Vampire Detective: Episode 6 Recap


A very interesting episode that focuses on Goo Hyung’s background. Quite fun, but I swear drama – you REALLY need to stop making the culprit so obvious. Oh and just in case we’re counting, this is yet another episode where practically no vampirism appears.

Case 6: The Girl I Killed

Really, Yo Na? You’re going to arrange to meet up, only to have a bunch of men standing around ready to attack San the moment he arrives? What’s the point of arranging a meet-up then? Just go to his house and start a brawl! But it seems like Yo Na’s on a bit of a power trip, and she just wants San to know (while he’s pinned down by presumably stronger vampires – although no one’s got the fangs going) what their relationship is exactly. One is the owner, and one is the hunting dog, and he’s gonna have to realize that he is going to lose to Yo Na.

Jumping around a bit, we’re in a darkened classroom with candles lighting up the middle of the room like a seance. San walks around the room and declares that the culprit of a murder is in that very room – and it’s Goo Hyung. Dun dun DUN!

Clearly we’re missing something, so we jump around again to a couple days earlier back at home. Gyeo Wool sees Goo Hyung’s invitation to a high school reunion in his hometown. Goo Hyung does not like it when she’s touching his things, and from his tone it’s clear that he’s not joking around either. Gyeo Wool is curious if he’ll go though, but Goo Hyung isn’t too keen on sitting around and reminiscing. She wonders if he’s just nervous, like if he were the class nerd or something embarrassing, but Goo Hyung boasts that he was a heartbreaker in his class, the Jang Dong Gun of his grade. Psh.

Gyeo Wool wants to meet the Go So Young of the class then. (Go So Young is Jang Dong Gun’s real life wife.) But Goo Hyung ominously replies that she can’t. Dun dun DUN! She dead, ain’t she?

Just then, he gets a visit from the past when his former classmate, Kim Ji Hyun, appears at his doorstep. She has now become a respected reporter and has finally earned her own show. Ji Hyun hopes he can go to the reunion, but Goo Hyung isn’t interested. He doesn’t even feel like he should since he didn’t graduate high school (but earned his GED nevertheless). Ji Hyun begs him to go, citing their many years of friendship, and also has a favor to ask him. What favor it is, we don’t know, because it’s time for our obligatory eating scene with Detective Park!

It’s all about pig skin tonight, but Detective Park can’t really enjoy his food because Goo Hyung is drinking up a storm. It makes him nervous, while I’m just wondering why we even need this scene to begin with.

But all that liquid courage finally gives Goo Hyung the courage to face his past, and we see in flashbacks him and his classmates testifying to the police that Soo Yeon (the “Go So Young” of the class) committed suicide. Next thing we know, the investigators are all heading over to Goo Hyung’s hometown. Gyeo Wool is particularly excited at the prospect of a road trip bringing her past the ocean. But no one really knows why Goo Hyung suddenly changed his mind and decided to attend his reunion.

They arrive at a quaint school building and are greeted by Goo Hyung’s teacher. It turns out he’s hosting this last reunion because the school’s about to be closed down and the land redeveloped. Goo Hyung’s old friends are so surprised to see him here. We see glimpses of their student selves, which will come handy for us soon enough. Im Mi Ra is now a pharmacist, Mi Sook is a restaurant owner, and Jae Wook is – I don’t know what but he does an impressive job all episode reacting to everyone while staying pretty quiet himself.

Gyeo Wool asks if it’s true that Goo Hyung was the popular one, leading to smirks all around. Oh reunions. Where you feel the need to compliment everyone on their lives and show off your own. At least Gyeo Wool boasts that Goo Hyung is an excellent investigator for his sake. Everyone enjoys some of Mi Sook’s dishes while reminiscing about the last time they drank alcohol in school. It was a night that they were going to do some stargazing, and the teacher had turned a blind eye to their drinking, letting them live their high school years rebelliously. Gyeo Wool innocently asks if the “Go So Young” of the class is ever going to show up, and the cheery mood suddenly turns somber.

Goo Hyung excuses himself to wallow in his memories, but San finds him and learns that Soo Yeon died the night of the stargazing event. They found her body in front of the school building lying in a pool of blood.

When he finally returns to the classroom, Ji Hyun suggests that they all play a game. It’s a card game, where everyone picks up a different number. If they get a card with a star on it, they get to read the “mission” picked out of a box, and the mission can be anything like “person with card number one must kiss person with card number 5,” and so on. Mi Ra is not keen on playing the game, as it clearly holds some bad memories for all of them. But Goo Hyung readily agrees to it, and so do Gyeo Wool and San (because they don’t know what is going on).

The game begins, and Mi Ra is the first one with the star. She reads the mission from the box: “Number one must slap number four.” Goo Hyung holds up his card – he’s number four! And number one is… Mi Sook! She can’t bring herself to slap Goo Hyung in the face, so she promises to lightly punch him. Yeah – because lightly punching him in the cheek will hurt less.

