be the right names to track down. But the whole search was just a means to an end, to show us Yo Na’s story and her motivations for finding Young Kwang. I am going to guess that Young Kwang’s about to be assassinated, but for reasons unknown, and she wants to protect him. Or, he’s dying of cancer. Either way, I hope this bit gets clarified in the next episode.

As for Tae Woo, I think it’s pretty cool he shows up here because I think his story is that he ended up with the wrong crowd working for Yo Na, and then chose to be loyal to Young Kwang and protect him. Not quite sure how Yoo Jin will factor into this (she probably is in a similar situation as Tae Woo) but I think it would be so cool if she’s actually working with Min Tae Yeon, and that his mention wasn’t just a throwaway line in this show to link the two series together. #BringBackMinTaeYeon

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