Jae Wook is next “star” master, and the mission he reads is: “Number one and number two must kiss.” That’s San and Gyeo Wool! Awkward!!!! Gyeo Wool chooses the punishment for not doing the task instead: downing a shot of soju. Actually, she downs more than a shot, finishing off a bottle herself. I don’t know if San is offended or what, but it is kind of funny to see that she’d rather drink soju than kiss him. I’m just sighing in relief that this drama isn’t trying to force a romantic pairing here.

Goo Hyung is “star” master next, and he picks out a mission from the box. But he doesn’t read it out loud. His expression darkens heavily, and instead he puts the slip of paper down for others to read it. His classmates glimpse at it, and then the mood turns serious: “Number three must kill number five.” That is so not funny. Why? Because it was the same card they drew before Soo Yeon died.

And she died with a number five card in her pocket.

Twenty years ago all of the classmates didn’t find the suggestion funny. It was too scary for them to handle. It’s the same now, and Mi Ra wants to get out of this game immediately. That’s when Ji Hyun throws her recorder across the table. She’s been recording everything so far with the intention of putting it on her show. Her first episode will center around the death of Soo Yeon, and solving her murder. Yes – murder. Because Ji Hyun doesn’t believe it’s a suicide, and she believes she owes it to Soo Yeon’s memory to clear the air.

Goo Hyung agrees, and it dawns on everyone the real reason why he’s joined the reunion this time. He wants to know the truth to her death as well and brought his unsuspecting colleagues along. Flashback to the night of Soo Yeon’s death, and everyone was rattled after receiving that mission. The group scattered to take a break from all the drinking and the tension in the room, while Ji Hyun and Mi Ra remained in the classroom. That’s when the two girls realize they haven’t seen Soo Yeon in a while.

They hear a scream, and then rush outside the school building. Soo Yeon’s dead, and all the students and the teacher gather around her body. Who did it? I’m calling the teacher – where has he been this entire time? I bet it’s the teacher. 

Back in the present, San asks Goo Hyung for his version of that night, and finds it strange that Soo Yeon was found with the number five card when she wasn’t even in the room when the cards were drawn. How’d she get it then? And if anything, shouldn’t the police have investigated who got the number three card instead of immediately ruling it as a suicide? Goo Hyung reveals that none of the students admitted to what game they were playing that night as it was frowned upon to be caught drinking in school. Instead they came up with a variety of other excuses. Plus, the person who held the number three card was Goo Hyung himself, and he knows he didn’t kill Soo Yeon.

The other classmates aren’t so sure though. They don’t understand why Ji Hyun is picking at this case when to them it’s pretty clear that the culprit was Goo Hyung. He was unaccounted for in the moments leading up to Soo Yeon’s death, and he also left the school shortly after. Everyone thought it was because of his guilty conscience. Ji Hyun can’t believe that anymore though, so Mi Ra calls her out on her hypocrisy. Since when did Ji Hyun care so much about Soo Yeon when she used to put her down in school? In fact, all the girls in the class had some kind of grudge against Soo Yeon, so it’s not unbelievable that they’d kill her out of jealousy.

Gyeo Wool grabs their attention before they start fighting even more amongst themselves. If Soo Yeon was not in the room during that last round of the game, then who was the last person who saw her? Mi Ra looks around and spots Goo Hyung and San entering. “I think the last person who completed a mission with her was Goo Hyung.” Man, this Mi Ra is so sketchy with her accusations I’m starting to think she did it.

We’re suddenly back to the beginning, where San announces to the group that the likely culprit is Goo Hyung… but that he doesn’t believe it so. In order to prove Goo Hyung’s innocence, they’re going to go back to that night and remember every single thing that happened leading up to Soo Yeon’s murder.

First, Mi Ra and Mi Sook go on a mission to the supply room, and the two talk about how much they hate Soo Yeon for being prettier and smarter than they are. Mi Sook even mentions a rumor that Soo Yeon has been having relations with their teacher for a while, and flirts with every guy she sees – including Goo Hyung. (Mi Sook also had a crush on Goo Hyung then.)

After that, the next mission is for Goo Hyung and Soo Yeon to go to the nurse’s office and get a particular medication. As Goo Hyung searches through the cabinets, Soo Yeon asks if he likes anyone. Clearly she’s trying to tell Goo Hyung that she likes him, but she’s also aware that there are rumors spreading about her having relations with the teacher. Goo Hyung reassures her that he doesn’t believe in those rumors, especially since he likes her back, and Soo Yeon admits that she likes him. By the time they return to the classroom, it’s around 11:30, and Mi Ra knows this for sure because she was out in the hall taking her medicine.

But Goo Hyung and Soo Yeon don’t return from the mission together. She disappears at some point, and when Goo Hyung calls for her she doesn’t respond. This leads up to her fall from the roof. Goo Hyung once again takes a moment to wallow in self-pity, while inside the classroom Ji Hyun admits that she made up the rumor about Soo Yeon. She was so jealous of Soo Yeon and hated her so much that she wanted everyone to dislike her too. And eventually, people did. Soo Yeon would find dirt in her lunch, or something sharp in her shoe that would cut her foot up. Goo Hyung was always there to help her, but he knew that a lot of people didn’t like her, and if he admitted that he liked her he was afraid that more people were going to target her unfairly.

Meanwhile Gyeo Wool is doing background checks on everyone, but she’s wondering if it’s a fruitless effort. San suggests she start with the person they least trust. Yeah – start with the teacher already! He has been missing for a good chunk of this episode already!

They all return to the group and San has everyone recount the events leading up to Soo Yeon’s death. They go up to the roof, where she presumably was, and San asks everyone to look at the card that they just recently drew. Everyone has a three, and Mi Ra has the star. It’s just like 20 years ago – everyone had the three card then, and that’s why they all didn’t find it funny when the mission was to kill number five.

San outs Mi Ra as the one who swapped all the cards and planted this mission 20 years ago. Because everyone was drunk it was easy to trick them. But when Goo Hyung admitted that he was number three to everyone, she knew the plan wasn’t going to go right, because everyone else kept their mouth shut and readily testified that Soo Yeon committed suicide.

Mi Ra cries out in alarm that San is just forcing all the pieces to fit right now, and that she didn’t kill anyone. San agrees. He didn’t say she killed Soo Yeon, but she did help the real culprit. She waited in the dark hallway, pretending that she had to take her medicine, and then approached Soo Yeon when she had completed her mission with Goo Hyung. She had sent Soo Yeon to the roof without Goo Hyung’s knowledge, right to the killer’s hands.

Mi Ra screams, “No, no no! Don’t believe it!” But a voice comes from the darkness and tells her to stop. It’s time to stop the lies. It’s the teacher, and he admits that he killed Soo Yeon that night. He planned everything, from the drinking to the game that they played.

Goo Hyung leaps to his feet and starts punching the living daylights out of the teacher until he can’t punch anymore. He asks why, and that’s when it dawns upon Ji Hyun. She knows why.

Back then, Soo Yeon dragged Ji Hyun to the side of the building to show her something. Something that would prove that Ji Hyun made up the rumors of her relationship with the teacher. They go up to the window of the night duty room, and Ji Hyun sees the teacher unbuttoning Mi Ra’s shirt. It was Mi Ra who was having an illicit relationship with the teacher, and when Ji Hyun fell back and ran away, the teacher only saw Soo Yeon outside. He thought Soo Yeon was going to tell on him, because he had already been dismissed from his previous post for having relations with another student. This school was his last chance, and he wasn’t going to let Soo Yeon ruin it for him.

The teacher used all of them to cover up his own mistakes.

The following morning, Mi Sook asks if Ji Hyun really is going to broadcast this on her show. Ji Hyun is resolved to do so, as she believes this is the best way to repay Soo Yeon for everything they did to her and to make the teacher suffer. Even though the statute of limitations have expired, at least people will know his sins. Ji Hyun thanks Goo Hyung for what he did, though I would argue that San did most of the leg work in solving this case here.

Before they leave, Goo Hyun sees the ghost of Soo Yeon once again sitting next to him on the bench, and then he quietly says good bye to her memory. By helping Ji Hyun and recreating the cards Mi Ra made that night, he did help bring out the truth.

And when they get home, San gets another message from Yo Na to meet. I hope she’s not going to beat him up again with her hoodlums or it’s going to be a very useless meeting.


I liked this case for what it was, and I liked how it tied back to Goo Hyung. I knew the killer was the teacher though, because there were too many holes in the story. The teacher was the only person that was present that night that was also not accounted for in both the past and the present, so of course one would be suspicious of where he was that entire night. He never showed up once in the drama to give his alibi or his version of the events. If he had, I would have thought a little more about who the killer was. But because everyone seemed to have an alibi of some sort, and I feel that the students here were pretty harmless even though they were petty, I couldn’t really suspect them to be the killer. The teacher was just too obvious.

That scene in the beginning with Yo Na is the only taste of vampirism that we get in this show, which is so frustrating. Why is the show toying around with Lee Chung Ah and not giving her anything to work with? Why are we dancing around this Yo Na story so much? I’m hoping that since next week is episode 7, we focus more on to the vampire underground and find out what happened to San’s girlfriend. I’d like to spend the next four episodes exploring cases more closely tied to the vampires, or trying to figure out their secrets, than solving cases-of-the-week that have to do with stupid, jealous, petty humans.

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